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  1. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess

    Dear Gracia Final x7 players!
    In connection with the critical decrease in online, we offer you the opportunity to transfer your character to another server of our project - High Five x5.

    To transfer your character you need to contact the Support Team via Control Panel.
    Applications for the character transfer will be accepted until June 23. The transfer itself will be made from June 16 to June 25 inclusive.

    Transfer conditions:
    1. You can transfer up to 3 characters from one Master Account
    2. Master account and characters must be created no later than January 1, 2017
    3. Characters must be at least level 76
    4. You can find out the list of items available for transfer by contacting the Support Team

    On June 23, the server will be disabled, the server database will be saved for the future consolidated Gracia Final server.
    Thank you for being with us!
  2. trolya

    trolya Засаппорчу. Сниму порчу. Staff Member Support team

    Dear players of the Gracia Final x7 server!
    We remind you that today, June 23, is the last day of accepting tickets for transferring your characters from Gracia Final x7 to High Five x5.

    Tickets for the transfer will be accepted until 21:00 CEST (22:00 GMT+3).
    Additions to the already completed transfer tables will also be accepted only today until 21:00 CEST.

    Please, take into account that after this time, the Support Team will no longer accept any new tickets for transfers, nor additions to the tickets previously sent to us! This is due to the fact that the GF x7 server will be disabled, and the Support Team will not be able to verify your data for the transfer, namely - to check if such characters and game values actually exist on GFx7 (since we won't have an access to the server and its database after its disabling).

    Thank you for your understanding! :heart:
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