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Apache Ant


Dear players,

We want to announce couple of minor and major changes on our server to improve gameplay.
Changes will affect such aspects of the game as: Olympiad, Terrytory Wars, Server Rates, BotHunter team, Raid Bosses etc.

Without further ado...

1. Bots.
Recently we increase the amont of boxes that could be runned from 1 PC to make make life of the solo players a bit easier. However it also incresed the number of bots.
That's why we decide to make some improvements and reorganization in BotHunter team.
Conclusion: The amount of bot will be decreased.

2. Server rates.
Hey fellow, are you looking for some summer?
At this moment we have faced with the situation, that players from middle and top clans has big differents in level and equipment.
Thats why we decide to increase server rates (EXP/SP/Drop) in general and locations\Items\Attribute manualy. Also the rate of SA success enchant will be increased.
Conclusion: It will balance situation on the server between middle\solo and top players and increase amount of players in Big War.

3. Raid Bosses.
In regard that the levels of players on the server don't really help in finding party for instance - we decide to rebalance instance zone by changing following parametrs: amount of players that is needed to enter the instance and the level limit. Also we will re-balance the high-level content (Bosses).
Conclusion: In such way we will get rid of the inconvenience of loging boxes or looking for extra members to enter the instance.

4. Entertaiment: PvP/PvE events.
In the near future (one of the next update in change of events Messengers of Gods) we will implement new PvP\PvE event.
We will not give you exact description of the event, however we can make some kind of hint.
At non-peasful zone will respown special NPC (in fixed time), which will porovide with some useful reward not only to players that made the most of the damage but also to random\solo players.
Conclusion: Such event will gather huge amount of player in 1 zone (non-pleaceful) and get some useful items to boose thier characters.​

5. Premium Account.
We decide that we also need to re-balance the Premium Account feature.
We will add the experience parametr in PA. Also we working on making tossible to purchase it ingame. However we can make any exact date, because such development involves the basic game mechanics.
Conclusion: In future PA could be urchased ingame and now it has a EXP parametr.​

6. Terrytory war aka TW.
Terrytory war - one of the main aspect of the HF chronics. However are you realy want to spend Saturday evening on TW?
That's why we decide to move it on 2 hour earlier.
Conclusion: TW before: 20:00 - 22:00 , now: 18:00 - 20:00 (Server/Greek time, GMT +2).​

7. Grand Olympiad Games.
The Olympiad will also have some changes.
The idea is remaining the same: let's gather all players on aly in 1 time to make it more interesting and active.
That's why we decide to move Oly from 7 to 3 days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday; duration will be decreased on 2h: from 18:00 to 22:00
Conclusion: It will help to gather all players on Oly in "1 time" which will make it more interesting and active. Duration: Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00.​

8. Alliances.
The High Five Alliance mechanic is working in the way that 2 clans in ally will be effected by debuffs and AOE skills (God knows why :) )
We decide to change it, so the clans may join the midwar/bigwar withour loosing ther own clan and atmosphere.
Conclusion: In such way we will keep the clans in their own setup and in the same way they has a chance to join the War.​

9. Advertisement.
We will re-run the advertisement compaing and add some other source or attracting players on the server.
Conclusion: New blood will come to the server to join the "Looking for party" and join the parties that are looking for players on existed characters.

All this changes will be implemented in very near future and all of them aimed on improving gameplay and increasing fun on server.
Hope that you like it!
Feel free to leave your comment.​

Sincerely yours, E-Global team :heart: