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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Pimouss, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    Thanks to the FS clan, they farm all RB's needed to subclass ... and don't let other who need for quest a chance to up... unfair.
  2. Akritipan

    Akritipan Knight

    sounds sad :/

  3. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    the worst is that he don't need it, he kill the RB in 2 minutes.... hero 80+ with his bot's... I know it's the game, but it's not fair...
  4. Beli

    Beli Not approved


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  5. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Everyone can create their own clan for domination, why is it so surprising for you that players like to dominate?
    Or you have any suggestions?
  6. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    no surprising... just want to give my opinion...
  7. Marshall

    Marshall Viscount

    Dude, Lineage is known for monopoly. I remember how clans would PK hundreds of players on baium, just so that they can't get the sub class (no subs - no nobles - no chance in pvp/hero). That's the game you chose to play.

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