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Wow, and?


I think, all, whos have 2-3 hours for play by the day make S-gr for next few days, so, what s problem of S gr after 1 week, with 2nd mammons?

Please, at 1st - read, after that - write.

R what s my misstake?




Dude you have to understand that this kills servers, it destroys the community, if somebody doesn't have time to play the should just buy items with coins from people that farmed the items. With this GM shop all items available there will be too much on the server and people will get bored and quit its simple as. This showed 15431 same servers

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welcome to L2 global :D gracia final died because of the same reason ... Gms made events for donators mainly



It's not true. On GF x7 we had only 2 events on donation theme: on Black Friday (sales night over the world) and before Christmas/New Year we made the same event (by popular requests of GF players) at the same time as New Year event.

Besides of that we had a certain amount of non-donation interesting events from the server start (bonus start, haloween is here, dark invasion every weekend, Videomania, PR-event "Gracia Final for everyone", ect.). You can find info about them on our forum. Also there is another one interesting PvP event right now on GF - "Capture the Flag".

As you can see we are making maximum efforts to make an interesting qualitative gaming for players on each our server. But unfortunately nowadays the reality is that the game have changed itself, players have changed too - they perceive a game as something periodical and are always looking for something new :nu4to:

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i dont rly give a fck at the end destiny,we all know ur party donate shit tons thats why u dont care either and u just gonna pay,the thing is we donated also for full a and in 2 days my party will be in S,so i dont rly give a dem the thing is putting s grades on donate for this kind of servers is like tf winning a decent 9v9 A JOKE

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its too soon after 2 weeks with ketra/varka rates x3 if u knew u gonna put to gm shop in the same time u should raise rates in varka to x10 atleast coz it takes to farm 1 armor (random) recipe 6hto12h for 1 player and mob quantite is limited for this online AND(maybe u will get adena lol) so nobody is fighting for the spot then most of the ppl should be there prepering for oly.. if possible consider after gmshop s gr raise rates to bring more life to server/pvp/clan pvps for zones to have more fights for something = more online.

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