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[L2team] on E-globals interlude

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After few high-chronicle servers L2team come back to the Interlude.


Hi all members of e-globals community, and our friends from our last projects.


Still playing on Gracia final, but waiting for the new interlude. We hope will a lot of fun)


Dont know, how it will to play without high-chronicle beaty, such as vitality, combo-buffs etc. But we will start here, with all our members, and ppl who wanna start with us.

We wanna fight again vs BlackRock, Future, Smite and others


This time, with us will few our international parties, which rest few servers. So we will recruting international cp, and members too.


For CP.

We looking for mageCP, Stoppers(with 2-3 Warlords), Destro-parties (with 2+ destro)

Full online must be 4h per day, 5-6 days every week. If it's possible to have over-prime online ppl, for joining to our parties on events, for more profit at mass pvp.

If you havent full pt, its not a problem, we will find ppl for you, if you are active and communicative.



For single players.

Must be active online 4h+ every day.

You had to be active, and help us everywhere, speak with us and wanna to be the part of L2team.

Recruting mages, dancers, songers, elven elders, bishops, warcryers, overlords, warlords and destro.

If you wanna play another class - pm us just after sub-classes, we dont havent place for useless classes as tanks, rogues etc.



For Clans

We are looking for clan, with 4-5 active CP, for teamplaying on raids, sieges, epic bosses. We have good crest, perfect teamspeak3 and good leaders to make your game more profitly and interest.




You may find me on:

Skype: l2teamstorm

instagram: l2teamstorm

facebook: l2teamstorm

viber +380634039923

telegram: +380634039923






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