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Looking For CP GTM +1

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Good Morning,


I'm Toxicator, and I am looking for a CP, I've been playing Gracia final, Freya, H5, GOD, and so on, The little problem is that i didn't play Interlude, (which i don't think is a big problem). I speak ENGLISH, and the characters that I play are:



Phoenix Knight ~ (Good)

Archmage ~ (Very Good)

Soultaker ~ (Very Good)



Mystic Muse ~ (Excellent) 2nd (main)

Eva's Saint ~ (Very Good)


Dark Elf:

Shillien Templar ~ (perfected)

Ghost Hunter ~ (Good)

Storm Screamer ~ (Fair)

Shillien's Saint ~ (Very Good)



Grand Khavatari ~ (Good)

Dominator ~ (Excellent) 1st ( Main)


I am thinking before the L2 E-Global 25X Interlude start, I will start reading and getting prepare to play INTERLUDE.


If you are interested, write me in the Inbox, I'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


PS: I have microphone and any communication programs.

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