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Successful start - Interlude Final x25

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Successful start - Interlude Final x25




Dear friends!


Our new Interlude Final x25 has been successfully opened!


During the Grand Opening we've been under DDoS attack, however our specialists deal with it as fast, as it possible so no one really feel any effect of this attack smile.png


We've registered pique of unique online in 4000 players on the start!

We want to thank you for giving us a credence to us and get maximum joy of playing on our server.


A bit more info:

  • Characters at 1st day - more than 10000;
  • Characters level 75+ - 461 (you still can be in a first 500);
  • Clans - 93;
  • Clans lvl 5+ - 10;
  • Sub-classes - 38 players;
  • Noblesses - 7 players.

After the 1st day we've fixed some issues and concept gaps:

  • Drop on some location has been fixed (upwards);
  • Cooldown of Family Quick Healing Potion has been redused to 3 sec;
  • Summon Nightshade, Seraphim the Unicorn, Feline Queen has received the skills (buffs), that has been added in previous updates;
  • Nooblese RB Barakiel level has been increased to level 80, HP has been increased in 2 times;
  • Cabrio level has been increased to 73 (guards 72), same stats.;
  • Skills Stigma has been reworked for melee - additional damage from 20 to 28 (except two-handed swords), chance = 100%;
  • Skills Deadly Strike and Crushing Strike cooldown hac been decreased on 35%;
  • Charge (Tyrant) - cooldown has been decreased to 30 sec.

Also we want to mention the dats of some major events:

  • 06.08 - Registration to catacombs;
  • 08.08 (evening) - 1st major Epic Boss, Baium;
  • 09.08 - Clan Hall auction;
  • 13.08 - 1st mamons;
  • 19.08 - 1st Castl Sieges;
  • 20.08 - 1st Grand Olympiad period;
  • 20.08 - Major update 1.5.

We want to thank your once again for choosing our server and wish the best of luck on the server!


New update:

1. All new characters, except starter equipment are going to receive:

  • etc_cp_potion_i01_0.png Family Greater CP Potion - 30 q-ty.
  • etc_potion_gold_i00.png Family Quick Healing Potion - 15 q-ty.
  • etc_reagent_white_i00_0.png Family Greater Healing Porion - 50 q-ty.
  • etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Family Mana Potion - 30 q-ty.

This is useful personal potions, that can help every newbie player to speedup character development and complitely join the world of Interlude Final x25!

We want to remind, that you can set them on autouse by right-click on the shortcut (same as soulshot);




2. NPC Pathfinder Worker assortment for Club members has been increased (61+):



  • Song of Water has been added;
  • Buffs Shield, Magic Barrier, Empower, Haste has been added;
  • Buffs Shield and Concentration at Mage Sets of every level has been fixed;
  • Buffer interface has been optimized at any level;
  • NPC logic has been optimized;

3. Pots autouse system has been improved. Now you can autouse at the same time the various variations of one type.

4. Skill - Transform to Lion\Bug is no longer will take a buff slot.


PS: You will need to update your client for correct display.

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Well don't you think that 13.08 1st mamons is a little late ? i play for couple days already and i think soon i will have nothing to do there just because of this B gear....... no crafts no fun and to level up to 80 with B grade not fun aswell

People work and have family, relax bro!

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