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Apache Ant

Gracia Final x7 - October, 2018

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No idea what to tell you then mate, deal with it i guess.. If you need 5 chars on the same account, and all of them need to lvlup and grind by themselves, then you ain't efficient.

The only reason for you doing that, that i can think of is multiple spoilers on different levels, but at that point who cares about the 2k adena and 1 thread thats gonna drop.

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It's under discussion.


But one of the option:


  • Accessory_ring_of_core_i00_0.jpg
    Core - 36 hours +-1 hours
  • Accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00_0.jpg
    Orfen - 36 hours +- 1 hours
  • Accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.jpg
    Queen Ant - 24 hours +- 1 hours
  • Accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.jpg
    Zaken - 48 hours +- 1 hours
  • Accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00_0.jpg
    Frintezza - 48 hours +- 30 mins
  • Accessory_ring_of_baium_i00_0.jpg
    Baium - 5 days +- 2 hours
  • Accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00_0.jpg
    Antharas - 8 days
  • Accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00_0.jpg
    Valakas - 11 days

In the description you described time window wrong according to re spawn times. 24hours +- 1hr means 23 to 25 hours. The right description for 24-25 hrs would be 24 + 1(random). This may be bothering others and there may be misunderstanding later.

And IMHO 1 hour random is too small time window with such a big clans as roa and xside. for taras, valakas and baium i would make at least 2 hours random, for more fun.

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In this server the Shops and Class Skills will be like Interlude Final x25?

It will be like on Gracia Final, and all chronicle modifications are described in 2nd post in this topic (skills - in Gameplay section). As to the in-game shop, more detailed information will be posted on our forum soon.

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I don't understand the boxes not one bit.


Amount of client boxes from 1 PC is dynamics. On the start - 3 boxes. For players that uses PA can load +4 box, but not more then 7 (+1 for each PA box). Off-line trader counts as a box;

Off-line trader doesn't count as a box (mistype, I'll correct that in topic).

What exactly don't you understand the boxes limits?

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Any of it lol. 1 pc is dynamics? On start is 3 boxes? PA 4 boxes? but no more then 7?

From the start 3 boxes will be available for all players.

Those who have PA can extend the limit to 7 boxes: 3 basic boxes + 4 additional boxes with PA.

3 basic boxes + 1 box with PA + 1 box with PA + 1 box with PA + 1 box with PA = 7 boxes.


Some additional info about PA: [Premium Account] Logic and bonuses

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Bonus start for newbies on Gracia Final x7!


With the server restart on November 2, the next changes took effect:

  • All new characters get the best NG weapons depending on their race and class, 2000 soulshots and 1,500 spiritshots
  • The number of EXP and SP received from killing all Raid Bosses (including Captains of the Labyrinth at all levels) is increased by 25%
  • 1st profession cost reduced from 5 Family Coin to 1 Family Coin
  • 2nd profession cost reduced to 15 FC / 2.500.000 Adena (previously: 25 FC / 3.500.000 Adena)
    • Owners of any Family Ring can get the 1st and 2nd professions for free ("buy" them from Butler in the Classes section for 0 FC / Adena)

    [*]The reward in the form of Adena for the chain of quests Kusto - increased by half

    [*]The range of Ivory Coin Store from Adventurers' Guide has been expanded:

    • Reduced cost of Rune of Experience and Clover 1-61
    • Reduced cost of consumables
    • Reduced cost of temporary Top B-grade weapons
    • Added the ability to purchase Clover 1-78
    • Added the ability to purchase new consumables
    • Added the ability to purchase a temporary Top A-grade weapon

    [*]Premium SP bonus increased from 30% to 50%

    [*]Cost of Pets 40-level (Pets section) reduced:

    • Wolf and Kookaburra - 10 FC (before: 15)
    • Tiger and Buffalo - 5 FC (before: 12)

    [*]Cost of Clover 1-61 reduced from 7 to 5 FC (Vitality section)

    [*]Clover 1-85 is available for purchase, cost - 18 Family Coins (the stub "until 02.11.2018" was removed)

    [*]Quest items are available for purchase (Quests section) for simplified obtaining of the 3rd profession (the stub "until 02.11.2018" was removed):

    • Crystal from Hot Springs - 7 FC
    • 2й lvl of Aliance Varka/Ketra - 25 FC

    [*]Added the ability to buy immediately 3 Clovers at a better price:

    • 3 Clovers 1-61 - 12 FC (1 Clovers - 5 FC)
    • 3 Clovers 1-78 - 25 FC (1 Clovers -10 FC)
    • 3 Clovers 1-85 - 50 FC (1 Clovers - 18 FC)

    [*]By popular demand, added direct purchase of Family Pie for 30 Family Coins

    • We remind that Family Pie, as before, is available in Starter Packages, in particular - in the 1st package (Usual Set) for 35 FC (by buying which, among other things, you get: consumables, soul/spirit-shots, scrolls and D-grade equipment, etc.)

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