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Server Merging - Interlude Final x7 & x25

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Dear players!


We are glad to announce that tomorrow, 28.09 at 9 AM CEST we will merge our 2 servers: Interlude Final x7 and x25.


Information regarding servers merging:


Basic information.

  • Conception of merged server - basic conception of Interlude Finalx25 (you can find more by following the link);
  • All items, characters state etc will remain the same (for example Title, PK and PvP counter are going to be merged as well);
  • If there will be a nickname of character\clan\account conflict\collision - the characters\accounts\clans that was online longer time ago will receive specia prefix (on clan activity will affect the activity of clan leader);
    • Characters that was renamed - can contact the Support Team to have 1 free rename.

    [*]All Hero status, Castles and Clan Halles are going to be removed.

Details Information:

  • All Epic Bosses are going to be dead after servers merging and they first respawn will be at:
    • Friday:
      • Orfen, Core - 18:00 - 20:00;
      • AQ - 19:00 - 21:00;
      • Baium - 20:00 - 00:00.


      • Zaken - 18:00;
      • Frintezza - 19:00 - 21:00;
      • Antharas - 22:00.


      • Valakas - 20:00.

      [*]All further respawns are going to be according basic terms due to server concept.

    [*]Seven Seals registration will be available until the evening of the Monday (01.10)

    • Monday - Mammons;
    • Mammons are also going to be at Giran on Monday.

    [*]Olympiad - all points are going to be removed.

    • Cycle - from Monday, after ~10 days, week after week;
    • First fights\battles - 08.10;
    • First Heroes - 15.10.

    [*]Castle. First Sieges - 07.10

    • At Sunday noon:
      • Gludio;
      • Dion;
      • Giran;
      • Aden;
      • Oren.

      [*]At Sunday evening:

      • Runa;
      • Goddard;
      • Shuttgard;
      • Innadril.

    [*]Clan Halls. First auction - 03.10 evening.




    [*]Bonus! All accounts will receive 14 days of PA, for accounts that already have PA - it will be extended for 14 days.


We also want to say that we are going to keep\continue to support our Interlude Final and current patch as well as opening not going to be last ;)

At this moment it's too early to say regarding the date and or month regarding new Interlude Final server opening, but we will meet at the start of 2019!

We wish you to have a great time on the merged server and enjoy the emotion from it ;)

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