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Gracia Final x7 - Start Today!

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Gracia Final x7

Grand Opening: 19:00 CEST



Dear players!


There are little time left before the Grand Opening of the Gracia Final x7 and we are also prepering for the start same as you!


Our team has done big amount of work to make this start the most comfort and smooth ever.

However that is most likely we will face the DDoS attacks at our portals during the Grand Opening of the server Grand Opening, so we suggest you to take care in advance about registration of your Game Accounts and update your client to the latest version.




We are making pre.start for your convenience and to decreise load on our web servers.


What does it mean?

It mean that at 18:00 CEST you can login to your game account and create a character. However you will got dissconected immidiately.

After that you will be able to go to your Master Account and send the items to your character.



Make sure that your client is up-to-date and you ready to start!


We suggest to update your files right now by using our Updater:




All you need is just to press Full Check button at the bottom of the Updater.



Useful information regarding changing Game Client.


Before the start of the server we will temporary block the editing of some game files, to block the external interface patches that can provide some advanteges to the players comparing to the players on the regular interface.

From our side we will try to provide you with comfortable intarface so you can enjoy the game on equal with other players.


Useful links:

Donation Shop:


We wish you to have maximum emotions and enjoy every aspect, feature and each moment on the server.

Good luck smile.png


PS: All players that has take part in OBT and helped us to make our server a better place (at least by being here) - will receive an automatical prize that will be at warehouse of your Master Account. Thanks, You are the best!

PPS: If you don't see the prize at your MA, it can mean that your MA didn't took part at OBT or just try to logout-login at your MA.

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