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[GvE] Glory World 2.7 - January 18!

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Dear players!


Our team is happy to present you [GvE] Glory World with the new update 2.7, which you can read about in more detail in this topic below.

We did a great "correction work" in which the main task was to fix and improve the existing systems on the server, which were developed at the very beginning of our path.

In addition to improving the old systems, we also added several new ones related to the character development.


Open Beta-Test - January 14.

Preliminary Grand Opening date: January 18 at 18:00 CET.




Due to the large namber of updates, we decided that this could be called a full-scale update, and now we present you a list of major updates on the Glory World 2.7 server.


In addition to the improvements of the old systems and the correction of their work, we decided to please the players who like PvE content, as well as diversify the game from the constant PvP that occurs on the server around the clock. To do this, we have introduced two huge systems that are associated with the obtaining of resources, crafting and farming.




System of resources obtaining will be the first from two global systems.

It is bases on a well-known crafting system which consists of the resources obtaining and items creation.


System is as follows:

Themed monsters (NPCs) without a name and title will be added in all locations.

They will look like, well... as an NPC, you understand, right?

For resource obtaining, players can either just kill NPCs and obtain resources with a low chance, or take special tools (weapons) from the NPC and using them get resources with a high chance.

You can get resources of different levels from monsters depending on the level of the tool in your hands. Also from the resources you can make a "premium resources" that are needed for crafting items and equipment.


The main question is: what will be crafted from these resources?

You can craft S-grade equipment (weapons / armor / jewelry), blessed scrolls of enchantment and various consumables.


This system will be described in more detail in a separate topic.




This system is the second large system we have implemented in this update.

In part, this system is an alternative to resource obtaining, for those players who do not want to beat monsters and want to do something interesting.


Farming is as follows:

Inside the Fortresses, the Leader of the Faction, as well as its participants, can complete a number of tasks for invoking the Farmer.

Farmer has a limited purchase of seeds which players can plant on the territory of their own faction.


Planting areas will be available at the Floran Village location, and their number will depend directly on the number of Fortresses and Castles that the faction owns.




Players will be able to plant seeds, water, protect and improve them, in order to increase the chance and amount of profit from each fruit.

Sprouted fruits can be exchanged on resources needed to craft an equipment and a certain items.

Exchange point - NPCs in the fortresses.


This system will be described in more detail in a separate topic.




Castle Sieges were changed more dramatically than originally thought.

Now you don't need to cast the Seal of Ruler to claim the Castle.

The process of the siege will flow like this:

At the start of the siege, in the main hall special NPC Castle Defender appears, which helps players to fight against attackers. After 60 minutes from the siege start castle will own the faction that last killed or made more damage to the Defender.


Also there will be a way to strengthen the castle for Adena which should be at faction treasury.

Only Faction Leader may use this function (before the siege starts).




Fortress owners will now have a special zones for Farm (as it shows on the map).


The more fortresses and castles will faction own - the more zones will be on the Farm.

Also, there will be a special NPC at fortress that will help you to buy, trade and craft resources.

To summon some of the NPCs, the leaders of the fortresses will need to complete a simple quest, which will allow to use all functions of specific NPC for the Farm and craft.


Also, there will be a way to strengthen the fortress at Fortress Manager from the faction treasury.




We decided to try a system of enchantment which is popular among other MMORPG games.

The idea of this system is pretty simple:

Items will no longer be crystalized after fail of the enchantment! - Yes, it's legal.

When you enchant the weapon with regular scroll - it will work the same, however if you fail the enchantment - the level of your weapon enchantment will be decreased by 1.

If you failed the enchantment with the blessed scroll - nothing will happen, the level of enchantment will stay on the same level.




A lot of players were asking us to implement the sets enchantment bonus that have been added at Classic higher updates.

As we are not changing the version of Classic, we decided to make our own system that provides some bonuses (basically HP) to your character for each +1 enchantment.

There will be also some "check points", such as "full set +6 = +500 HP".


More detailed information you will find at the server's patchnote before the server grand opening.




We designed a faction treasury which will gather the taxes from trades, and also Adena that characters are spending during the teleports to different locations.

Only Faction Leader can use the treasury for such categories:

  • strengthen fortresses
  • strengthen castles
  • passing some quests

At further updates, the treasury will be available for capturing as well as additional functions, which can be used by Faction Leader.

All teleports will now cost 1 Adena.



Additional information:

All description threads will be in this section.

Thread where you can discuss all changes and leave your suggestions.

Updates will be also described at our Wiki-page and will be published before the server Grand Opening.

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  • 3 weeks later...

we see you do great project.and we still wait for play this mod speacially classic.just do me a favor.as a l2 player just keep looking for classes balance.and if someone after 2 3 weeks is killed by a player full gear. and cry for balance classes plz dont change anything to those classes.in this month i play too many classes and gm fucked up.he fix 1 class and destroy 5.if you want to keep server alive do it right in grand opening than you.HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW! :D

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Dear players,


The start of the OBT is delayed by 30 minutes (approximately) and will take place at 19:30 CET.

At the moment, our technical specialists are making final preparations for the launch of the OBT, so that the start for the players is easy and as comfortable as possible.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

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how we join?patch or updater?

All files are available on our site - E-Global - worldwide Lineage 2 project. Off-like sources - Interlude, Gracia Final, High Five, Classic.

Just make sure that you download GvE files.

Also pay attention that at the moment a separate patch isn't ready, so you need to update your game client using our Updater for GvE.

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what's is wrong with accounts? i have created many accounts and nothing is working

OBT was already closed at night.

The official server start will be today at 18:00 CET :)


and also i dotn have even email when i try to recover password in emails

I can suggest a possible reason: make sure that you created a game account on the Control Panel on the GvE server. Switching between servers is being done here.

Also, as to the password restoring - please check the spam folder of your e-mail box.

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