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Suggestion of new project

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another thing, the stages ami seems to me a GREAT IDEA, but as I said I do not like to be playing servers on servers moving from server, people who like to play from 0 at any time will never see or play a server where it is evolved, where most people have decent equipment, because they simply leave after having 1 month on the server


I play l2 since c1, I am no longer to be starting server at all times, and do not believe that I do not LOVE l2, I love it !, it is one of the best games I played, and I miss the old school of l2, where the server lasted at least 6 months, and it was full fun

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PvP style servers last about 2 weeks not month. As you say 2-3 months is not because of lack inovation its just game been here around more than 10 years. Why do you think Diablo 3 have seasons? People start fresh they got bored but they play another season since its fun to deverlop to get stronger. Its not games fault its our mindset.

You say you love L2 but if you change it too much it won't be same game isn't it?

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I do not talk about PvP server, but I will ask you a question since you say that pvp servers last 2 weeks (I agree they can last 2 weeks to 1 month), in 2 weeks in a pvp server you get at least 2 epics ? (without donating), how many people get epic on a pvp server ?, (without donations), obviously in a lot and most PVP servers, at least the x1200 can donate epics, but how many people do you think they reach have epics without donation ?, It is true that PVP servers, people evolve quickly in equipping themselves, but the pvp full buff style is disgusting !, at least in interlude you will see only limited classes, such as magicians, archers, destro, gladis, dageros and bishop, of which his way of doing pvp in a full buff server and mp potas, is very different from a pvp retail server, where in a pvp retail server you can see up to a Shillen elder in pvp, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbRnL9keaac:12, there are currently several pvp servers that have many years online, I will not give their names out of respect for the community and I was playing in one of them for years, not because I like it play PVP server, (I don't really like it, it's horrible), but I have no other choice on, I was only there because the server was stable with a stable community and loyal to the server, and that is what I would like in eglobal, what I would like to ami is a server with rates somewhat similar to what I say, and the chronicle I do not care if it is interlude or final grace, or whatever they want, my suggestion of the rates is to try to attract new people to the server, to try to play the server and reach at least 70+ in approximately 1-2 days, playing approximately 3h, an example of the server eglobal had 5 years online, new people who want to enter to play it, the level is not a big deal for them, this is not new, for something in the official created the vitality, and all the facilities that started out when the chronicle increased, so that the new members could be or balance themselves with people who played from much earlier chronicles and had more time on the server,


I played the "bartz" (oficial server), at the end of 2006 until the end of 2008 and I can assure you that in mid-2007 and 2008 80% of the server, most were lvl75 + with items and weapons grade S and in the beginning of 2008, a lot of people At least they had an "ant queen" on the server, I had an AQ and zakem, unfortunately I couldn't keep playing because I couldn't pay the server fee more for my studies! But hey, I also played other very funny servers, but like I said before the servers used to last much longer than now, and I miss that a lot!

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It is true that that influences, but not quite, the most important thing is the faithful community that the server can have, I tell you because the server that I played from 2017 to 2019 (server pvp x1200), its admin practically ignores those of their cominity, they are very inactive, apart from that the patch they have is terrible, not to say another word, so you have an idea their patch, eat the ram of a worse pc as if you were playing an h5 server, and they don't they give the option of not even being able to edit the l2.ini or the l2option, to be able to fix some problem of their patch, in the forum there is a post about that quite long, and the admin simply did not want to fix it, and even then the server continues alive and has the same community, to give you an idea, I having an i5 4 generation, with 16 of ram, on that server in epic "baium" clans of 4 v 4 v 2 party, having the heal skills deactivated , and many custom skills with less brightness, my FPS drops to 12 !, but well, its community is very and faithful to the server, and the server will never die, until now,


In fact, I do not like that style of server, and I was playing it for a few years, I will not deny that in certain occasions it distracts and entertains you, but its pvp form is horrible, to see a bishop pulling infinite heal, almost "that closing the eyes and pressing all the buttons of heal ", magicians sticking auraflare and cancel at the speed of light, OL throwing debuff and healing CP, infinitely, etc. etc.


things that in these servers make professions disappear like, EE, SE, SWS, BD, WC, SUMONERS, disappear, by the style of pvp. I only stayed on that server because the server when I started playing it was 2 years old online and I saw that the server was not going to die, as I said before, I do not like to play a server low from 0, that mostly one passes it farm and killing mobs, (mostly those that do not come in CP and without a clan is like that), so that later when you have some items or lvl, the server is dead and without fun, then start another ?, and the same thing happens? .


I play l2 since c1, I and many people are not here to be killing mobs for 1 month, then the server dies, and start another.


Do not confuse the server where I was, it is not that I had 42313214311 people online, in fact at most I had 200 to 400, but the secret that the admin made, and for me it is there for which his community does not die, it is because he reduced the spots of farm, the server has only 2 farm spots, so the whole server concentrates on those 2 spots and there is always pvp, war, agites, etc.

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