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How to conncet - IF x7

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I wish I had 50iq like you so I could overlook major flaws. Admim says there is no good option and thats a lie. Everyone is fine with new start just his lazy ass does not want to wipe the server(or does not know how).

Its obvious that people will quit and refund if he does not open it fresh. So wtf is this pitty with we only have bad options lmao

wipe it or this server will be dead in 2 weeks max

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Dear , please accept again my apologies for the inconvenience!


Getting straight to the main point: we considered all possible options, including the wipe and moving grand opening to another day, and we chose the best of the worst.


  1. Server start will take place today at 18:00 CEST.
  2. No Wipe.
  3. We hope for your understanding in relation to the load on our new infrastructure (updater, protection, game client).
    • First of all, we do it for you, one day you tell us thanks for the work done.

Compliments (can't be traded and etc.)


All new characters receive:

br_fruit_cocktail_i01_0.png 2 cocktails physical and magic during the day

etc_spirit_bullet_white_i00_0.png 3000 NG shots

etc_spell_shot_white_i01_0.png 1500 NG mag shots

br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.png Box with Rune +50% EXP SP - 60 minutes


All characters that have already been created receive:

All temporary items extended per 24 hours, namely:

  • Club Card
  • Autoloot Agathions
  • Summon friend bracelets
  • Expend Inventory
  • Runes from packages
  • PA

All ordinary RB's - are alive.

All epics - respawn is rescheduled for the day ahead.


br_fruit_cocktail_i01_0.png Bonus 2 coctails for warior

br_fruit_cocktail_i00_0.png Bonus 2 coctails for mage


Additional items depend on your level:

1-19 Level:

etc_spirit_bullet_white_i00_0.png 3000

etc_spell_shot_white_i01_0.png 1500

br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.png Rune +50% EXP SP - 60 minutes


20-39 Level:

etc_spirit_bullet_blue_i00_0.png 3000

etc_spell_shot_blue_i01_0.png 1500

br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.png Runes +50% EXP SP - 30 minutes


40+ Level:

etc_spirit_bullet_green_i00_0.png 3000



P.S. Old bonus codes with mailing can be activated again!


Congratulations for your work, all know is hard open a big project like that. So many attacks ddos.


We hope today we can make this server unforgettable.


Lets pray

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If you won't wipe, do something with players who used exploit and everything will be ok.

Now it's simply unfair and you know it.

And arguments "the ones who are high lvl would've been high lvl anyway" are simply pathetic. If normix players would've used that exploit you'd punish them. But top russians are always immune since they are the ones who pay servers the most $$.


2. delete updater = free bot (you like to bot, but not here)


And that's bullshit. If sb wants to bot- they will. I saw on my own eyes full bot party. Even tho I've reported them, nothing happened (not surprised)


Lets pray


XD and thats all xD

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