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[GvE] Glory World 2.8 - June 7

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Dear players!


We are glad to announce new GvE server on Glory World [2.8 patch].

During the preparation for the update we aimed on improvements and fixes of already existing systems, which did not work always correctly.


Server launch: 7th june 20:00 GMT+3 (Moscow/ Kyiv)

OBT start: 27th may 20:00 GMT+3 (Moscow/ Kyiv)


We paid special attention to the following systems:



We reworked geodata engine and fixed old character movement bugs, some abilities bugs (like shadow step), wrong calculations of the distance to the target (which allowed us to fix the bug when melee skills has long range)

Unfortunately, this took a huge time and still requries live tests with online load.


For those who do not understand what geo-engine is: this engine responsible for character movement, textures passing, pathfinding (for example when you move on stairs behind the wall)



We have decided to add life stones as one of a few systems on this launch. In order to improve gameplay experience and add a new branch of character evolution. Skills you can get from life stones was reworked according to our server balance.



We developed faction balancing system which allows players, who change their faction back and forth, do it legal and appropriate.

Every N period of time according to a certain formula, part of specific players will receive a notification and they will have an opportunity to join weaker faction for a time (1/3/5 hours).

You will receive bonus for your help and after a certain time you will be moved back to your faction.


This system most likely won't work for clans (yet), and will work in a test version.



We reworked rapidly rotation of locations

Now additionally to "Low" restrictions, "Middle" locations have been added, which has 76 level limit and A-grade equipment with maximum enchant +5.

In addition to this now there is a limit of players being in one location simultaneously. Depending on location size this number will be either increased or decreased.

How is this work: let's say we have 100 players limit.

From this 100 players we take percentage of each faction and depending on a result we impose a kind of “filter”. For example: if Fire faction have 55% of players in location, players of Fire faction won't be teleported until the percentage of factions equalizes.



Before the start of development we have searched the forum on the subject of old bugs and errors reports.

We gathered about 100+ tasks, which we are trying to do as good as possible.

A detailed list will be posted in patch notes but I will give a few examples so that you would understand what it is about:

  • Shadow Step ability - could not be used on a characters with height difference;
  • You could use melee skills on a long range;
  • Sending and receiving mail is now available worldwide;
  • Forts siege bug when enemies was not moved out the fort after siege end, as well as bugs with castle sieges teleportation.;
  • Melee attack bug when you couldn't attack other character having less move speed.;
  • And a lot more.


We've done work on ingame economics based on previous launches statistics.

Revised a variety of prices for items, drop chances, obtaining methods and a lot more.

All these manipulations are designed to strengthen the economy and add more interest to game market, and also extend server lifetime.



This will be first launch at which we are going to work with least played and weak classes.

We began to improve some weak classes by changing skill set.

This process won't be fast, because every single change can do huge influence and create new "imba".

The list of skill changes will be available closer to server launch.


In addition to this we have done a huge work.

Patch notes for Glory World 2.8 will be published few days before server launch.


Useful information:


Launcher download




We have updated launcher which is used to enter the game. You need to download game client with launcher or update our old client with it.

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