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Dear players!

Summer has arrived together with BBQ, beaches, warm nights and good mood.

As administration of gaming project we definitely okay with farming 24/7 but to be honest that is not what we are going to entertain you with.


In this topic i am going to let you know about our further plans, what we are working on, about upcoming servers and also about existing ones.

Let's get started!





For the few month we are discovering YouTube as new media platform for us.

As a first step we have made interviews with some well known players and community members and divided this interviews into seasons. We have recorded 4 interviews which were supposed to release twice a week.

However, because of a number of tasks we have set on ourselves in the last half of the year and hard schedule - forced us to postpone the release of this “show”.


Now we have reorganized our Media Department and by the end of July we are planning to show you our first results of two subjects:

  1. Interview
  2. Educational E-Global

Interviews of the first season will be published 2 times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, 2 weeks in a row.

The further fate of this content will depend only on you - discuss, suggest improvements and changes, support or let us know which type of show you would like more.

You can discuss in this topic.


The interviews unfortunately will be avaliable only in russian at this moment but we are planning to add subtitles and in the future make interviews with english speaking clan leaders. If you are interested - let us know.

@fabuLous & @Papanda will work on that.





At this moment there are 20-50 active players on Interlude x25 and merge with x7 where we have 600-800 players will completely destroy economy on Interlude x7. What we want to achieve now is to find compromise with Interlude x25 players to transfer characters and equipment manually.


Conditions for transfer:

  • Level, sub-classes, noblesse status, NGP - will be saved.
  • All the quest items will be saved.
  • Hero status will not be saved.
  • B/A/S equipment sets up to +6.
  • Sets with enchantment above +6 will be transfered as +6 sets.
  • C/B/A weapons up to +16.
  • S grade weapons - physical up to +12, magical up to +8
  • Life stones will be saved.
  • Jewelry - not more than one of each part. All epic jewelry will be transfered, including 2/3 Orfen/Core levels.
    Exceptions are Valakas and Antharas.
  • For one hwid will be transfered up to 7 characters.
    • 1 character can have up to 5 weapons and equipment sets (olympiad weapons with life stones does not count)

    [*]All pets will be transfered.

    [*]Skills exclusive for x25 server will not be transfered.

    [*]Adena - maximum of 3kkk for one player.

    [*]Family Coins will be transfered but not more than total donations of account.

    [*]Ivory Coins will be saved.

    [*]Any form of donations will be transfered.

    [*]Each transfered character will recieve premium status and club card for month.

@Rylai will work on that.


The transfer will be carried out from 18 to 22 June.


Future plans on merging servers:

Servers with rates x3-x10 will be merged with Interlude x7.

This is the last time when we merging servers with that huge difference of rates.





First of all, we want to notify you about the merging of gaming platforms Emerland & Averia.ws.

Literally this means that root servers (x1000 & x100) will be consolidated (with minor adjustments) on the basis of the Averia x100 platform.

The concept will be updated by - @fabuLous

This will occur on july 31.

Also we want to notice that this won't be regular server merging.

As part of server merge, we will launch a global social gaming event - “Shields Up!”. Players of each project will have an opportunity to fight for their home server receive the corresponding rewards!





It is not a secret that traditional Gracia Final server will await you this fall, but before that we have decided to add some summertime madness!:1f605:

At the end of July, approximately 26th we will launch new Gracia Epilogue PTS with PvP rates and concept.


On this launch we will reconsider SoI in order to make Vesper and Noblesse Vesper Stones more easier and clearer to get. This server will be launched on Grand Crusade \ Classic 2.0 game client which allows you to enjoy the game with best fps. A more detailed concept of the server will be available in a separate topic.


Summarizing all the above, i can say that we work to present you new and relevant game events especially for you.


We will work harder to make this summer really hot!

Join us!

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Excellent, this is my favorite, GE> HB> GF> H5, that's the order of my favorite chronicles, I would like to see more details, that is 10x (with vitality), I find it quite nice for people like me who can only dedicate to the game as 4-5h daily, this server if I'm sure I'll enjoy it to the fullest PersikLikePersikLove

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