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Battle Pass - Cloaks

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Dear players!

We want to introduce you quick review of unique cloaks available as part of Battle Pass system (NPC Eve)



This cloaks have unique look and now there are no any penalties or requirements by armor type or race to wear cloaks.

Any character can equip cloaks no matter which profession, race, level or armor set equipped.

You can insers attribute stones up to 30 Attribute of any type (the same as armor)


You can purchase different cloaks at de653cfcf4d4fe1baa8aeb849b9ab565.pngNPC Eve in Giran Castle Town. Bring her blank 43d9cfc866a6988954de8a8f0800.jpgAncient Cloak and 0c198ae577c1c47c26c48cccb808.jpgFamily coin to choose any cloak you like.

You can purchase Ancient Cloak at NPC Adventurers' Guide, Ivory Store section.


More than that, there are more unique cloaks which you can obtain by taking control of Castle or Becoming a Hero


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