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Battle Pass - Maunts

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Dear players! We want to present you short personal mounts review!


All raid bosses above level 70 and epic bosses can drop collection cards, which can be used for purchasing mounts at de653cfcf4d4fe1baa8aeb849b9ab565.png NPC Eve in Giran Castle Town (if you have fa0a6b7390ef480e724462f00fb757b8.png Lineage 2 - Battle Pass).

Cards, the same as Mounts are divided into grades depending on their rarity.

Common and Uncommon cards can be traded for any Common or Uncommon mount.

Rare and Legendary cards can be traded for specific mounts. For example common cards can be traded for 11 different mounts of that grade, but Part of Princess Ant can be traded only for Princess Ant mount.

All cards types can be traded. All mounts are personal (cannot be traded) and has no time limits.


  • 70 ed632a03f2381d741b167039f38c375b.png Common - Common Mount
  • 50 18af7074388a602262803aa70e9fb0fd.png Uncommon - Uncommon Mount
  • 40 e7ad28af314216e7b36bf372310cf6fe.png Rare - specific Rare Mount
  • 20 8fc24b576fbba107745ce1de5d182fe7.png Legendary - specific Legendary Mount

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