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Personal Costumes E-Global

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Dear players! We want to introduce you short Costumes review - unique character customisation!


Please note that you can equip costume in a separate inventory slot without removing your equipment. You can enjoy unique look of your character without losing battle characteristics.

You can obtain costumes at de653cfcf4d4fe1baa8aeb849b9ab565.png NPC Eve in Giran Castle Town (if you have purchased fa0a6b7390ef480e724462f00fb757b8.png Lineage 2 - Battle Pass and have enough 9dd5dc324bdb5183309d661285e9a90b.png Battle Piece or bd37dfe095562cc753c7a7c0d8536536.png Battle Coin).

b25fcf6372c860c3b8c4f36f734f0645.png Battle Piece and c3af75976f36b9b9ef036316bd7ba8be.png Battle Coin can be obtained by killing monsters in any location.

All costumes and all items required for purchase has no time limit and cannot be traded (bound to character).

However you can trade Battle Coins using 7d3e7fb3336fbc1be0718a0128341ab8.png Battle Coin Box which can be bought at NPC Eve.

7d3e7fb3336fbc1be0718a0128341ab8.png Battle Coin Box can be traded to any other character.


  • Price of one box - 5 bd37dfe095562cc753c7a7c0d8536536.png Battle Coin + 1 60aefeabcdd6fc3717a8348b8f0a5ebe.png Family Coin
  • Upon opening box player will acquire 5 bd37dfe095562cc753c7a7c0d8536536.png Battle Coin

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