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Saint A.L.

Files, Fix list, Reports - GF x7

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Dear players!


In this thread we have gathered all the useful information that will help you to play on Gracia Final x7 server.

First of all we want to tell you about OBT results, all fixes and additions that we have done.

  • Main concept:
    • After few tries proper dynamic experience rates has been applied
    • Added Zaken instance
    • Finalized starter packages
    • Fixed bug with Bishop's skills transfer (regarge)
    • Fixed items and skills that did not work on olympiad
    • Added new game mechanic - Party Aura
    • Fixed a lot of Chinese localization HTML
    • Fixed skills cooldown: now skills has the same cooldown for shortcut and macro (cooldowns are like on regular GF with macro cooldown bug)
    • Removed sell button from every HTML because of trading interface update
    • Added special items for Heroes and Castle owners
    • Updated "King of the Hill" event
    • Added new skill Burning Rage
    • Removed EXP consumption by summons
    • Queen Ant reworked and now works according to server description
    • Added Baylor instance
    • Vitality points consumption adjusted
    • Fixed invisible walls in Mithril Mines location
    • Fixed olympiad games observer mode
    • Increased expell timer for dead characters in SoD (Tiat instance)
    • New rates for quests that grants epaulettes
    • Removed pact with fortress requirement for all castles but Rune and Aden
    • Restore life cannot be used on bosses
    • Individual cooldown for specific players in Fortress and Castle instances instead of cooldown for all players
    • New Clan War mechanic applied
    • Now 2-side war clans get an announce if enemy clan starts a fortress siege

    [*]Game client:

    • Added Tactical Sign system
    • Fixed map for chinese localization
    • Now you can learn skills using Alt+K menu
    • Added new buttons for experience block, party members color and personal costumes
    • Changed professions icons, now you can see you party member's level
    • Clan entry system enabled
    • Changed an option to increase Max FPS
    • Added new separate slot for personal costumes
    • Now party color works individually for each party member (you can enable or disable it for yourself)


All the links you will need:


Also in this topic you can always find information about server restarts.

Announces will look like:

?Scheduled restart on July 27 at 02:00 AM CEST

Restart duration - 1 hour approximately.

? NPC localization fixes.

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Why it is easier to start later? Information for players who already playing and for those who did not start yet:


? According to server description on friday, 20:00 server time, experience rates based on your character's level was changed:



? First and second class change price lowered:

  • First class change: 1 FC / 150.000 Adena
  • Second class change: 3 FC / 1.500.000 Adena

? Adena drop rates, custom quest rewards, achievments system (.achiv) and daily quests, and support magic from Adventurers' Guide allows you to develop your character easy and quickly reaching high levels. Don't want to waste your time doing quests? That is not a problem because player's market rates for FC (500-600k each) allows you to play with comfort even if you spent few euros.


? L2Store button allows you to restock any needed consumables for adena or Family Store items for Family Coins anywhere. You don't have to go to town anymore. You will need to update game client with launcher if you don't have access to this store (in some cases you will have to delete system folder before updating).


? Alsto new items become available in account control panel and NPC Butler assortment:

  • Items that makes your levelling process easier on any game stage:
    • Br_four_leaf_clover_i00_0.jpg Lucky Four-leaf Clover (1-85)
      • 1 item - 18 FC
      • 3 items set - 45 FC (15 FC each.)

      [*]etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00_0.pngd13408b89904871187f2b37f727f.png Family Vitality Pie - fully restores your vitality points

      • 1 pie - 25 FC
      • 3 pies - 65 FC
      • 10 pies - 125 FC (12,5 FC each)

    [*]Items needed for 3rd class quest:

    • etc_crystal_blue_i00.png Ice Crystal - 7 FC (item required for 3rd class quest)
    • etc_stone_gray_i00.png Divine Stone of Wisdom - 18 FC (item from Varka/Ketra for 3rd class quest)
    • Etc_barka_friendship_2_i00_0.jpgEtc_ketra_friendship_2_i00_0.jpg Mark of Varka's / Ketra's Alliance (2 Lvl) - 25 FC

Do not forget that Family Coins is a tradable currency that can be bought from other players for adena, or in account control panel (1 euro = 10 FC).


? Every day we are deploying a lot of useful changes aimed to optimize gameplay and improve game client quality. We do not describe each of this changes but we are sure that you notice them while playing on our server. We hope that all this changes makes your gameplay more comfortable and interesting. This is only the beginning!

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?Scheduled restart on November 15 at 09:00 AM CEST

Restart duration - 1 hour approximately.


? According to server description on friday, 20:00 server time, experience rates based on your character's level will be changed:



? This night new items will be available in account CP and NPC Butler:

  • Iitems for EXP and SP boost without level limitations:
    • Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpgBr_cash_rune_of_sp_i00_0.jpg - EXP & SP +50% (7 days) - 25 FC

    [*]Items required for sub class quest:

    • Etc_bead_white_i00_0.jpg Reiria's Soul Orb (Cabrio) - 9 FC
    • Etc_imperial_scepter_i00_0.jpg Hallate's Infernium Scepter (ToI 3) - 12 FC
    • Etc_imperial_scepter_i02_0.jpg Kernon's Infernium Scepter (ToI 8) - 15 FC
    • Etc_imperial_scepter_i01_0.jpg Golkonda's Infernium Scepter (ToI 11) - 18 FC

Do not forget that Family Coins is a tradable currency that can be bought from other players for adena, or in account control panel (1 euro = 10 FC).


PS: Interface.u for better attribute insert option and fixed "Club chat" (>) and other files for proper items display in shop:


(files for system folder)


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? According to server description on friday, 20:00 server time, experience rates based on your character's level will be changed:




Also starting from November 22 auction becomes available for players!




Every day we are working to make our game world more comfortable and more interesting and we are sure you know it! :)

For example in our new warehouse section in Giran now you can purchase D, C and B grade gemstones, we made comfortable Stakato Fangs exchanger (The Zero Hour quest), and tomorrow a lot of new hats will be available at NPC Eve in Giran.



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? Updated NPC Eve Head Accessories assortment, added more than 200 new head accessories.

You can try all of this hats in Dressing Room.

? Accesory Exchange Coupon costs - 25 FC without Battle Pass / 15 FC for Battle Pass owners.

? (+) Trade chat and (!) Shout available for characters of level 20 and above.

? Chat available for characters of level 10 and above.

And a lot of minor and important fixes.


Do not forget to update your game client!


Who don't want to update client can just replace files: DropMeFiles – бесплатный файлообменник без регистрации (system folder)


? Shorter announces about clan war assasinations.

Replace in system folder : DropMeFiles – бесплатный файлообменник без регистрации

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? According to server description on friday, 20:00 server time, experience rates based on your character's level will be changed:


w16h161386955448starempty7.png Territory wars - this saturday!

  • First TW - November, 30 at 20:00 before second castle sieges.
  • TW registration will be available from November 18 and will be closed on November 30, 2 hours before TW start.В
  • Each player level 61+ can participate in TW, not only castle owners clans
  • TW period - 14 days. On sat, 20:00
  • Before TW start wards will be moved back to castles
  • Wards can't be moved out of combat zone
  • Noblesse status cost - 50 Etc_badge_black_i00_0.jpgTerritory Badges
  • New {PvP} belts for attack or defence. Can be purchased for TW Badges.

w16h161386955448starempty7.png First olympiad cycle starts next monday, 02.12.2019!

[spoiler= 'About olympiad']


Olympiad Games are divided on 2 cycles:

  • 1st Olympiad stage - Week of contest\battles (no hero during this period);
  • 2nd Olympiad stage - Week of Hero (no contest\battles during this period);
  • When 3rd (aka 1st) stage - all heroes will be removed;
  • Week of Hero will fit the Seven Seals - Seal (mamons) and Castle Siege period (week);
  • First period stage - December 2 (02.12 - 08.12);
  • First Heroes - December 9, 00:00 (09.12 - 15.12)


  • Start of the fights\battles - 19:00 - 23:00 (22:45 - end of registration) - 4 hours a day;
  • Time before you will be moved to the Olympiad Stadium - 60 sec;
  • Fights without class specifics - 9 characters for starting the "wave";
  • Class specific fights - 5 characters for starting the "wave";
  • Class based specific fights will be availabe only on Fridays;
  • Battles 3 x 3 - 5 groups to start the "wave";
  • Battles 3 x 3 will be available only on Saturday.


  • Before the battle start, each character can choose 5 buffs from the list:




  • Blessed Spiritshots of all ranks, including those for summons, work at the Olympiad.

Rewards for participation in the Olympiad:


For participation in the Olympiad, the character receives achievements which are updated daily:

  • Participation in the battles
  • Victory in battle
  • A series of victories in the battles



Each closed achievement gives one or several random rewards in the form of NGP, Codes, Olympiad Jewelery.

  • When your character becomes hero you will also get special unique item
    Hero's Cloak. 14 days limited personal item. Player can choose only one attribute for this cloak.

Olympiad Manager store:

  • Added
    Giant's Codex - Mastery for 13.750
    Olympiad Tokens
  • Reduced cost EWB, EWA, EWS By 5 times
  • Reduced cost EAB, EAA, EAS By 5 times
  • Reduced cost BEWB, BEWA, BEWS By 5 times
  • Reduced costь BEAB, BEAA, BEAS By 5 times
  • 83 spellboks now can be traded.




w16h161386955448starempty7.png 40 tiats killed, SoD attribute gathering stage opened 4 times.

Hellbound reached level 7, Chimeras available, Citadel coming soon.

Four days after 5th SoD attribute exchanger will be available. You will be able to exchange attribute stones to attribute crystals.


  • Exchanger rates:
    • Etc_holy_crystal_i00_0.jpg 1 Attribute Crystal = 10 Etc_holy_stone_i00_0.jpg attribute stones
    • Etc_holy_crystal_i00_0.jpgetc_fire_crystal_i00_0.png1 Attribute Crystal = 5 Etc_holy_stone_i00_0.jpg attribute stones + 3 Family Coins

    [*]You can find this NPC in Rune and Aden, we will also add extra one in Giran, near Gatekeeper.


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Good news everyone! Today Ivory Coin Store assortment (NPC Adventurers' Guide) was updated!

This is how it looks like now:


You can purchase some exclusive items or consumables for FC (Family Coins), Adena and IC (Ivory Coins)


:2b50:What was changed?


Prices lowered:


PY9D22o.pngWeapon enchant scrolls

Old (C/B/A): 25 / 50 / 100 / 225

New (C/B/A): 25 / 45 / 75 / 150


K65Jfu9.pngExclusive B-grade shields

Old: 250 IC + 3 FC

New: 150 IC + 3 FC


JhTq1st.pngRune of Experience packs

Old: 650 IC +30% / 850 IC +50%

New: 350 IC +30% / 450 IC +50%


xCJ5jbZ.pngShadow B-grade weapons

Old: 195 IC

New: 95 IC


:2b50:Added new items:


4LyQuzK.pngShadow A-grade weapons - 175 Ivory Coins


Enchant Treasure Chests and Life Stone Treasure Chests.


bhkYuVH.pngEnchant Treasure Chest - 1 Random Enchant Scroll (B/A/S armor or weapon, blessed or regular) & 1 random enchant stone that increases successful enchant odds.


1 Chest - 15 IC + 3 FC

10 Chests - 125 IC + 25 FC

25 Chests - 250 IC + 50 FC

50 Chests - 375 IC + 75 FC


OKFtqHz.pngLife Stone Treasure Chest - 1 Random Life Stone level 70/76/80/82 (High, Top or Accessory Life Stone)


1 Chest - 15 IC + 3 FC

10 Chests - 125 IC + 25 FC

25 Chests - 250 IC + 50 FC

50 Chests - 375 IC + 75 FC



We are doing regular updates to ease the game for new players and make the way to high level content shorter and more comfortable.

As a new player you have access to many sources of making the game easier: Adventurers' Guide support magic, increased rates on low levels and shadow weapons in Ivory Store.

Do not forget that you can purchase Crystal Rune that passively adds 5 levels to your character so you can equip higher grade items much earlier. However this rune does not give access to skill learning or monsters/bosses level penalty.

Ivory Coins is personal non-tradable currency that stops some players from purchasing too much stuff and give "pay to win" advantage. Making daily quests allows you to use special shop and purchase exclusive items.


Have a nice game!;)

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And even more good news!


? Today we have added an option to get 3rd class at NPC Butler for 50 Family Coins!

? Now you can purchase limited Family Pies at iXlcMFI.pngL2Store. One hojfGAy.pngFamily Pie for 5 Family Coins once per day for 1 account and One hojfGAy.pngFamily Pie for 10 Family Coins per day for 1 account. Default price for 1 pie is 25 Coins so you can purchase 2 every day with huge discount!


Do not forget to update game client!

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Dear players!

We are glad to introduce new iXlcMFI.pngL2Store update!




Today we have added new Territory Treasure Chests!

Note! Chests are limited for one account and you can't buy more than one chest during 24 hours.


You can purchase new Chests in "For a luck" section on L2Store.

Upon opening a chest you can obtain random rewards:


1. Ex7v7KR.pngTerritory War Badges (1-3)

2. doUEX0Z.pngFamily Fame Coupons (1-2) each can be exchanged for 100 Fame. Can be traded

3. plGYOi9.pngRandom Belt (C, B, A or S grade)

4. 4iouW2c.pngMagic Pin or Magic Pouch (C, B, A or S grade)

5. E4eJaQK.pngMagic Rune or Magic Ornament (C, B, A or S grade)

6. KTjJADk.pngGiant's Codex

7. FRbu7YH.pngGiant's Codex - Mastery


This boxes will help you to get missing badges needed to become noblesse at Territory Manager. Do not forget that you need only 50 Badges to become noblesse.

Limitations implemented to avoid situations when player could get huge advantage because of this chests. This is aimed to help many players to become noblesse and take part in olympiad games.


Do not forget to update game client to get access to chests in L2Store.

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