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Pre-launch gifts!

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To get your free bonuses you will need to complete simple following actions:

  1. Roll cards in a card game on this page;
  2. Join the game during open beta from February 24 to March 5

Our community already used to do this but if you are new here we gonna explain you:

? Action #1 — Wanna play a game?

  • Go to promo page (link) then press big red button "Gifts before start"
  • You will need to choose 3 cards. You can start over to get what you like more.
    • Didn't like what you got? Press "Reset"!
    • Got bonuses that you like? Press "Confirm"!

    [*]After that you will be moved to register form:

    • If you are new, you will need to finish registration, after that you need to confirm in message that will be sent to your E-mail. In some situations you need to check spam folder. After that text file with your account information will be downloaded automatically. Save this file to have access to your PIN code.
    • Already registered? Just click Log in.

    [*]You will be moved to Account Control Panel. Your gifts will be displayed on the right side in main section.

    If you don't see your gift you will have to switch between servers on the top left.

? Action #2 — Create character during Open beta!

  • If you don't have master account. Complete registration process described above. If you have an account, log in and create game account. (Screenshot).
  • Download files on the home page or promo page. At this moment you can download game client, other game files will be available later.
  • After Open Beta launch (Feb 24, 20:00 GMT +2) you will need to enter the game and create character. Be online for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Before start all players with created characters will get their bonuses at CP Warehouse (Screenshot):
    • image.php?di=C1ZP.png Blessing of Adventure [3 days] - Increases HP and MP regeneration while sitting by 30%
    • image.php?di=FC61.png Vitality Potion - Replenishes 5000 vitality points
    • image.php?di=LCQN.jpg Extra Pass - Rim Kamaloka (for Premium owners);

? Bonuses can be only transfered to a character that belongs to your master account!

Dear players! Please do not transfer gifts/Family Coins/make purchases before server start.

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