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3 month of Interlude Rework

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Dear friends!


At this Saturday it's been three months since we launched our spring Interlude Rework x1 server.

We are as E-global team want to congratulate us all with this achievement!


We don't want to post some boring graphs or statistics of the server, those who still playing on it knows clearly about everything what is happening and what was in the past.

But we still want to highlight everyone who made contributions into server development and the project in general, who experienced and shared many different emotions, who created tickets and was active on forums, who fought to take Baium, Ant Queen or killed thousands of monsters all over Elmoreden. Every % of experience and any PvP or PK did not left unnoticed and brought a lot of fun to everyone who played on our server.


I want to assure you that we will not stop working on the server and make it better as long as there are active players on it.

At this moment we are not working on a new server and we are not preparing something for summer (other than announcement ;)). We are glad to support you and trying to create better place for players to enjoy our server.


We do understand that summer has come and in many countries and regions quarantine restrictions has been eased so we wish you strengths to handle hard times when some of your party members are missing during your prime time. We are sure that if you can handle all the problems, this server will bring us fun for months.


I just want to congratulate us with 3rd month "anniversary" and thank you all for staying with us.



With ❤, E-Global team

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