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Lineage2 MasterWork - November 20, 2020

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The Rare craft from E-Global,
according to the most popular NCSoft chronicles

November 20, 2020

It's time for the Official News!

Our team is pleased to welcome you to the new stage of the E-Global project and is ready to share information about future plans.

To begin with, over the years of our work on the market, we have appealed our players to the most contradictory feelings, made some strange mistakes, and delivered to you no less exciting dramas.

At the same time, in the history of Free-shard servers, we were the only project that managed to successfully launch such a number of diverse products - Interlude / Gracia / H5 / GvE, as well as setting the trend of authoring servers, which our former partners supported with confidence and enthusiasm.

We want to believe that experience, work and pains were not in vain.

According to the 16 years of Free-Shard market life, the Lineage 2 community can be divided according to several preferences:


Gracia Final
Gracia Epilogue
High Five



Game session
"Without tension"
2-3 hours a day
4-5 hours a day
from 8 hours a day

Based on these preferences, we create:
“Lineage2 MasterWork”

What is MasterWork?

The idea behind the name "MasterWork" is an analogy with a rare item from the world of Lineage2, a product that was combined from several valuable elements and with a certain chance became better and more valuable among others.

The value - is the decision, to redesign the most popular chronicles of our youth.

Quality - is our ability to maintain the core message of Korean publisher NCSoft in the golden era of Lineage 2 (2006 - 2011).


We understand that this is one of the most ambitious work that we have ever done, and we want you to understand this as well. The work is comparable, in capacity, to the official publisher.

We have to not only update each individual chronicle, but also link them together with a logical scenario, remove the root technologies that are outdated more than 10 years ago, and make changes to the visual component - the interface, the client.

We would like to note that it is also impossible to do this without intervention in the fundamental mechanics. Skills, locations and bosses should be revised, since a fair balance is exactly what should be at the head of the table.

To summarize, Masterwork - is NCSoft logic (2006 - 2011) and adaptation from our team (2020).



MasterWork - is 3 key stages in the development of the storyline,
in each of which you go through 2 phases, namely

Pre Interlude

Boosting phase of the Interlude stage, where the formal level limit is 60th, then server rates are significantly reduced;


Recommendation: getting ready for A-grade craft.

Full Interlude

The main phase of the Interlude stage, in which you can enjoy the main features of the game in the legendary chronicles, the level limit is 72. Soon, before the stage change, the Kamaels will become available;

Recommendation: do not forget to level-up the Kamael.

Pre Gracia

The acceleration phase of the Gracia stage, where players have access to S-Grade equipment and partially the island of Hellbound preparation.
The level limit is 79


Recommendation: get ready to craft Dynasty

Full Gracia

The main phase of the Gracia stage, where players will dive into the main feature of the chronicles - each player influences the political arena of the server.
The level limit is 83.


Recommendation: it is important to cooperate.

Pre High Five

The acceleration phase of the H5 stage, where players have access to, only the most relevant locations, for the extraction of Vesper.
The level limit is 85.


Recommendation: visit a bloodbath in MoS and DV

Full High Five

The main phase of the High Five stage, where the whole world of ElmorAden is revealed to you. It is proposed to invest the maximum in your character by farming the main resources for the Elegia equipment.

Recommendation: HF - Have Fun 😉

United server

At this stage, the first server will be considered as a stock server, and all players who want to enjoy the above chronicles again, will be offered a new server, which will later be merged with the stock server.

The MasterWork product will become the main and only one for our team, of course, if it would be appreciated by You, Our players.


  • When changing each stage, the server rates will rise for the previous one, thus capturing the 60th level at the Pre-Interlude stage will take place with a rate of x1, but already at the Interlude stage, the same rate is x3.
  • Any player who is "late" to the start will be able to easily catch up and get as close as possible to the active part of the community, and a live market, the presence of an exchange will help him to get the current equipment of previous grades.
  • Each stage and , phase on the first launch will NOT switch after a fixed time, adjusted for in-game events and player achievements, since we have to track down this process.
  • Our goal is to offer any player the gameplay in the format he likes best, while leaving the opportunity to try something new, which has always intrigued, but never came to practice.

We hope you are intrigued and the product itself is worthy of your visit!
The next step is to post a detailed description of the concept,
key systems and changes, as well as prepare the OBT dates for you.

Stay tuned, with love, team E-Global & Averia.

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