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I want to be like Steven Spielberg! Moviemaking, promotional codes.

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Hello guys!

Do you like to create, fraps and lulz?

I will give a promo code for your creative impulse!

To receive promocode you need:

1. Make a movie or just cut funny moments

2. Create a topic in  Server Discussion

3. Give here a link to the topic and your game nickname

You will receive the promo code in private messages on the forumspacer.png Promo codes will be received with a delay, within a week

The number of gifts will depend on the quality of the work and its content (I personally evaluate it myself, subjectively, the video must be from 1080p, the video must be ACTUAL AND NOT with 100 views)

spacer.png Clover High level - 1 to 3 pcs

spacer.pngGreat CP potions - 250 to 500 pcs

spacer.png Great HP potions - 200 to 350 pcs

spacer.png  Ivory Coin - 100 to 1000 pcs

spacer.pngSweet fruit cocktail - 3 to 10 pcs

spacer.png Lanky fruit cocktail - 3 to 10 pcs

spacer.png Blessed Scroll of Escape - 10 to 20 pcs

spacer.png Blessed Scroll of Resurrection - 5 to 10 pcs

spacer.png Family Vitality Pie - 1 to 3 pcs (Full Vitality Recovery)

spacer.png Vitality Maintaining Potion - 2 to 5 pcs (freeze Vitality for 10 minutes)

spacer.png Vitality Replenishing Potion - 2 to 5 pcs (restoration of a small amount of Vitality)



p.s. Videos containing statements containing calls for violence and hostility towards individuals or groups of people on any of the grounds are not allowed and are condemned as much as possible.

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