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MasterWork: Patchnotes

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Dear players!

The first day of the Great Olympics has passed, in which more than 1000 players took a part! And this is only the first day! Almost all of the time, 150 out of 150 arenas were occupied, but thanks to the settings for arrival to /from the arena, the queues were almost invisible.
We would like to remind you once again about the work of the limits on the number of fights:

  • Each character has a total limit of 100 battles per period, which includes:
    • Opened (out-of-class) - 70 fights;
    • By class - 20 battles (only on Fridays);
    • 3x3 - 10 fights (only on Saturdays).
  • You can read more about all the features of the Olympiad in this thread.

We thank you for such an excitement and interest in this event. In the meantime, while you have been participating in a bitter struggle for the championship at the Olympiad, we have prepared a Patchnote!

❗10 of December (with the restart on 12/11)


  • Kamaloka of the first stage (20 - 59) became more generous.
    • We have distributed the drop groups so that more players can get the coveted drop without oversaturation of the market;
    • We remind you that autoloading does not change the logic of a drop within a group in any way. Don't be afraid to put Random.
  • A number of changes were made to the Olympiad, some of which were used immediately, while others will work only after the restart;
  • For the Accessory pledge Accessory pledge cap1 i05 0.jpg Residential Stun Immunity skill to work at the Olympics, you still need a crown, which can be purchased from the castle.
    • We will try to finalize this system to the end, but the task is not as trivial as it might seem.
    • We whant to remind you that outside the aisles of the Great Olympics, wearing a crown is not required to use an active skill - it is available without it.
  • A 6th shortcut panel has been added for your convenience.


In connection with the introduction of a large number of improvements in the client interface, we want to recommend, that you not only use the Updater, but also make a Full Check.

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Dear players!

The last day of the Olympiad is approaching, within which everything will be decided.
During the first 3 days, the Olympiad was attended by over 1800 players on our server! Thank you for your activity and participation in the mass event. ? 
You can read more about the Great Olympics in this thread.
Separately, we want to highlight the following point (although hardly anyone will encounter this feature with such excitement):

  • To obtain hero status you need to:
    • Perform 9 battles;
    • have at least 1 victory.
We also want to share a preliminary announcement of changes for the next period of the Olympics. We have analyzed your accents and interests and are planning to make the following changes:
  • Reduce or remove all class battles at the Olympics;
  • Increase the limit for 3x3 battles;
  • We will increase the number of battles in the Open;
  • Consider the possibility of increasing the time of the Olympiad

These changes do not have specific numbers behind them yet, but we will inform you about all the information that has appeared. ? 

Now to the patch note!


❗11-12 of December (with the restart on 12/13)

  • Balanced some quests (according to the concept);
  • Minor changes were made to some skills to match the HF mechanics;
  • In fact, we added bonuses to the server for participating in the Olympiad, which depends on your place in the class rating, namely:
    • image.png For 1st place in your class - Hero (valid for 14 days, does not work at the Olympiad)
      • MAX CP, HP, MP +10%;
      • Clarity for all skills +5%;
      • 15% discount for the entire range of Olympiads Manager.
        • Example:
          • The original cost of Etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_b_i03_0.jpg Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) is 7200 NGP. With a 15% discount, the price will be 6120 NGP.
          • Note! Scrolls from the Shop at the Olympiad Manager cannot be sold to a regular trader. However, you can always find a player who needs this item more than you do.
    • image.png For 2nd and 3rd places in your class (valid for 14 days, does not work at the Olympiad)
      • MAX CP, HP, MP +7%;
      • Clarity for all skills +5%;
      • 10% discount for the entire range of Olympiads Manager..
      • Example:
        • The original cost of Etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_b_i03_0.jpg Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) is 7200 NGP. With a 10% discount, the price will be 6480 NGP.
        • Note! Scrolls from the Shop at the Olympiad Manager cannot be sold to a regular trader. However, you can always find a player who needs this item more than you do.
    • image.png For 4th, 5th, 6th places in your class (valid for 14 days, does not work at the Olympiad)
      • MAX CP, HP, MP +5%;
      • Clarity for all skills +4%;
      • 7% discount for the entire range of Olympiads Manager.
      • Example:
        • The original cost of Etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_b_i03_0.jpg Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) is 7200 NGP. With a 7% discount, the price will be 6696 NGP.
        • Note! Scrolls from the Shop at the Olympiad Manager cannot be sold to a regular trader. However, you can always find a player who needs this item more than you do.
    • image.png For 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th places in your class (valid for 14 days, does not work at the Olympiad)::
      • MAX CP, HP, MP +3%;
      • Clarity for all skills +3%;
      • 5% discount for the entire range of Olympiads Manager.
      • Example:
        • The original cost of Etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_b_i03_0.jpg Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) is 7200 NGP. With a 5% discount, the price will be 6840 NGP.
        • Note! Scrolls from the Shop at the Olympiad Manager cannot be sold to a regular trader. However, you can always find a player who needs this item more than you do.


We suggest you to use our Updater. When you open it normally, it will not change your game settings files and the positions of the windows, that you set yourself, will not be changed.


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Dear players!

The first period of battles at the Olympiad has ended and the server has seen its first heroes!
We congratulate all the winners and wish all applicants good luck in the next period, which will begin on 24th.? 

We thank to all the players, who participated in the first cycle of the Great Olympics, and there were many of them. More than 2,500 players have passed through it in 4 days of the Olympics!
Once again: more than two thousand five hundred players. This is a big number, and I congratulate all of us on this!
You can read more about the Great Olympics in this thread.

But this does not cancel regular Patch notes!


❗13-14 of December (with the restart on 15.12)

Separately, we would like to note the moment with the introduction of the In-Game Market.
To our great regret, we were not able to implement everything necessary for the integration of this system by the promised time. Not because we forgot and not because we do not want to provide you with the possibilities that were previously announced (:1f437:). The fact is that in this case, we must be more than confident in the full performance of the service due to the direct financial obligations to you.
But don't worry! We wold not put it on a hold for too long! Already with the start of the second phase, i.e. on December 20th, the In-Game Market will be added to our Personal Account for you ? 

  • Parameters of some unicorns have been balanced (minor changes);
  • Pets can no longer pick up drop, what they can pick up are - herbs;
  • Issuance of NGP has been fixed;
  • The most popular Low C-gr have been added to the Luxury store, weapons that were previously available only from mammon.
    • This change will favorably affect the assimilation of newcomers who came to the server "in the unlucky" period of mammon and cannot get the necessary weapons.
  • Mobs have been removed from the hill above the Silent Valley.
    • This was a custom feature from the past Interlude Rework server. Perhaps it's time has not come, yet ? 
  • NPC Talien has been moved to the top of the stairs in the city of Aden;
    • It should be noted that such minor edits and improvements are introduced every day and, usually, we do not highlight them separately.
  • The number of macroses that a character can create has been expanded:
    • From 48 to 66.
  • In clans with more than 100 people, the display has been fixed.
  • The image.png Heroic Berserker skill has been fixed: now the effect has full resistance to debuffs;
  • Squads are now displayed \ work correctly at all clan levels;
  • Fixed descriptions of hero weapons.


We suggest you to use our Updater. When you open it normally, it will not change your game settings files and the positions of the windows, that you set yourself, will not be changed.

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Dear players!

The Second Phase is already in full obedience to you, our dear (yes, it is written in the appeal) players. The first epics have already been killed, new (and old) castles have been captured and the game is just beginning!
The new levels really made it possible to feel your characters in a new way, to reveal new setups and to continue playing not as trendy/ necessary, but as you want!

Our statistics available online says that your interest increased and continues to grow. In the near future we expect an influx of new players to the server (and not only "solo" ?). Follow the recruiting section, or better, right in the game? 


Well, it's time for the first Phase II Patch Note!





  • Epic Bosses and mobs
    • Minor changes were made to the Epic Boss Zken.
      • We remind you, that image.png First Zaken:
        • Monday, December 21;
        • from 20:30 to 21:30 Server Time (21:30 - 22:30 Moscow time);
        • Then: every 3 days, from 20:30 to 21:30.
    • Queen Ant, Core, Orfen now have level 70;
    • In the display of the drop from some epics there is an item Weapon heavy chisel i00 0.jpg. In fact, this is item 151 loading... and soon it will be displayed normally (but not with the next restart).
    • With the next restarts, the ability to put item 20033 loading... at ToI will be fixed.
      • Note! Flags can be installed only up to the 12th floor (inclusive).
      • We remind you, that image.png First Baium:
        • Friday, December 25;
        • From 21:00 to 23:00 server time (22:30 - 00:00 Moscow time);
        • Further: once every 7 days, from 21:00 to 23:00.
  • Skills and items
    • Fixed Skill1043 0.jpg clan skills (Squads). They now work and display correctly;клановые умения (Сквады). They now work and display correctly;
    • Corrected passives with bonuses for enchanting C-gr sets;
    • Cyberpunk Event:
      • Fixed the visual display of the buffimage.png True Cyberpunk 2077. Now you can use the costumes and all cloaks are replaced correctly!
      • Now the number of drops of the Br_hawk_herb_i00_0.jpg Herb of Cyberpunk 2077 has become 2 times more.
    • Dialogues for the exchange of RARE Jewelry  item 11591 loading... have been corrected.
  • Market and Personal Account
    • Ingame Market:
      • Note! We have restarted the market! Those who were exhibited - they remained in place.
      • All trades will rollback, which means:
        • Everyone who SOLD on the market before the rollback:
          • Market balance has been removed;
          • Items have been returned.
        • Everyone who BOUGHT on the market before the rollback:
          • Market balance has been returned;
          • Items have been removed.
      • At the moment, the Game Market is operating normally.
      • Additional information about it:
        •   item 57 loading... is sold in millions for your convenience.
          You can buy 0.5 if you need to buy 500.000.
          • The lower threshold for selling is 0.66 euros per million.
          • The upper threshold of salling is 0.7 euros per one million.
        • Items available for sale:
          • Non-personal items of C, B, A, S grade;
          • Scrolls, stones, books etc, starting with C-gr (inclusive);
            • Exception: we have temporarily removed the sale of characters through the market until we introduce uniform rules for the availability and transfer of a PIN.
        • Transfer \ sale of a character:
          • PA & VIP points are tied to an account, not to a character.
    • Personal Account:
      • The bonus for one-time replenishment of the PA balance has been reworked. Now the bonus that goes to the account replenishment will be credited to the Warehouse of the Personal Account and can be transferred to any char.
        • Additional Information:
          • Please note that you cannot pay with coins from the Warehouse in your Personal Account.
          • In addition to coins, you will also receive item 18274 loading...
        • List of bonuses:
          • When replenishing 100 - 149 coins, you get:
            • + 1 item 4037 loading...
            • + 100 item 18274 loading...
          • When replenishing 150 - 199 coins, you get:
            • + 3 item 4037 loading...
            • + 150 item 18274 loading...
          • When replenishing 200 - 249 coins, you get:
            • + 6 item 4037 loading...
            • + 200 item 18274 loading...
          • When replenishing 250 - 299 coins, you get:
            • + 10 item 4037 loading...
            • + 250 item 18274 loading...
          • When replenishing 300 - 349 coins, you get:
            • + 15 item 4037 loading...
            • + 300 item 18274 loading...
            • + 1 item 13421 loading...
          • When replenishing 350 - 499 coins, you get:
            • + 25 item 4037 loading...
            • + 350 item 18274 loading...
            • + 2 item 13421 loading...
          • When replenishing 500 - 999 coins, you get:
            • + 50 item 4037 loading...
            • + 500 item 18274 loading...
            • + 3 item 13421 loading...
          • When replenishing 1000 - 1499 coins, you get:
            • + 100 item 4037 loading...
            • + 1000 item 18274 loading...
            • + 5 item 13421 loading...
          • When replenishing 1500 - 2499 coins, you get:
            • + 135 item 4037 loading...
            • + 1500 item 18274 loading...
            • + 10 item 13421 loading...
          • When replenishing 2500+ coins, you get:
            • + 250 item 4037 loading...
            • + 2500 item 18274 loading...
            • + 20 item 13421 loading...


We suggest you to use our Updater. When you open it normally, it will not change your game settings files and the positions of the windows, that you set yourself, will not be changed.

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Dear players!

This time - no big preface about ... Patch notes!? However, we want to remind you once again that you are amazing and we are happy to work for you.
This patch fixed a number of minor and medium bugs. We prepare such fixes and upload them to the server literally every day to make the game more enjoyable and better every day!





  • Epic Bosses
    • image.png Zaken:
      • NoPK zone was fixed.
      • Additional NPCs have been added before jumping / teleporting "on tongue". With their help, we will distribute the load on the server and avoid a number of annoying accidents. We recommend that you press the teleport button once and wait for your turn. NPC will definitely serve you? 
    • image.png Baium:
      • NoPK zone was fixed;
      • Fixed the zone where teleport flags cannot be set.
  • Items
    • Restored the ability to exchange common wolves for Etc summon wolf r 01 0.jpg snow wolves in CH Aden;
      • Note:
        • Only owners of the above Clan Halls can summon the Frostwolves;
        • At NPC Mickey in the city of Aden, you can exchange a snow wolf for a regular one back.
  • Instances
    • image.png Zaken:
      • Fixed teleport at the end of the instance. Now it moves to the current point of approach, namely in Giran Harbor.
    • bracelet_c.jpg Pailaka:
      • Fixed the level limit for entering the second Devil's Legacy pailaka. Now levels 58 - 70 (according to the server concept).
  • NPC
    • Newbie Guide and Adventurers' Guide now have a buff available for characters 1-51
      • We remind you that in order to use extended support magic and a number of useful functions, you need to have item 18265 loading...
    • Fixed exchange of Armor helmet i00 0.jpg RAR helmets. Now the level of enchantment does not crash when exchanging B / A / S-gr;
    • Added a small restriction zone for traders to land near NPCs in Giran Harbor.



We suggest you to use our Updater. When you open it normally, it will not change your game settings files and the positions of the windows, that you set yourself, will not be changed.

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Dear players!

The Great Olympics is in full swing, New Years are literally on the doorstep, and exciting events await us on this Sunday!

We, of course, rolled up our sleeves and prepared for you ... Christmas Patchnout!






  • Events
    • The event Cyberpunk 2077 is over. We were happy to help Joni, but his time has passed. See you later, Johnny!
      And it will probably be at the beginning of summer, when you fix your bugs, CD Project Red, ALO ADMINS SHO ABOUT BAGS SHO ABOUT PRODUCT FOR SHO I PAYED WHY IS EVERYTHING NOT READY ... Oh, what are we talking about?
    • The  "Etc x mas tree i00 0.jpg Dress up the Christmas tree"! event has been introduced! We have prepared for you various bonuses and visual items that will fill you with a festive mood!
      • You can find out more about the event by following this link.
  • Clans
    • The Castles Crown skills now work correctly at the Olympics.
      • We reminde you, that outside of the Olympics, you don't need the accessory_pledge_cap1_i00.pngCirclet of Innadril (or any other castle) item, but when you participate in battles at the Olympics, you need a crown.
        • Note! When you put on the crown of the castle, it will be displayed as the 3rd level of the skill, but in fact it will have the 1st level (according to the concept).
    • Items from the Armor t1005 ul i00 0.jpg Apella set have been introduced.
      • Apella armor was added to the Clan Trader's assortment in the cities of Rune and Aden:
        • Item 9830 loading... = 1046 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1004_ul_i00.pngImproved Apella Plate Armor  = 3399 CRP, 12кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1004_g_i00.pngImproved Apella Gauntlet Heavy Armor = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1004_b_i00.pngImproved Apella Solleret Heavy Armor = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1005_ul_i00.pngImproved Apella Brigandine  = 3399 CRP, 12кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1005_g_i00.pngImproved Apella Leather Gloves Light Armor = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1005_b_i00.pngImproved Apella Boots Light Armor = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1006_ul_i00.pngImproved Apella Doublet  = 3399 CRP, 12кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1006_g_i00.pngImproved Apella Silk Gloves Robe = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
        • armor_t1006_b_i00.pngImproved Apella Sandals Robe = 697 CRP, 5кк etc_adena_i00.pngAdena


We suggest you to use our Updater. When you open it normally, it will not change your game settings files and the positions of the windows, that you set yourself, will not be changed.
Note! You should update with Updater right after the restart!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear friends!

Happy New Year everyone and let's hope that this year will be much better than 2020.
Once again we wish everyone happiness and good health. And for us, admins and dev. team - strength (and a bit of common sense) to develop the first Patch in 2021!

The first epics have already passed and we can say with all confidence that most of our players have returned from the holidays and the battles are just amazing in their scale! Separately, I would like to note the fights on Baium: literally no one from our team remember when was the last time we saw such an epic marathon on the 14th floor of ToI.
Thank you all for the emotions and for trusting us.





  • image.png Costumes
    • Legendary Set
      • Legendary Costume of the best representative of his race, which is put on top of your equipment. Want your character to look truly unique? It's your choice! 
        Looking good - feeling good.?
        • Note! Each race looks different, emphasizing its best and strongest sides.
      • Purchasing a set for 350 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin you will get:
        • image.png Legendary Costume (visual armor);
        • image.png Legendary Weapon (weapon visual).
      • Pay attention!
        • Available for purchase only in the Personal Cabinet!
        • These are personal items! Not tradable, not marketable!
        • You can try them on with NPC Rylai in Giran.
    • Winter Set
      • image.png Stylish Winter Costume
        • All players will receive its temporary analogue for 7 days
          • Pay Attention! It will replace your armor when you put it on.
        • You can exchange this temporary suit for it's permanent version with NPC Emma for 50 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
        • You can exchange armor_ev_santas_clothes.pngReal Santa's Suit   image.png Winter Costume with NPC Emma for 25 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
  • Clan Oath Armor.jpg Equipment
    • Special Ability (SA)
      • weapon_bloody_orchid_i00.pngBloody Orchid  - Mana Up (instead of Critical Bleed);
      • weapon_sobekk_hurricane_i00.pngSobekk's Hurricane  - Health (instead of Critical Drain);
      • weapon_angel_slayer_i00.pngAngel Slayer  - Mana Up (instead of HP Drain).
        • Note! During this week (the period of registration in the catacombs) you have the opportunity to insert a new SA (and take out the old one, if necessary) in weapon_bloody_orchid_i00.pngBloody Orchid weapon_sobekk_hurricane_i00.pngSobekk's Hurricane  NPC Pushkin in Giran. Only for this Special Ability (СА). Basic cost.
    • Reward for etc_fruit_juice_glass_bottle_i01.pngBottle of Queen Ant's Soul
      • 97472.pngCursed Ring of Queen Ant 7 days / 1 day has been improved:
        • M.Def was increased from 32 to 42;
        • Active skill was added:
          • Skill name: Self Cleanse;
          • Description: Instantly removes all negative effects and debuffs;
          • You can't use it during the Olympiad;
          • Cooldown: 60 minutes (Fixed time).
    • The cloak was fixed:
      • br_zaken_cloak_i00.pngZaken's Soul Cloak HP - now the bonus works correctly.
  • Skill0003 0.jpg Skills:
    • Prophet:
      • skill1564.pngPiercing Attack:
        • Lowering target P.Def: 23% (similar to Hex)
        • Duration time: 30 seconds (similar to Hex)
      • skill1542.pngCounter Critical:
        • Starting from level 1 of the skill it will have an active trigger:
          • Counter Critical provides static protection that reduces critical damage dealt to you. Also, when a character who is under the buff effect gets damage, there is a chance that he will get an active buff, which will enhance his characteristics:
            • On level 60:
              • Passive effect: -10% damage from crit. attacks on you;
              • Buff effect: +15% critical melee damage (doesn't work with skills other than Blow skills) for 8 seconds.
            • On level 72:
              • Passive effect: -15% damage from crit. attacks on you;
              • Buff effect: +25% critical melee damage (doesn't work with skills other than Blow skills) for 8 seconds. 
            • On level 79:
              • Passive effect: -30% damage from crit. attacks on you;
              • Buff effect: +50% critical melee damage (doesn't work with skills other than Blow skills) for 8 seconds. 
            • On level 83:
              • Passive effect: -30% damage from crit. attacks on you;
              • Buff effect: +100% critical melee damage (doesn't work with skills other than Blow skills) for 8 seconds. 
      • New skills skill1499.pngImproved Combat Mass Combo Buffs
        • All Combo Buffs will get their mass analogue
        • Mana cost when using skill: хх
        • Pay attention! These skills will be added exclusively to the Prophet (Hierophant) class.
      • New Skill image.png Prophecy of Earth:
        • A new skill from the group of Prophecy/Victory buffs, which will have the next stats:
          • Max. HP +20%, Chance M.Crit.Atk. +2,  Crit. Dmg. +20%,  P. Atk. +10%,  P.Def. +20%,  Atk.Speed +20%, M.Atk. +20%, M.Def. +20%, Cast Spd. +20%, resistance to negative effects of 10% , Accuracy -4. Speed -20%. 
          • Solo target analogue of  skill1363.pngChant of Victory
        • Pay attention! Hierophant's basic skill skill1356.pngProphecy of Fire will remain without any changes.
    • Tyrant:
      • Skill skill0035.pngForce Storm now have  3 second cooldown instead of 5 (similar to Gladiator skill skill0007.pngSonic Storm);
      • Skill skill0017.pngForce Burst тnow have 2 second cooldown instead of 3 (similar to Gladiator skill skill0009.pngSonic Buster).
    • Shillien Elder:
      • New Skill image.png Shillien Sacrifice, which allows you to sacrifice your HP in exchange for MP.
        • HP consumption: 
          • On level 56: 650 HP;
          • On level 58: 975 HP;
          • On level 76: 1300 HP.
        • Gained MP:
          • On level 56: 260 MP;
          • On level 58: 390 MP;
          • On level 76: 52 MP.
        • Cooldown: 120 second (Fixed time)
      • Added skill skill1507.pngLord of Vampire:
        • Absorbs HP from physical melee damage inflicted on enemy (doesn't work with skills):
          • On level 60: absorbs 20% of damage inflicted on enemy as HP;
          • On level 70: absorbs 30% of damage inflicted on enemy as HP;
          • On level 79: absorbs 50% of damage inflicted on enemy as HP;
          • On level 83: original skill parameters.
        • Duration time: 30 second;
        • Cooldown: 150 second.
    • Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner:
      • Skill  skill1558.pngDimension Spiral has been changed:
        • Now cooldown is 12 second instead of 15.
        • Items and skills that reduce cooldown now work on Dimension Spiral.
    • Warsmith:
      • New Skill image.png Mechanical Upgrade:
        • Now transfer some of the summoner characteristics to the summoned mechanism. Specificaly:
          • 25% P.Atk / M.Atk., 25% P.Def. / M.Def., 10% Max. НР / МР,  20% Crit Atk. Chance, 10% P.Atk. Speed and 3% M.Atk Speed. regarding the characteristics of the summoner.
    • Bounty Hunter:
      • New Skill skill0821.pngShadow Step:
        • Approaching the enemy from behind 69d8744660562093b1a7f6a35e9fb61f-heart-l (absolute analogue of Dagger-class skills)
  • Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Rewards:
    • Now coupons for armor and weapons of all Grade were excluded from the academy's award (any of the two stages)
    • Now as a reward for passing the profession quest you will get an additional coupon for weapons
      • First profession: coupon_weapon_d.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon Weapon: D-grade
      • Second profession: coupon_weapon_c.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon Weapon: C-grade
    • Pay attention!
      •  the awards for the achieves there are the following items (among others):
        • Achieve for reaching level 20: coupon_arm_d.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon Armor: D-grade
        • Achieve for reaching level 40: coupon_arm_c.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon Armor: C-grade
      • All 1-47 level characters who have finished a second profession quest, but dont have a corresponding coupon - will receive it automatically.
      • All 1-47 level characters who have finished a first profession quest, but don't have a corresponding coupon - will receive it automatically.
  • Skill1323 0.jpg Noblesse status
    • Now after the killing raid boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel a chest will appear (which stays for  2 minutes) by talking to which you will get a special item etc_vesper_caster_piece_i00.pngStaff of Goddess: Rain Song Fragment
    • When you collect three of them (after receiving third one ) - they automatically update to  weapon_sprites_staff_i00.pngStaff of Goddess: Rain Song
    • To get this item - you have to be on the specific stage of the quest -  Kill raid boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel.
    • Pay attention! This is an alternate stage of the quest. Original one remains without any changes.
      • For Example:
        • After reaching the quest to Kill Barakiel you don't have to be in the party who finishes the boss. You can simply pick up those items from chest which appear after his death;
        • And this update will help fix the traffic problem on this boss.
    • Do not forget!
      • Your quest should be at the same stage as the original quest to kill Barakiel;
      • The chest after his death remains there for only 2 minutes;
      • Check your inventory, it should be less than 80% full (no more than 63/80 spots).
  • Shop and VIP system:
    • Butler:
      • The cost of all Spellbooks  Forgotten Scroll - Comback of Paagrio.jpg has been reduced  from 3(three)  family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin .
    • Ivory Store:
      • Will be added br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.pngRune of Experience Points 50% 1 hours limited time:
        • Duration time: 1 hour
        • Cost: 195 etc_pig_adena_i01.pngIvory Coin
  • Etc x mas tree i00 0.jpg New Year's Event:
    • First rewards from xmas_present_i00.pngChristmas Red Sock have been received and now the chance of getting them has been increased!
      • PS: This is br_spell_books_sword_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Fighter's Will  , br_spell_books_sword_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Archer's Will  и br_spell_books_magic_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Magician's Will ?


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Did you really though this is the whole update? Nope! Here some more!

Following yesterday update we've prepared for you another portion of important changes. In anticipation of the upcoming Zaken and entry of Kamael race, we've prepared another Patch note!? 

  • image.png Zaken:
    • Reworked the logic of the Epic Boss Zaken  behaviour:
      • Zaken was moved from his "castle" to the deck of the ship;;
      • Zaken will no longer teleports between rooms;
      • Zaken will no longer teleport players to random points of his "castle."
    • Visually, the ship has been redesigned to create a comfortable environment for battles and grinding:
      • Here are some screenshots of the changes:
        Скрытый текст








        In the future we plan additional improvements to the ship, but this is later.

    • Ticket i00 0.jpg Passage to Zaken
      • A new item has been added that removes the cooldown to 2 instances:
        • Low-Zaken;
        • High-Zaken (once it's added).
          • We remind you that these are the two different instance zones.
      • Cost:
        • Butler \ L2 Store: 4 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
        • Personal Cabinet: 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      • A personal item!
      • As a gift, we will give to each active player one pass
  • image.png VIP System:
    • The next level of VIP system was added - 4th!
      • To get it you need to have 50,000 VIP points.
      • This level will provide the following bonuses:
        • New Cloak
          • Visually< the wings will move, as if in honor of your greatness! (veeeeery beautiful)
          • It has the following stats:
            • HP: +300; 
            • Weight Limit: +100%.
            • Notice! You can exchange your cloak from the 3rd to the 4th level with NPC Rylai and keep all inserted bonuses (CP / HP / MP).
        • Level bonuses:
          • SP +100% (instead of 50% on 3rd);
          • Adena +50% (instead of 40% on 3rd);
          • Seal Stones +50% (instead of 40% on 3rd);
          • Drop +65% (instead of 50% on 3rd);
          • Spoil +65% (instead of 50% on 3rd);
          • Fame +100% (instead of 50% on 3rd);
          • PvE Attack +7% (instead of 5% on 3rd);
          • PvE Defense +10% (instead of 7% on 3rd);
          • EXP penalty -50% (instead of 40% on 3rd).
  • Accessory rabbit ear i00 0.jpg Other:
    • Visual
      • Fitting weapon visual effect image.png from the  costume_legendary.pngLegendary Costume costume_legendary.pngLegendary Costume .
        • We remind you that the Legendary set its a costume of the best representative of his race, which is put on top of your equipment. Want your character to look truly unique? It's your choice! 
          Looking good - feeling good.? 
          • Note! Each race looks different, emphasizing its best and strongest sides.
        • Purchasing a set for 350 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin  you will get:
          • image.png Legendary Costume (visual armor);
          • image.png Legendary Weapon (weapon visual).
        • Pay attention!
          • Available for purchase only in the Personal Cabinet!
          • hese are personal items! Not tradable, not marketable!


    • Items and Abilities
      • Base spell cast time MacroWnd_Icon05.pngFor Olympiad has been reduced from 4 to 3 seconds, which depends on the cast. spd;
      • An analogue spell was added for MacroWnd_Icon05.pngFor Olympiad, which depends on the atk. spd;
      • Chance of triggering the effect skill1045.pngBless the Body while casting spells with weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.pngStaff of Evil Spirits Blessed Body increased from 20% to 28%;
      • Chance of triggering the effect skill1045.pngBless the Body while casting spells with weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.pngStaff of Evil Spirits - Holy Spirit Blessed Body increased from 20% to 35%;
      • Spell skill1323.pngNoblesse Blessing has a fixed cooldown, so it cannot be used to apply a buff from both of weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.pngStaff of Evil Spirits Blessed Bodyand weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.pngStaff of Evil Spirits - Holy Spirit Blessed Body .
  • Skill1444 0.jpg A look into the future:
    • In the very near future, we will list the upcoming changes prepared. Specifically the introduction of the Kamael race. But we want to tell you about the most important aspects of this update:
      • Character development to 72nd level will be significantly easier;
      • Two Epic Bosses, specifically image.png Core and image.png Orfen will be removed for a while. They will return in the near future (around Jan 25th) , but in the form of Instance Zones to choose from (i.e. only one Boss will be available);
      • In addition to Instances Core and Orfen will be added another instance: image.png Bailor. It will undergo a number of changes to update it to the current realities of the server, however it will still be the same exciting and incredibly useful Boss;
      • B-grade items will be added to the Luxury store in Giran;
      • In sets etc_box_of_adventure_3_i00.pngpannel_intrepid.pngUnique Set  were added coupons for B-grade weapons and armor;
      • C-grade weapons and armor will be added to all stores. Available for purchase with Adena  etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
      • Kamael race will be introduced!
      • Around the Jan 25th next stage of the server will be introduced - Gracia!


We highly recommend you to use our Updater.  It won't change your game settings and window positions.  Everything you have set yourself will not be changed.
Notice! You have to update with our Updater right restart is over!


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Dear players!

Our server is almost 2 months old, which means basically 2 things.
First - it's about time for one of the most expected stages of our project: Gracia Final. I want to note, that regardless of haters and their trash talks - we going to face it with the online not less that at the Grand Opening! That's why we want to say, once again: thank you for your loyalty and patience! All we doing is dedicated for you!

The Second one - it's time for Kamael! 

This update going to take part at Friday, 15.01.21 starting from 15:00 to 17:00 CET.
You will need to make a Full Check via Updater to avoid inconvenience. 


More details by following this link.

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Dear Players!

At Sunday, January 17, 2021 before sieges server has been restarted in order to fix problems after Kamael Update.

  • Skill0003 0.jpg Skills:
    • skill0525.pngDecoy has beed fixed. Now it works correctly;
    • Arbalester's Skill0518 0.jpg Trap skills were fixed too;
    • skill0000.pngMaximum Ability skill has been fixed for Inspector / Judicator;
    • Sub-Class change from Character Status window (Alt+T) has been improved;
    • As prophecy_of_earth.pngProphecy of Earth skill added for Hierophant at Lv. 78, skill1356.pngProphecy of Fire SP cost has been reduced;
    • Lots of fixes in skills descriptions.
  • Etc box of adventure 1 i00 0.jpg Items:
    • Special Set bm_sayha_present.pngpanel_rare_acc.pngUnique Set Re-Pack with ring and mount now cannot be sold at shop for 0 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena. But you should still be careful with it ? 
    • Soul Crystal option for weapon_hell_hound_i01.pngHell Hound Quick Recovery now has correct option - Quick Recovery;
    • Kamael weapon augmentation with Etc mineral unique i03 0.jpg Life Stone has been fixed;
    • Kamael weapon conversion has been fixed.
      • Note: Augmented weapon cannot be conversed to Kamael Weapon or to regular weapon, this is intended mechanic.
    • Lots of fixes for items descriptions.
  • image.png Zaken:
    • Zaken Instance re-entry time has been fixed. Now they have separate cooldowns;
    • Extra Entrance Passes for Zaken Instance have been fixed. Now you purchase etc_treasure_box_i04.pngpanel_2.pngBox with Extra Entrance Passes - Zaken, which contain two passes into Zaken Instance:  etc_sb_transform_i00.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Zaken (60) и 1 шт.  etc_sb_transform_i00.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Zaken (78);
    • High-Zaken instance boss has been weakened.
  • Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Other:
    • VIP Lv. 4 now displays correctly;
    • Anouncement for Stage Changes at Primeval Isle now displays correctly;
    • Achievements list has been fixed;
    • PvP/PK Achievements now have more bonuses;
      • If you don't see PvP Achievements, then you have to participate at least in 1 PvP
    • Offline-trade time has been increased from 16 hours to 24 hours.
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Dear players!

We are glad to present a Patchnote that has already been successfully installed on the server (this means that no restart is needed ?)


  • image.png Zaken
    • SA can be enchanted from 10 to 12 in the High-Zaken instance (5% chance, personal for each group member);
    • Now, depending on the speed of killing the High-Zaken Boss, the group will randomly receive etc_exchange_box_i00.pngZaken's Secret Chest (like on HF).
  • image.php?di=EB3A.png Inspector / Judicator
    • Now can summon A or S-gr Bolt;
    • Chance to receive skill0000.pngMaximum Ability effect has been slightly increased;
    • Effect from skill1485.pngSpite skill now will not been stacked with effect of skill0531.pngCritical Wound.

  • shillien_saint Shillien Elder / Shillien Saint
    • Possibility to get skill-link for this class has been fixed;
    • We want to remind:
      • EE and Bishop can get 1 skill, but ShE can take 3.
  • image.png Legendary Costume
    • image.png Legendary Weapon now correctly display for Kamael;
    • We want to remind:
      • It can be purchased only in your Control Panel!
      • The price is 350 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      • It's personal items! They can not be traded!
      • You can try-out the set in Giran at NPC Rylay.
  • Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Achievements
    • Once you will complete Sub-Class achievements:
      • coupon_arm_c.pngpannel_armor.pngPersonal Coupon Armor: C-grade;
      • coupon_weapon_c.pngpannel_weapon.pngPersonal Coupon Weapon: C-grade;
      • br_cash_blessed_spiritshot_c_i00.pngBlessed Spiritshot (C-Grade);
      • br_cash_soulshot_c_i00.pngSoulshot (C-Grade).
  • Holy Squad.jpg Buff Control
    • New skills have been added to buff-control display system.
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Dear players!


We are glad to inform you that on January 25th, the second step will be made towards the introduction of a new stage of our server - Gracia Final.
As part of this step, new instances will be added, the ability to obtain important and valuable items will be opened, you will have the opportunity to develop your character more easily and efficiently, and a number of items will be updated for the new server realities. More about this in our Patchnote!


All those updates are going to be implemented at 25.01.21 from 16:00 to 18:00 CET.



  • Etc exp point i00 0.jpg Rates
    • Now you can develop your character even faster and effective:
      Level EXP from Mob EXP from RB
      1-39 х7 х6
      40-51 х7 => х5 х5
      52-59 х5 => х3 х4
      60-71 х3 => х1 х3
      72-78 х1 х2
      79+ х0.1 and less х0.3 and less
      It is important to know for any beginner that Achievements (20th and 40th level), Class transferring and completing Clan Academy - will provide your a valuable prizes that will make your start simpler and more comfortable!
      Have you ever experienced difficulty leveling 73? Now it's in the past!
  • Accessory ring of baium i00 0.jpg Epic Bosses
    • Level of Epic Bosses image.png Queen Ant, image.png Zaken, image.png Baium has been increased:
      • Level: 75;
    • Parameters of Epic Bosses has been increased:
      • HP has been increased ~ in 1.5 times;
      • P.Def has been increased ~30%;
      • M.Def has been increased ~20%;
      • P.Atk и M.Atk has been also increased.
  • Etc recipe black i00 0.jpg Экипировка и Крафт
    • Crafting prise of S-gr. weapons and equipment will be reduced to the base value (the chance and the amount of required resources will correspond to the recipe 60%).
  • Ticket i00 0.jpg Instance Zones
    • card-bailor.png Baylor
      • New instance has been added, which is well known to the old-timers of our server - Baylor. The instance itself is included 3 corridors with mobs and at the end of each one you will find a Boss. As soon as you defeat each of the bosses, you can get to the main boss Baylor.
        Please note! Access to the main Boss will be closed until the server moves to the next stage - Gracia Final. Only through the killing of the Instance-Boss by the whole server you will open the HellBound Isle location. When the entire server will kill 100 Bosses - a portal will appear in Heine town, which will allow you to get to the HB.

      • Main info:
        • Group: 7-9 characters;
        • Level of cheresters: 73-85;
        • Drop: S gr. Weapon, Armor, Jewellery. SA enchanting 10 => 13 levels. Attribute stones, A and S gr. scroll of enchantment, etc. 
        • Difficulty: high.
        • Entrance: Giran Harbor.
        • Cooldown: Tue, Thu, Sat;
      • Please note! On January 15th only 3 Bosses will be available in this Instance, namely:
        • Coral Garden and RB Tears (78 lvl);
        • Steam Corridor and RB Kechi (78 lvl);
        • Emeral Squaer and RB Darnel (78 lvl).
      • Instance Boss Baylor itself will be available after moving stage to the Gracia Final stage and after killing 100 Bosses by the entire server will open HellBound Isle location.
        • Information about the number of killed Bosses will be automatically announced in the Global Chat.
      • You can find more details regarding this Instance Zone by watching this video:
        Скрытый текст



    • Etc bloodpledge point i00 0.jpg Castles and Forts
      • Special dungeons in Castles and Forts will appear and you can get some nice and useful drop.
        • Cooldown: 1 time\day, at 5:30 AM CET;
        • Availability: for each group separately (by analogy with labs).
    • Etc shirts a i04 0.jpg Pailaka
      • 3rd Pailaka - Injured Dragon will be available.
      • This instance will allow you to gain significant EXP, which will allow you to get closer to important and new skills.
        • Level: 73 – 77
        • Duration: 60 min.
  • Etc box of adventure 1 i00 0.jpg Items
    • It will be possible to buy / sell / exchange attribute stones from Instance Baylor.
      • Please Note! Inserting Attribute stones are not yet available.
    • The stats of the following items have been improved:
      • accessary_ring_of_mana_i00.pngPioneers Ring - now has 32 M.Def;
      • br_wedding_ring_f_i00.pngGreater MW Ring  - now has 40 M Def;
      • br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngBlessed MW Ring  - now has 48 M Def.
      • Weapon the axe of hero i00 0.jpg Hero weapons will receive new parameters of P. and M. Attacks that roughly correspond to S-gr + 4-5.
        • weapon_the_sword_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Blade - now has 333 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_two_handed_sword_of_hero_i01.Infinity Cleaver - now has 405 P.Atk /  151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_axe_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Axe - now has 333 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_mace_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Rod - now has 267 P.Atk / 202 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_hammer_of_hero_i00.pngInfinity Crusher - now has 405 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_staff_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Scepter - now has 325 P.Atk / 222 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_dagger_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Stinger - now has 291 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_fist_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Fang - now has 405 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_bow_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Bow - now has 654 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_r_dualsword_i01.pngInfinity Wing - now has 405 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_the_pole_of_hero_i01.pngInfinity Spear - now has 333 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_infinity_rapier_i00.pngInfinity Rapier - now has 302 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_infinity_sword_i00.pngInfinity Sword - now has 361 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk;
        • weapon_infinity_shooter_i00.pngInfinity Shooter - now has 401 P.Atk / 151 M.Atk.
  • Skill3123 0.jpg Skills
    • All skills from Etc mineral unique i03 0.jpg Life Stones will now have level 10.
    • skill1374.pngHeroic Valor and some other buffs of Overlord / Dominator will now affect on the alliance (instead of just group and clan); 
    • skill1374.pngHeroic Valor will now affect on group and alliance (instead of just clan).
  • family_coin_i00.pngShop
    • A new Vitality Clover was added to all stores, and the prices for the old ones were reduced:
      • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Four-leaf Clover 1-85 lvl (New)

        • 1 q-ty. = 10 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
        • 3 q-ty. = 25 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.
      • Please note! If you will buy it in the Control Panel, there will be a special offer:
        • 10 q-ty. = 75 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.
      • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Four-leaf Clover 1-52 lvl
        • 1 q-ty. = 1 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 3);
        • 3 q-ty. = 2 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 7).
      • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Four-leaf Clover 1-64 lvl
        • 1 q-ty. = 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 7);
        • 3 q-ty. = 7 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 15).
      • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngLucky Four-leaf Clover 1-76 lvl
        • 1 q-ty. = 7 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 10);
        • 3 q-ty. = 15 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (было 25).
    • The cost of sets with soul and spirit shots has been reduced:
      • Etc spirit bullet blue i00 0.jpg D-gr. 5000 q-ty. = 1 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 3);
      • Br cash blessed spiritshot d i00 0.jpg D-gr.  3000 q-ty. = 1 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 3);
      • Etc spirit bullet green i00 0.jpg C-gr. 5000 q-ty. = 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 6);
      • Br cash blessed spiritshot c i00 0.jpg C-gr. 3000 q-ty. = 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 6);
      • Etc spirit bullet red i00 0.jpg B-gr. 3000 q-ty. = 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 9);
      • Br cash blessed spiritshot b i00 0.jpg B-gr. 2000 q-ty. = 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 9);
      • Etc spirit bullet silver i00 0.jpg A-gr. 3000 q-ty. = 7 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 12);
      • Br cash blessed spiritshot a i00 0.jpg A-gr. 1500 q-ty.  = 7 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 12);
      • Etc spirit bullet gold i00 0.jpg S-gr. 2000 q-ty. = 9 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 15);
      • Br cash blessed spiritshot s i00 0.jpg S-gr. 1000 q-ty. = 9 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (previously 15).


The update from February 5th implies a full transition to the chronicles of Gracia Final and therefore the opening of the Gracia content, the introduction of a new Instance Zone at SoI, the ability to insert an attribute, the Baylor himself, the opening of a modified HB, IOP, the introduction of the attribute system (ATT / Traits / Resists / Surrenders) and others.

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  • 1 month later...

Dear friends!


We were preparing another patch notes and thought... Why don't we make EXP weekend? ?
This friday in the morning server will be restarted, after that during weekend EXP rates will be increased and vitality items cooldowns will be decreased by half!


Etc_exp_point_i00_0.jpg Rates

  • From 26.02 to 01.03 EXP&SP will be:
    Level Before After
    1 ~ 39.99 x7 x10
    40 ~ 51.99 x7 > x5 х10 > х7
    52 ~ 60.99 х5 > x3 х7 > х5
    61 ~ 64.99 х3 > х2 х5 > х3
    65 ~ 69.99 х2 х3
    70 ~ 75.99 х2 > x1 x3 > x2
    76 ~ 80.99 х1 х2
    81+ Same as before
    • Please note! Rate changes does not affect Raid Bosses or Instance zones EXP rewards.
  • On your first login after restart you will get special package. What's inside:
    • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie
    • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion
    • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.pngone random vitality hat for 3 days (1-81 lvl)
      • and other useful items!


Br four leaf clover i00 0.jpg Vitality items

  • All Vitality items cooldowns was decreased by half!
    • For example:
      • br_bracelet_aga_mazu_i00.pngpannel_a1.pngAutoloot Vitality Agathion - Angel Gift 7 day
        • Before restart: 8 hours cooldown;
        • During weekend: 4 hours cooldown.
    • Other items:
      • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie
        • During weekend: 30 minutes.
      • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion и br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Replenishing Potion
        • During weekend: 30 minutes.
      • br_afro_hair_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngAfro Hair Vitality - 3 days. 1-81 lvl
        • During weekend: 5 hours 15 minutes.

  • Vitality items prices in Control Panel store will be also decreased during weekend.


Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Other changes

  • Re-use time of all CP Potions  (Greater CP Potions of all types, CP Potions) will be decreased
    • New: 1 second. 
    • Old: 2 seconds;
    • Base cooldown: 0.6 seconds.



We love and appreciate all our players and we glad to bring you holiday atmosphere for this weekend?
We thank you for choosing us and staying with us. Have a great weekend! 


with ❤️, E-Global & Averia

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Dear friends!


Today is the day when the first Territory Wars are going to take place and in order to make it smooth and clean we will restart the server. 
Since we are making a restart, here is another patch. ? 



Etc badge black i00 0.jpg Sieges & Territory Wars

  • Sieges schedule:
    • 16:00 - 18:00 - first sieges: Gludio, Dion, Innadril, Schuttgart, Aden;
    • 19:00 - 21:00 - second sieges: Giran, Oren, Goddard, Rune;
  • Right after second sieges end, Territory Wars will begin and will last for 2 hours.
    • 21:00 - 23:00 - first TW.
    • Next sieges will be according to the default schedule.
  • Important information, that we want to point out:
    • Any character can register for any territory at NPC Mercenary Capitan in specific towns.
      • Please note! First TW will be available only for castle owners.
    • Any character 40+ level can participate.
      • To get Badges and complete quests the minimum level of your character must be 60.
    • Next Territory Wars will be on Saturday 13.03;
    • Territory Wars register will be closed 2 hours before TW start;
    • Members of a clan that owns a castle will have territory flag bonus, despite having or not flag after TW.
      • Please note! If you have a flag of your territory, bonus will not be doubled.
    • Flags cannot be dragged out of the combat zone.
      • If a character that carries a flag leaving the combat zone,  a15-second long countdown will start, and if the character stays for 15 seconds outside the combat zone, flag will disappear.
    • Clan invitation is not available if it's less than one hour till TW starts.
    • Resurrection skills and items are not available during territory wars.
      • Please note! Both skill0247.pngBuild Headquarters and skill0247.pngOutpost Construction, the same as Castle Control crystals does not affect Resurrection abilities. etc_charm_of_courage_i05.pngCharm of Courage (S-Grade) - works as intended;
      • You can resurrect near the outpost, flag or castle without any penalties.
    • Fortresses are not involved in Territory Wars, so there won't be Catapults.
    • To become Skill1323 0.jpg Noblesse you will need to collect 50 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg Territory Badges (instead of default 100 badges).
    •  Etc badge black i00 0.jpg Territory Badge store got some changes:
      • etc_codex_of_giant_i03.pngGiant's Codex - Mastery - 25 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg (instead of 80)
      • 10 etc_scroll_of_return_i01.pngBlessed Scroll of Escape - 2.500.000 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena и 1 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg (instead of 40 for 1 BSoE);
      • etc_super_hp_potion_i05.pngTerritory Health Recovery Potion - 1 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg (instead of 8);
      • Accessary healer circlet i00 0.jpg Accessories - 8 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg (instead of 80);
      • A-gr jewelry:
        • accessary_inferno_ring_i00.pngoren_panel.pngOren Earth Protection Ring  - 60 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg;
        • accessary_inferno_earing_i00.pngoren_panel.pngOren Protection Earring  - 90 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg;
        • accessary_inferno_necklace_i00.pngoren_panel.pngOren Darkness Protection Necklace  - 120 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg.
      • S-80 gr jewelry:
        • accessory_ring_of_domi_protection_i00.pnoren_panel.pngOren Earth Royal Guard Ring  - 80 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg;
        • accessory_earring_of_domi_protection_i00oren_panel.pngOren Guard Earring  - 120 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg;
        • accessory_nectklace_of_domi_protection_ioren_panel.pngOren Darkness Royal Guard Necklace  - 160 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg.
      • Box with belt A and S-gr - 35 Etc badge black i00 0.jpg (instead of 70);
      • You can also exchange your Etc badge black i00 0.jpg Territory Badges for badges of another territory:
        • etc_badge_black_i00.pngGludio Territory Badge = etc_badge_black_i00.pngDion Territory Badge + 350.000 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena or family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (you can choose any option).


Skill0003 0.jpg Skills

  • A lot of skills (trigger-type abilities, King of the Hill buff and a lot more), will no longer take buff slots and now will use separate buff section
  • Fixed  skill1086.pngpanel_2.pngSub-Class Ability – Haste when using Bow and Crossbow. Now it will work as intended.



  • etc_crystal_white_i00.pngSoul Ore and etc_energy_stone_i00.pngEnergy Stone - now has 0 weight value (same as etc_stone_gray_i00.pngSpirit Ore);
  • Etc mithril quiver i00 0.jpg Arrows that are dropped from monsters now have 1 weight (instead of 5-3).


image.png Offline Trade

  • Offline trade now lasts for 36 hours (was 16 hours)
  • Number of offline trade slots on server has been increased from 2000 to 2500;
  • Now if there is no free space for new offline traders, the oldest one will be kicked from the game.


Br wedding bouquet i00 0.jpg Look to the future

  • New 8th of March event ;
  • New tank and some other classes skills;
  • Best A-gr weapons in etc_pig_adena_i01.pngIvory Coin Store;
  • Hellbound Isle expansion and Dynasty (S-gr) equipment;
  • Forge of Gods - drop will be improved: Attribute stones, S-grade equipment (monster stats will not be changed);
  • Anomic Foundry on Hellbound (with Icarus quest), Giant's Cave, Tiat will be available a bit later ? 




We recommend you to use our Updater. It will not change your game and interface settings. 



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Dear players!


We tried to make everyone happy but something went wrong... ? 
Since we added an option to register for Territory Wars and not only castle owners, TW for Rune castle owners did not start.

We figured out what caused that problem and fixed it, Territory Wars will begin at 22:00 server time, right after server restart.

We want to apologize and as compensation we will partly save increased weekend rates and all characters will recieve:

  • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie
  • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_5.pngBox with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% (1-85 lvl) 60-minutes
  • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngVitality Maintaining Potion
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.pngSweet Fruit Cocktail
  • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.pngFresh Fruit Cocktail
  • etc_treasure_box_i04.pngpanel_2.pngBox with Extra Entrance Passes - Zaken
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n1.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Near Kamaloka
  • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n3.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss)
  • etc_penalty_recovery_i00.pngRecovery Spellbook for Combat Use

Increased rates will affect all characters up to 78 level (including 78) rates above level 78 will be the same as before weekend EXP event.

  Reveal hidden contents


We apologize for inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

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