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MasterWork: Patchnotes

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Dear friends!


Hundred and sixty days have passed since the server launch!

We are really happy that you are still staying with us and writing the history on a legendary server. We will not stop working on the server not only to prepare our product for autumn launch, but also because we feel responsibility and appreciation.
Another update is coming, let's go to patch notes.

After little break we will implement new open-world Epic Boss - image.png Beleth
Bonus Code: Beleth-After-Weekend




Etc small ultra bomb i00 0.jpg Holidays

From April 30th until May 4th there will be holidays on our server. Means that many events will be postponed (except SoD and Olympiad), XP rates will be increased and holiday discounts in control panel store!



Etc exp point i00 0.jpg Rates & family_coin_i00.png Discounts


  Reveal hidden contents



  • Biggest discounts for:
  • etc_box_of_adventure_3_i00.png Starter package- up to -70%
    • Now packages also contain skill0242.png A-gr equipment, that you can equip without penalties from level 1.
  • etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.png Vitality - up to -70%
    • Significant discounts for br_four_leaf_clover_i00.png Lucky Four-leaf Clover
  • etc_spirit_bullet_gold_i00.png Supplies  - up to -70%



🗓️ Schedule

  • 26th - image.png Frintezza.
    • Next Frintezza spawn will be on May 6th (Thursday).
  • 29th - image.png Zaken and image.png Queen Ant; 
    • Next Zaken and QA will be on May 6th (Thursday).
  • 30th image.png Baium (cancelled). 
    • Next Baium spawn will be on mah 7th (Friday).
  • May 5th (Wednesday) - image.png Antharas



Etc question mark i00 0.jpg What to do during holidays?

For those who are not planning to stop playing for this week we recommend to take advantage of Weekend XP rates and discounts on Control Panel, get level 83, learn new skills and finish your sub classes (do not forget that at sub class level 80 you can learn useful transformations) finish your equipment (Attribute crystals already available).

Some events schedule will not be changed for this week:

  • From April 29th until May 2nd  Accessory hero cap i00 0.jpg Grand Olympiad.
    • If you hesitate about your chances to become hero, now it's the best time to try.
  • On April 30th and May 4th  general_energy_condense_i02.png SoD will be available for etc_fire_crystal_i00.png Attribute Crystals gathering.
    • Please note! Starting from April 26th you are able to exchange your etc_fire_stone_i00.png Attribute Stones into etc_fire_crystal_i00.png Attribute Crystals. You can find NPS in Rune, Aden and Ancient City Arcan.
      • Exchange rate:
        • etc_fire_crystal_i00.png Fire Crystal = 20 general_energy_condense_i02.png Energy Compression Stone;
        • etc_fire_crystal_i00.png Fire Crystal = 5 etc_fire_stone_i00.png Fire Stone + 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
        • etc_fire_crystal_i00.png Fire Crystal = 5 etc_fire_stone_i00.png Fire Stone + 5.000.000 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena.
      • Best locations to farm etc_fire_stone_i00.png Attribute Stones are currently:
        • Anomic Foundry;
        • Chimeras;
        • Isle of Prayer;
        • Forge of Gods.




We want to thank you once again for your trust and loyalty. We will not stop working during this holidays and will try to prepare a lot of new content for you 🙂 




Happy Holidays
with ❤️, E-Global & Averia

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Dear friends!

Holidays are about to end, people starting coming back to the game and they have reasonable question: "What is hext?". I know what's next... Update!
While you got some rest we worked hard and prepared new big update that brings Event, Epic Boss and equipment upgrades. We are very happy that after six months you are still with us, still playing and discovering mystery MasterWork world. We are working for you, because you motivate us to move forward, never stop and work hard. Thank you! Let's go to Patch notes! 🙂 




🗓️ Schedule

  • Tuesday 04.05
    • Attribute gathering SOD stage;
    • Last day without Epic Bosses and last Weekend XP rates day!
  • Wednesday 05.05
    • "Spring BBQ" even launch (details below)
    • image.png Antharas!
  • Thursday 06.05
    • image.png Queen Ant;
    • image.png Frintezza;
    • image.png Zaken - will not respawn, become Instance (details below)
    • image.png Beleth - new Epic Boss (details below)
  • Friday 07.05
    • Attribute gathering SOD stage;
    • image.png Baium.



🍖 "Spring BBQ" in-game event

main screen.png

  • We are launching special event that will allow you to earn useful items.
    To participate in the event you will need:
    • Hunt monsters level 40 and above;
    • Collect special item etc_meat_of_monstereye_i00.png Raw Meat;
    • In Giran Castle Town cook etc_meat_of_monstereye_i00.png Raw Meat at 🔥 Campfire by double clicking on meat.
    • You will get meat-kebabs_1.png Good-Looking Kebab or meat-kebabs_2.png Flavorful Kebab.
    • If you got meat-kebabs_1.png Good-Looking Kebab
      • You can use it to get buff that lasts 2 hours and increases your stats:
        • max. HP, MP, CP +15%;
        • MP consumption -10%;
        • Speed +10;
        • PvE damage +5%.
      • You can also purchase 3 meat-kebabs_1.png Good-Looking Kebab at NPC Monkey cap i00 0.jpg Chef Monkey for 1 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.
    • Если вы получили meat-kebabs_2.png Flavorful Kebab
      • You can speak to NPC Monkey cap i00 0.jpg Chef Monkey and exchange meat-kebabs_2.png Flavorful Kebab for event_oriental_park_i00.png Monkey's Gift, that can contain:
        • etc_pig_adena_i01.pngIvory Coin;
        • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngRed Soul Crystal: Stage 13 - 16;
        • accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.pngZaken's Earring;
        • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.pngRing of Queen Ant;
        • accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.pngEarring of Orfen;
        • accessory_ring_of_core_i00.pngRing of Core;
        • etc_spell_books_element_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Rune;
        • etc_spell_books_element_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Elemental;
        • etc_spell_books_element_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Alignment;
        • br_spell_books_sword_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Fighter's Will;
        • br_spell_books_magic_i00.png Forgotten Scroll - Magician's Will;
        • br_spell_books_magic_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Magician's Will;
        • chest_of_dark_soul.pngChest with Life Stone;
        • familybox_ench.pngEnchanted MW Box;
        • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.pngGreater Healing Potion;
        • br_cp_potion_i01.pngGreater CP Potion;
        • etc_bead_red_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngGemstone A;
        • etc_bead_silver_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone S;
        • etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato.
          • In order to exchange fangs for materials you will need to visit NPC Kahman in Swamp of Screams:
            • etc_gem_red_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngEnria  - 12 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_gem_blue_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngAsofe - 6 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_gem_clear_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngThons - 6 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_potion_clear_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngVarnish of Purity - 81 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_synthetic_cokes_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngSynthetic Cokes - 33 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_compound_braid_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngCompound Braid - 30 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_squares_wood_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngDurable Metal Plate - 150 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_lump_white_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngMithril Alloy - 131 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato;
            • etc_oriharukon_ore_i00.pngicon_eglobal.claft1.pngOriharukon Ore - 123 etc_fang_red_i00.pngFang of Stakato.
    • Please note that items are tradable and can be sold to other players.



beleth_ring.png Epic Bosses

image.png Beleth

Introducing new open-world Epic Boss - image.png Beleth!

💬 Lore

After emperor Baium fall, the empire started to decay, but the real crisis was only coming…
Mystic Beleth got a lot of knowledge from Ivory Tower mages and worked for his whole life trying to create his own tower where he learned a lot of secrets. He was incredibly powerful, nearly immortal. But the more power you have, the more it drives you into loop where you want to get more power. Beleth became greedy and used his might in a wrong way so he became a demon...After learning giants' secrets he wanted to become a

He kept on expanding his grounds and wanted to rule the world. A lot of people died and the world was close to it's end. But Ivory Tower mages declared a war to stop Beleth. Thousand years before the awakening of the first seal of death, war started in Elmoreden, where Beleth was leading undead and tried to create empire of darkness.
Mages of Elmoreden knew that they cannot lose this war. They used all magic powers they could and made Beleth's army to retreat to south. The most damaged place was territory to the south from Gludio, everything was burned and those grounds became wastelands. Creatures that could survive hid beneath the ground, mutate and became dangerous. They were hiding for the long time, rarely attacking nearby forests.
The last fight of the war against Beleth was on the southern coast of Elmoreden. His defeat was inevitable. Mages of the kingdom combined their powers to destroy last soldiers and Beleth himself. After blinding magical explosion they disappeared. Nothing was left behind.

Since then Beleth was presumed dead. But when people of Elmoreden arrived to Hellbound, they understand that the evil was so close all this time... 


  • Boss type: Epic Boss
  • Location: Hellbound Isle,  Old Hidden Oasis (between Enchanted Megalith and Sand Swept Dunes);
  • Difficulty: High;
  • Conditions: Registration of Command Channel by it's leader, with 4-5 groups (same as Frintezza);
  • Cooldown: Thursday (once a week), 21:00 - 22:00;
  • Drop: CC leader will get beleth_box.png Beleth's Box, after speaking to NPC Leona Blackbird, when Beleth is defeated which will provide him with the Ring.
    • beleth_ring.png Beleth's Ring
      • Note that stats was changed:
        • M.Def +12%
        • Mental attack resistance +12%;
        • Mental attack rate +12%;
        • Maximum HP +105;
        • Maximum MP +12%;
        • MP regeneration rate +100% (per tick);
        • Holy and Dark resistance +20;
    • All type of armor_t94_u_i00.png Vesper equipment;
      • Each type armor, with random change to receive robe, light or heavy.
    • 2-4 random pieces of vesper_necklace_i00.png Vesper jewelry;
    • 1 random weapon_vesper_cutter_i00.png Vesper weapon;
    • 1 random weapon_icarus_spirits_i00.png Icarus weapon;
    • Two books br_spell_books_sword_i00.png Archer's\Fighter's\Magician's Will each type;
    • One of each etc_spell_books_element_i00.png Forgotten Scroll - Protection of Rune\Alignment\Elemental ;
    • etc_fire_stone_i00.png Attribute stones, chest_of_dark_soul.pngChest with Life Stone, familybox_ench.pngEnchanted MW Box.

⚔️ Farming process

  • If you are inside, get ready to fight with Epic Boss. It's not easy, but interesting. 
  • You will see 3 bosses, 2 of them are illusions. Don't rush and attack them. If you choose and kill the wrong one, you can fail your raid.
  • When you are ready, speak to NPC Leona Blackbird and ask for help. She will immediately attack one of illusions, that need to stay alive. (she will always attack the one that should not be killed).
  • Your task is to find the real one:
    • If your guess was right, on 50% of HP you will fight against real image.png Beleth;
    • If your guess was wrong, you will have to fight Darion, he is not that week that he might seen at first glance. After defeating him you will fight against real image.png Beleth.
  • Fight against image.png Beleth contains a lot of mechanics and his damage is high. Be careful.
  • When boss will lose 90% of HP you will be surprised in a bad way. image.png Beleth will show all his powers and will create 8 illusions of himself and regenerate to 50% HP. Don't give up and keep fighting. You may be lucky and guess the real one but you can also be unlucky and find the real one after 8 tries. 
  • After you defeat Beleth - go back to NPC Leona Blackbird and talk to her. CC leader will get reward of Beleth's Ring. All other drop will be received as usual.



image.png Zaken

Epic boss image.png Zaken is leaving our world and will be only available in instance-zone. Do not forget that you have two options: Low-Zaken Instance for new players and sub classes and also High-Zaken Instance for high level characters.

  • Level increased to 80 (was 78);
  • High-Zaken Instance version became stronger (stats increased);
  • Defeating High-Zaken now gives you more EXP;
  • Epic jewelry drop chance increased:
    • Low-Zaken :
      • Olds 0.1%;
      • New 0.15%.
    • High-Zaken  
      • Old 0.25%;
      • New 1%.
  • Now accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.pngZaken's Earring can be upgraded.
    • If you have two copies of earring you can upgrade them into Item_90765.jpg Enchanted Zaken's Earring, that provides higher stats.
    • Jewelry can be upgraded at NPC Pona in Giran, Luxury Shop.
      • Please note! Now all jewelry upgrades will now be available at NPC Pona.
    • She will offer you to upgrade jewelry for fee:
      • Item_90765.jpg = Zaken's Earring x2, Crystal: S-Grade x1500, Gemstone S x350
        • Holy and Dark resistance +10;
        • Bleeding resistance +40%;
        • Bleeding attack +40%;
        • Stun and mental attacks resistance +30%;
        • Stun and mental attacks rate +30%;
        • Healing power +15%;
        • Vampiric rage effect +4%.
        • If a character wears two identical earrings, the effect of only one earring will be applied. If equipped with regular earring, only Enchanted earring effects will be applied.
    • Stats might look very high, but keep in mind that you need two copies to create enchanted version. 


image.png Queen Ant

  • Now accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.pngRing of Queen Ant  can be upgraded.
    • If you have two copies of ring you can upgrade them into 41.png Enchanted Ring of Queen Ant, that provides higher stats.
    • Jewelry can be upgraded at NPC Pona in Giran, Luxury Shop.
      • Please note! Now all jewelry upgrades will now be available at NPC Pona.
    • She will offer you to upgrade jewelry for fee:
      • 41.png = Ring of Queen Ant x2, Crystal: S-Grade x1500, Gemstone S x350
        • Resistance to Fire, Water, Earth and Wind +5;
        • Poison resistance +40%;
        • Poison attack rate +40%;
        • Hold resistance +30%;
        • Hold attack rate +30%;
        • Accuracy +2;
        • Critical power +15%;
        • P.atk +3%;
        • M.atk +6%.
        • If a character wears two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied. If equipped with regular earring, only Enchanted ring effects will be applied.
        • Active skill: Self-Cleanse:
          • Removes all negative effects from your character. Does not work on Olympiad. Cooldown: 30 minutes. 
    • Stats might look very high, but keep in mind that you need two copies to create enchanted version. 


br_spell_books_sword_i00.png Archer's\Fighter's\Magician's Will

  • Now you can learn passive skill level 2 after combining two scrolls Forgotten Scroll - Archer's\Fighter's\Magician's Will.
    • If you have two copies of a scroll you can exchange them for one Enchanted Forgotten Scroll, that will give you passive skill level 2 upon use.
    • Scrolls can be exchanged at NPC Pona in Giran, Luxury Shop.
      • Please note! All upgrades will be available at NPC Pona, you can find her next to NPC Galladucci.
    • She will offer you to exchange Forgotten Scroll by combining two copies.
    • Please note that you need to learn passive skill level 1 before learning level 2. 
  • Stats ultimate_archer_will.png Ultimate Archer's Will (lv.2)
    • Speed increased to 6;
    • When using bow or crossbow, accuracy increased by 12 and attack range by 85;
    • During attack physical skills power and critical chance can be increased by 20%.
  • Stats ultimate_fighter_will.png Ultimate Fighter's Will (lv.2)
    • When using short-range weapons, increase p.atk by 150 and atk. speed by 13.5%;
    • During attack physical skills power and critical chance can be increased by 20%
  • Stats ultimate_mag_will.png Ultimate Magician's Will (lv.2)
    • Increases m.atk by 7.5%, casting speed by 7.5, magic critical rate by 7.5%;
    • Decreases MP consumption by 10%.
  • We want to remind you which professions can learn will passive skills:
    • Soul Breaker (M\F), Inspector can learn br_spell_books_magic_i00.png Magician's Will;
    • Swordsinger, Bladedancer can learn br_spell_books_magic_i00.png Magician's Will;
    • Warcryer, Overlord, Prophet, Shillien Elder can learn Archer_will_book.png Archer's и br_spell_books_sword_i00.png Fighter's Will;
    • Now all summoner classes (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner) can learn br_spell_books_magic_i00.png Magician's, Archer_will_book.png Archer's и br_spell_books_sword_i00.png Fighter's Will (new)







Без имени-1.png Interface changes and new options

action007.png Next Target

Now you can toggle next target options to target specific enemies by using action007.png Next Target (/targetnext):

  • Main menu -> E-Global Options -> choose one of Next Target options;
  • Toggle by using Ctrl+T. Current option will be displayed on the screen.
    Please note, if you are using as your keybind, this keys combination will not work.



Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Interface

Now L2 Store and VIP buttons has other icons and position. Now this buttons can be hidden and we also added new ⭐Achievements button. 




point.png Notifications window

We have updated notifications window, that will appear from level 40 until level 80. Added relevant information about server, that will help new players to learn something useful.






We recommend you using our Updater. It will not change your game client or interface settings.
Please note! You should update the game client after maintenance ends to download all recently updated files






with❤️, E-Global & Averia




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