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Saint A.L.

Stream without borders - 520$ for the most active and guaranteed gifts for all participants.

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Gentlemen, here is the promised list!

I want to say that initially the rules stated that there would be only 10 winners, but we could not help but notice the efforts of the other participants (of which there were more than 10) and decided to further expand the prize pool.

We love you and wish you pleasant streams, with big Donates, no bans and, of course, high-quality content :)

1. Madbonus - 4000rub.

2. Tamerlan - 4000rub.

3. KingKongSasha - 4000rub.

4. Frank TV - 4000rub.

5. Feomi - 4000rub.

6. Dinamix - 4000rub.

7. NAFRICT - 4000rub.

8. Resider - 4000rub.

9. Ranadel - 4000rub.

10. KraGenDCP - 4000rub.

11.QQmore1 - 4000rub.

12. Smilev2 - 4000p.

13. HindRance - 2000rub.

14. PETROVICHL2 - 2000rub.

15.ytya - 2000rub.

16.john1890 - 2000rub.

17.4okaBo - 2000rub.

18. Widez - 2000rub.

Winners, to receive an award - please pm Safero with your details (Qiwi or Yandex).

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