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MasterWork - Start Today [20.11]!

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Lineage2 MasterWork 

Start today, November 20th at 8:00pm Server Time (7:00pm CET)



Dear players!

Today the first opening of our Lineage2 MasterWork server, which means that you need to check the status of your client and account!

We have done a great deal of work on the server, however, on the day of launch, a DDoS attack on our resources is always possible. You can already feel it on our forum.
Therefore, take care of registering  (through the main page of the site or a promo page with various bonuses) game accounts, also update the game client to the current version!




For your convenience and offloading the web. portal, a preliminary start will be available on the server. What does it mean?

This means that already at 19:30 server time (6:30pm CET) you can log into your account in the game and create a character (we will try to do it in an hour, but we cannot guarantee). However, you will not be able to enter the game.

After creating a character, you can transfer items from your Personal Account to him.



Useful links:

? Useful links:

? File links:


❗Note! If you played with us before, you can log into your old Master Account and create a Game Account for the Lineage2 server - MasterWork inside it!





❗Separate changes that will be at the start (regarding the server concept)❗

Dear players!
Please note that some settings will differ from those declared in the first days from the start of the server (further they will correspond to the description of the server concept).

? Academy changes:

  • Upon receiving a second class as an academician, he leaves the academy and receives a special reward:
    • image.php?dm=LRUH.png 1 Proof of Loyalty;
    • Etc_reagent_white_i00_0_panel_2.jpg 50 Greater Healing Potion;
    • 07d363d4423cd1f15aea5b41e4d1.png 100 Ivory Coin;
    • Etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00_0.jpg 1 Family Vitality Pie;
    • Br_fruit_cocktail_i00_0.jpg 3 Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
    • Br_fruit_cocktail_i01_0.jpg 3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail.
  • Upon receiving the 2nd class as an academician, the clan receives:
    • image.php?dm=LRUH.png 1 Proof of Loyalty;
    • Etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.jpg Clan Reputation Points (CRP).

In 5-7 days after the Server Start, we will introduce a two-stage system, with the spacer.png Academy Favor, academy up to level 52 (for the first stage), etc.
It is fully functional, but its implementation from the start of the server will lead to a certain imbalance.
For more information about the Clan Academy, see the topic with the concept of the server (in the section Gameplay -> Clan Update).


? Amount of Game Windows:

  • From the start of the server, it will be available:
    • 3 Windows + 2 with PA = MAX 5 windows.

Note! If due to online there is a high load on the server, we will gradually reduce the number of available game windows.



Gift from E-Global!

1. To all participants of the Open Test!

All players who have logged into our test server - we put personal gifts in the Warehouse of the Personal Cabinet as a token of gratitude for their active participation in testing our server!

  • image.png Pioneers Ring. This is a unique ring of pioneers who took part in the OBT of the first MasterWork!
    • Stats:
      • 24 M.Def, No-Grade;
      • After death, you lose 10% less experience;
      • + 3% Defense in PvE (does not stack with set ring);
      • Active skill: SoE with cooldown: 10 minutes.
  • A unique G hair fancy hat pl 0.jpg  accessory that cannot be purchased from the NPC Rylai in Giran (who manages all beauty items such as costumes, hats and mounts).
  • image.php?di=FC61.png  Vitality Splash - Restores 5000 pts. energy (1/4 of cap).
  • image.php?di=LCQN.jpg Additional entry ticket to Solo Kamaloka (for PA owners).


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