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MasterWork - RAReStart. How it was?

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 Dear players!

As you all know perfectly well once you are reading this post, the opening of the Lineage2 MasterWork server took place and it was truly a grand event!

Already at the OBT, we knew that the start would be hot. Therefore, we prepared properly: we actively worked with reports, released fixes and patch notes on the work done, and also increase power resources of server equipment. But who could have known that you would show such interest in our server. Looking ahead, we will be eternally grateful for your trust. 


Скрытый текст

On the first day of the OBT, we were visited by more than 1,300 people, which we shared with you in the topic with patch notes:

During the entire OBT, more than 4,000 players have visited us.


Скрытый текст

Game accounts and master accounts during the OBT:

  • Game Accounts in general: 11.520;
  • Unique Master Accounts: 7.872.



It was Friday, November 20, and already at the pre-launch character creation, we realized that the load on the server would be, to put it mildly, significant and instantly expanded the server resources and set limits on the number of windows (forced). In connection with the actions taken, we got one of the smoothest starts in the entire history of our project.

Already at the start, the number of unique online (not windows and traders, but unique players) exceeded 4,800!



Скрытый текст

Game accounts, master accounts and unique players after the start:

  • Game Accounts in general: 23.590;
  • Unique Master Accounts: 14.850;
  • Unique HWIDs: 10,630.


I am sure that it makes no sense to talk about how big it is online. But what we would like to note is that online has continued to grow every day!

In this regard, on Sunday, November 22, we had to do literally an unprecedented action for the admins - we had to arrange an unscheduled restart in order to set an even tighter limit for windows, since the unique online reached a figure of more than 6.100!

Скрытый текст

Statistics on 22 November:




Because of these events, on the morning of November 23rd, the game server was moved to even more powerful hardware, and the following restrictions were set for your comfortable game:

  • Windows: 2 +1 (with PA);

  • Offline trade: up to 2 characters;

  • Offline traders are no longer counted when calculating online for Skill_55170_1.jpg Clan Unity Buff .


Contrary to the more than 10-year-old tradition of the market - we do not "wind up" online on the site, because when the server is alive and up-to-date, it can be seen even without fictitious numbers. You can see the numbers of our online at this link, but they look even better on the server itself ? 



Accessory academy i00 0.jpg Memo for beginners

If, after reading this topic, you have an irresistible desire (about which we are very happy) to join our server and become a part of history, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the features of the MasterWork project in more details.

Separately, we would like to dwell on the academy.
This important tool for learning about the world of Elmoraden, getting to know the political arena and socialization within the server, will also allow you to receive a significant bonus to leveling your character and a number of items at the end of the Academy.
For more details on the features of both the clan system and the server as a whole, you can read the topic with the announcement of the server concept, and here we will highlight for you only a part about finding a clan and an academy:

Скрытый текст

Clan and Applicant Search System
This is a dedicated ad system for players looking for a clan. At the same time, the Clan Leader, located in this system, can find new members and academics.
Roughly speaking, this is a message board that helps players and clans to  find each other.

It looks like this:


  • Open Clan Entry window from menu or clan window
  • Click Waiting List
  • Press Enter Waiting List
  • Indicate your goals:
    • Networking - your goal is to socialize with other players and just find like-minded people for a pleasant company;
    • Clan Wars - your goal is to participate in clan wars, castle sieges, battles for epic bosses.
    • Hunting - your goal is to efficiently farm monsters and Raid Bosses;
    • Misc. - your goal is to trade and actively participate in the server economy.

    [*] Click the Ok button.

  • Note! The limit of people in the "Main" clan has been expanded at all levels from 40 members at all levels, to:
  • 5 clan lvl = 50;
  • 6 clan lvl = 60;
  • 7 clan lvl = 70;
  • 8 clan lvl = 80;
  • 9 clan lvl = 90;
  • 10 clan lvl = 100;
  • 11 clan lvl = 110.


Clan Buff for Online

In addition to the basic clan skills, bonuses and privileges of playing in a clan, we have added other benefits to the server when being in a clan.

Skill_55170_1.jpg Clan Unity buff - automatically applied every 5 minutes to characters in a clan.

Conditions for applying the buff and levels:

  • With 18-26 characters online in a clan - Clan Unity 1 lvl;
  • With 27-35 characters online in a clan - Clan Unity 2 lvl;
  • With 36+ characters online in a clan - Clan Unity 3 lvl.

Clan Unity Bonuses:

  • image.php?di=RQUQ.png Clan Unity 0 lvl - Does not give bonuses;
  • Skill_55168_1.jpg Clan Unity 1 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +5%. Life/Mana Regeneration +7%. PvE Attack/Defense +3%;
  • Skill_55169_1.jpg Clan Unity 2 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +7%. Life/Mana Regeneration +10%. PvE Attack/Defense +5%;
  • Skill_55170_1.jpg Clan Unity 3 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +10%. Life/Mana Regeneration +15%. PvE Attack/Defense +7%.

Additional Information:

  • The buff is applied automatically to all clan members every 5 minutes;
  • Clan Unity buff duration - 5 minutes;
  • The buff is applied to all guilds and academies;
  • The buff does not occupy a buff slot.


spacer.png Academy Favor - it is a new system that works similarly to Clan Unity with a number of changes.

All members of the academy receive a buff that increases their attack speed, cast and run speed.

  • spacer.png Academy Favor (passive effect) :
    • Attack Speed + 15% (replaceable analogue of Dance of Fury);
    • Cast speed + 30% (replaceable analogue of Dance of Concentration);
    • Running Speed +20 (replaceable analogue of Song of Wing);
    • Max. amount of HP + 30% (replaceable analogue of Song of Vitality).

Note! While yo are under the effect of Academy Favor, you are immune to the effects of Dance of Concentration, Dance of Fury, Song of Vitality and Song of Wind and similar combo dances / songs.

  • The buff is applied automatically every 5 minutes;
  • Academy Favor - Passive skill;
  • The buff does not occupy a buff slot.

Note! The limit of people in the "Main" clan has been expanded at all levels from 40 members at all levels, to:

  • 5 clan lvl = 50;
  • 6 clan lvl = 60;
  • 7 clan lvl = 70;
  • 8 clan lvl = 80;
  • 9 clan lvl = 90;
  • 10 clan lvl= 100;
  • 11 clan lvl = 110.


Academy changes
You often cannot find yourself an academy, because the clan leader is not ready to encourage your contribution to the clan in any way? Sound familiar?
We are well aware of this situation and present to your attention a system of rewards for both the clan and graduated academics.

Starting from the second stage, the academician will not automatically leave the clan when taking the 2nd profession and will be able to stay in it until he reaches level 52, and at the third stage - up to level 60.

  • Upon receiving a second profession as an academician, he remains in the clan and receives a special reward:
    • image.php?dm=LRUH.png Proof of Loyalty;
    • Etc_reagent_white_i00_0_panel_2.jpg 50 Greater Healing Potion;
    • 07d363d4423cd1f15aea5b41e4d1.png 100 Ivory Coin;
    • Etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00_0.jpg Family Vitality Pie;
    • Br_fruit_cocktail_i00_0.jpg 3 Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
    • Br_fruit_cocktail_i01_0.jpg 3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail;
    • ?Infinite Respect - Any character who graduates gets +100 of coolness.
  • Upon receiving the 2nd profession as an academician, the clan receives:

    • image.php?dm=LRUH.png Proof of Loyalty;
    • Etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.jpg Clan Reputation Points (CRP).

Important additions:

  • If an academician leaves the clan (academy) he does NOT receive a fine;
  • If the Clan Leader expels an academician from the clan (academy), he (clan) does not receive a fine;
  • The number of places in the academy was increased to 100.
  • The clan from which the academician is graduated also receives 1 image.php?dm=LRUH.png Proof of Loyalty in the clan store.

Note! The limit of people in the "Main" clan has been expanded at all levels from 40 members at all levels, to:

  • 5 clan lvl = 50;
  • 6 clan lvl = 60;
  • 7 clan lvl = 70;
  • 8 clan lvl = 80;
  • 9 clan lvl = 90;
  • 10 clan lvl = 100;
  • 11 clan lvl = 110.



But most importantly, we would like to point out that this is just the beginning. Start of the First Stage of the MasterWork server!
Our ad campaigns will run on full budgets throughout all stages of the server and will continue to work for the unified. More and more community leaders (large and small, from the CIS region, Europe and America, parties and whole clans) pay attention to our project and literally break into the server!
And separately we would like to note, not only the amount of online, but also the quality, because the players who came to play with us have been looking for a server that could please not only with an interesting concept, but also with its duration for a long time.

We are very grateful to you, our players, for the trust and we will try to make the best product together!
Thank you!


with ❤️, E-Global & Averia team.


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