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Black Friday (almost) at MasterWork

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Dear players!

Black Friday was yesterday and we missed it successfully as we were busy fixing, patching and preparing for the next scheduled restart.

However, we will, albeit belatedly, make for you a small sale of 81d81e6b49012acb5a072b8d6717d0d1.png Uniqe Sets under the auspices of Black Friday.

From 28th to 29th of November (inclusively) you can purchase 81d81e6b49012acb5a072b8d6717d0d1.png Uniqe Sets  at your personal account with a -24% discount at a price of 95  image.png Master Coins (instead of 125). The discount will be added to your personal discount.


  • Just came to the server? The kit will help you complete the initial levels!
  • Came earlier, but weren't sure if you should take it? Doubts aside, at a discount it is triple useful!


Thank you for choosing us and MasterWork!
Have a nice weekend? 

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