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MasterWork II: Patch Notes

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Dear friends!

Yesterday our server for MasterWork II Open Tests became available for everyone and immediately broke few records in compare to last year Open Test Server.
In the first few hours (not 24 hours) we got these numbers:

  • Unique players: 1079;
  • Players peak: 721;
  • Characters created: 3601;
  • Master Accounts created: 2528 (before launch);
  • Game Accounts created: 4239 (before launch).


As a tradition with Open Test also starts our server event called Patch Notes that will be active during server lifetime.
Thanks to anyone who already joined, but if you did not enter the game yet don't miss your chance to test game client and different concept features to be ready for server launch.








skill0255.png Skills

  • Fixed new transformations of skill1331.png Warlock, skill1332.png Elemental Summoner and skill1333.png Phantom Summoner;
  • Ability skill10262.png Lightning Courage temporary unavailable. Will be added later after technical fixes.
  • Ability skill_agathion_special.pngAgathion Special Skill - Wind Walk Ability from pi_high_agathion_bracelet_i00.pngpannel_a1.pngAutoloot Agathion - Family Guardian (starter package) will not work during Grand Olympiad
  • Support magic (buffs) from OBT Manager skill1363.pngChant of Victory, skill1356.pngProphecy of Fire, skill1355.pngProphecy of Water and other now has correct parameters. 



  • Talismans will be divided into several levels and will upgrade upon server stage transition (same as image.png Item Skills etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Life Stone)
    • etc_talisman_i01.pngtime_tab.pngBlue Talisman - Divine Protection now gives 1200 p.def and 900 m.def (down from 3600 and 2700);
    • etc_talisman_i00.pngtime_tab.pngRed Talisman - Life Force now restores 50% HP and 30% MP (down from 100%);
    • etc_talisman_i00.pngtime_tab.pngRed Talisman of Maximum Clarity now only has 50% of its effect (down from 100%).
  • In the nearest future we will also update talisman icons to make them more clear and easy to use.


Etc cross of einhasad i00 0.jpg Other

  • Fixed descriptions for various skills and items;
  • Game localization. We actively work on Russian and Chinese in-game languages, sometime it causes item or skill descriptions become unreadable. We are trying to fix it as soon as possible. We recommend you to use Updater more frequently. You can download updater here.



And this is only beginning 😉
Few days before server launch you can spend on our Open Test Server where you can compete with other players in Grand Olympiad games 24/7 including 3v3 arenas, or find a group to test instance-zones.
Join us and lets make MasterWork II best server together!




with ❤️, E-Global & Averia


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Dear friends,

Open test server is at full swing and still available for all players.
More detailed stats will be posted later, closer to server launch but here is how many players already played on Open Test Server:

  • Unique game accounts: 6163;
  • Unique master accounts: 3638.

Here is another portion of changes already implemented during open tests




Skill4295 0.jpg NPC

Blacksmith Pushkin (Giran Town) no longer provides services:

  • Unsealing skill0242.png А+ grade. Available at Mammon;
  • Creating dual swords skill0242.png А+ grade. Available at Mammon;
  • Inserting etc_soul_stone_i00.png SA 11+ levels. Available at Mammon;
  • Unsealing Foundation А+ grade items. Available at Mammon;
  • Inserting image.png Noblesse stones into Vesper armor;
  • Recipe cost etc_adena_i00.pngAdena increased to Gracia prices.

Still provides services:

  • Materials crafting for Adena;
  • Adding SA to weapons, creating dual swords D/C/B grade, unsealing Foundation B-grade and a lot more.
  • That's just easy and handy! 😉


etc_crystal_green_i00.png Luxory Store assortment changed according server concept. Other skill0240.png С-gr. (weapon_homunkuluss_sword_i00.pngHomunkulus's Sword and other) will be added after first mammons.





Etc quest account reward i00 0.jpg Items

Now all armor_t71_ul_i00.png Doom armor sets will also provide additional resistance to Root Hold (same as Nightmare and Imperial Crusader).

accessory_academy_i00.png Academy Circlet will now provide passive effect for characters that complete Academy

  • Lowers death XP loss penalty up to character level 75, works even when not equipped.





accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Grand Olympiad

Rewards for participating in Grand Olympiad changed according to Interlude: etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.png Noblesse Gate Pass

  • Hero abilities, weapons and other items according to stage description.





etc_talisman_i02.pngtime_tab.png Talismans

Pool of available talismans will be updated gradually.

  • Stage 1-60 there will be 5 types of talismans and DP, MC, LF - will be reworked and price reduced;
  • Stage 61-72 yellow (passive) talismans will be added;
  • Stage 73-79+ all talismans will be available.
  • Talismans that will be available during first stage currently available at NPC Butler





skill1177.png Skills

Changed skill1331.png Warlock's summon skill11370.png Mew the Cat active ability. Now instead of Wind Strike summon will use Flame Strike, that has fire attack attribute instead of wind.

Now skill1323.png Noblesse Blessing will be available in any transformation. 





Skill4299 0.jpg Monsters

  • Raid Bosses respawn time lowered to 15 minutes for OBT duration;
  • Location Silent Valley now works according to first stage;
  • On the launch day monsters respawn delay will be lowered for your comfort;
  • Removed some unnecessary monsters. We want to remind you that one or two weeks after launch newly created characters will appear in a special starting zone near Gludio town. Academy perks will be improved (rewards, levels, Academy Favor). After Kamael update newly created characters will appear in Ancient Arcane City with special starting zone.






with ❤️, E-Global & Averia



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Dear players!

Next restart on Open Test Server will bring number of changes.



image.png Rates

Now you can level up your character up to level 61. Now you have access to:

  • Testing experience gain after level 60 with x0.1 rates;
  • Grand Olympiad, GvG and other tests with level 61 and access to A-grade equipment.





family_coin_i00.pngControl Panel

New payment system became available in account control panel.
We also want to point out that old and newly added payment systems are being added because of some restrictions on a legal side and copyright issues. We are doing our best to bring you more options for balance replenishment.

Other important thing is payment system commissions. They became higher but it doesn't depend on us or payment systems. New tax rules made payment system process more complicated which lead to such changes. Payment system owners and our project completely understand that but we can't really do much about that.





Skill4295 0.jpg NPC

NPC Adventurers' Guide (club) teleports list updated according to server concept;


NPC Master Tome now will stay in all 3 spots at the same time without teleportation.





image.png Classes

Now you can take any class as your sub class, all restrictions removes, excluding Kamaels.

  • Cooldown restrictions for skill1427.png Flames of Invincibility will be added later.

Fixed number of quests for 2nd profession.

  • Do not forget that you can also get profession from NPC Butler for etc_adena_i00.pngAdena and family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.

Now Skill 10801 2.jpg Counter Snipe Shot and counter_pawer_shot.png Counter Power Shot will not replace each other.




image.png Miscellaneous

Client and server optimization. 

  • Other thing that we wanted to talk about. We are working a lot to optimize server performance. This is very important work that takes a lot of our time.

We also recommend you to use Updater, to have latest client files. Download here.





with ❤️, E-Global & Averia



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Dear friends!


Test server is in full swing! Already five thousands new Master Accounts were created!
We are really happy that you are not just waiting for the launch day but also testing everything and help us fix issued. The results of our teamwork and new update below in this post!



aden.png Open Test Server

  • Level cap increased to 72. Server rates set according to the first server stage (1-60) so you can test your starting route with launch day rates. Classes, Olympiad, GvG fights, farming spots you can test with level 72.





image.png Items

  • accessary_necklace_of_black_ore_i00.png Jewelry
    • Reworked (added) foundation jewelry starting from skill0241.png B-gr. And already available in OBT manager store.
    • Foundation jewelry breakdown (accessary_adamantite_necklace_i00.png Adamantite / accessary_necklace_of_black_ore_i00.png BO / accessary_phoenixs_necklace_i00.png Phoenix / accessary_inferno_necklace_i00.png MJ / accessory_tateossian_necklace_i00.png ТТ).
      • accessory_tateossian_ring_i00.png Rings: 
        • + 3/4/5/6/7% Hold resistance;
        • + 1/2/3/4/5% Physical crit. power.
      • accessory_tateossian_earring_i00.png Earrings: 
        • + 3/4/5/6/7% Stun resistance;
        • + 3/4/5/6/7% Mental resistance (including Fear and Silence).
      • accessory_tateossian_necklace_i00.png Necklace:
        • + 1/2/3/4/5% Elemental resistance (all elements);
        • + 3/4/6/8/10% Resistance to Paralysis and Sleep.


  • etc_cp_potion_i01.png CP Potion
    • Fixed CP potions delay (3 seconds according to description). 


  • etc_scroll_gray_i00.png Scrolls
    • Added 10 seconds cooldown to etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01.pngBlessed Scroll of Resurrection .


  • etc_talisman_i02.pngtime_tab.png Talismans
    • Added new icons for 32_lifeforce.jpg Talismans;
    • List of talismans that will be available on the first stage currently available at NPC Butler.


  • Etc_question_mark_i00_0.jpg Unidentified items
    • During the first stage all equipment (weapons, armor, jewelry) B-grade dropped from monsters, Raid Bosses and instance-zones will drop as Unidentified, that can be unsealed by double clicking on an item. You will receive either regular version or Foundation (Rare/MasterWork) item. 
    • Chance to get foundation item is much lower than getting MW item when crafting. 
    • Epic Bosses on the first stage will drop Unidentified A-grade items.
    • On the second stage monsters, bosses and instance-zone bosses will drop B+A-gr items, Epic Bosses will drop S-grade. This rule will be applied next stage up to S84 grade on HighFive.





image.png NPC

  • l2store.png L2 Store
    • In-game shop (screen button) ready for MasterWork II launch


  • etc_crystal_green_i00.png Luxury Shop
    • Assortment changed according to server concept of the first stage. New items like weapon_homunkuluss_sword_i00.pngHomunkulus's Sword will be added with first mammons
    • Do not forget that you can purchase Soul Crystals etc_soul_stone_i00.png 4-10 levels or exchange Soul Crystals 11-11, 12-12, 13-13 (color)


  • image.png NPC Blacksmith Pushkin
    • Blacksmith Pushkin now can upgrade your regular weapon to foundation version of it.
    • On the first stage only B-grade Neolithic Crystals will be available (Epic Bosses drop).
    • Crystals of higher grades will be available on the next stages, B-grade Crystals will drop from regular Raid Bosses.


  • etc_ancient_adena_i00.png NPC Black market Mammon \ Merchant Mammon \ Blacksmith Mammon
    • Disabled purchasing etc_ancient_adena_i00.png АА for etc_adena_i00.pngAdena at Black Marketer up to High Five;
    • Added Ancient Adena, Ivory Coins and Noblesse Gate Passes to OBT manager shop;
    • Mammons added to Giran Town. 
    • Disabled exchanging of skill0241.png B for B-gr weapons. Will be added on Gracia according to server concept.
      • Rules: Physical weapon can be only changed to physical weapon, same for magical weapons.


  • skill5239.png Events schedule
    • November 12 - catacombs opened for everyone;
      • Monsters that drop etc_wind_rune_i00.png seal stones will not spawn.
    • November 15 - start of sign period;
    • November 22 - first mammons will appear;
    • November 29 - new items will be added to Luxury Shop 





image.png Misc

  • Learning skills
    • Skills auto learning active for characters 1-39, starting from level 40 will require spellbook and SP.


  • Quests
    • Fixed several profession change quests


  • Item description
    • Fixed description for many items B/A/S grade.


  • Geo data fixes
    • Due to server stages concept some locations are supposed to be changed in future and have some passing issues. We are working to remove invisible walls and other objects.
    • Skyshadow Meadow invisible obstacles removed.


  • Mobile game MW Epic Quest.png MasterWork: Epic Quest
    • We've made rewards for playing!
      • First, second and sixth bonus codes can be activated on launch day, November 12 at 20:00!
        • Personal reward for installing the game;
        • Personal reward for encountering The Boss for the first time;
        • Personal reward for completing the game.
      • Third, fourth and fifth bonus codes:
        • Personal reward for encountering the boss for the second time - can be activated on November 19;
        • Personal reward for encountering the boss for the third time - can be activated on November 26;
        • Personal reward for encountering the boss for the fourth time - can be activated on December 3.
    • NOTE: codes can be activated for one character for 100 times but all rewards issued as 7-days chests with infinite cooldown. You will just lose your rewards if you will try to abuse the system.
    • Missed Valakas on MasterWork 2020? Get your revenge in mobile game!


  • Game client files
    • A lot of work made towards files localization;
    • Fixed descriptions of many items, skills and other;
    • Do not forget to update your game client to have all latest files. We also recommend you to use Updater more frequently. Download here.





with ❤️, E-Global & Averia

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Server will be launched on Friday, 12.11.21 at 20:00 server time



Dear friends,


This is the last update with Patch Notes for Open Test Server. But not the last for MasterWork! Our regular players know for sure that we doing frequent fixes and updates in every game aspect that requires it. All changes that we are making is a mix of our experience and your feedback, wishes and reports.
Few words about Test Server:


  • Total 13.960 Game Accounts created
  • Total 11687 PvP
  • Total 1568 PK
  • Total 23610 Characters created
  • Total 214 Clans created
  • Total 64 Alliances created
  • 160 different characters achieved Hero status

Currency spent during OBT

  • 1.353.603.580 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
  • 18.207.743.683 etc_pig_adena_i01.pngIvory Coin;
  • 20.479.225.415 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena.





👁️‍🗨️ MasterWork II start

On Friday, 12.11.21 at 20:00 server time MasterWork II launches
Character creation will be available approximately hour before launch (without access to the game world).
You will be able to choose nickname, hairstyle, race, class and transfer your items from account Control Panel to your character.
Do not ignore this feature, it will help you prepare and don't waste your time when every minute is important.





🔧 MasterWork team launch preparations

We have done a lot of work on increasing server's bandwidth and client-server interaction.
Year ago we were not prepared to meet so many players that chose our project that was real hype. We quickly changed physical server for a more powerful one which helped us to handle the load.
This year it not the same, we started our preparations 6 months ago and it's not only physical server.

We managed to extend networking and make it 5 times better than it was also connect it to ports on l2 server itself. A lot of work done on packets that client sends to server, that helped significantly reduce lags and delays when more 1500 players meet in the same location and use different abilities. This and many other features helped us to increase maximum server capacity for players. 
We also managed to make offline traders count as not connected player. This change also enabled more space for players.

Queue system added for your convenience. 
This system will not be enabled from server start. We hope that we can process all connections without queue but if there will be too many players, we can enable it without server restarts. 

Why we are worried that this won't solve the problem completely?
First of all we want to point our that we've done things that original developers could not implement. That is true, we have done a lot of work but the real test is actual server launch with real players.
We expect many more players this year since community hype about Masterwork grown which means we will have to handle more than last year.
Work is done, tests are over and server security is set and we hope that it is enough.

We are not gonna stop working on server optimization and we really hope you support us. 
Together we are making history. Thank you for your trust, we will work harder not to let you down!





⚔️ Boxes on launch day

This is one of the frequently asked questions.
On the launch day and during server lifetime this numbers will change depending on server stage and load.
How many boxes can i load on start?
You will be able to simultaneously load 1+2 clients, but it can be reduced to 1+1 or even to only one client.
This will only depend on server bandwidth limitations.
The more unique players connected to server and server is closer to it's maximum capacity, the less boxes are available.





skill1177.png Skills

  • All skill1155.png AoE skills will now "flag" character if it's used next to other flagged character. 
    • Previously some of skills did not flag players. We've decided to make all AoE skills to flag players
  • Skill 1609 3.jpg Full Swing now works correctly (according to concept) and decreases only PvP damage with two-handed sword.





image.png Items

  • Added unidentified items to monsters and bosses drop according to server concept.
    • During first stage all B-grade weapons and armors will drop as unidentified items. Double click on an item to identify it. You will either get regular item or its Rare version with small chance! 
    • Unidentified equipment grade will increase as server goes into later stages. A-grade for second stage, S-grade for third and so on;
    • Some of bosses (Queen Ant, Orfen and Core) will have chance to drop unidentified A-grade weapons during first stage.





Skill4299 0.jpg Monsters

  • Number of monsters in starting locations and quest monsters increased
  • Monsters respawn time also reduced
  • Catacombs will be available from server start, but monsters that drop etc_fire_rune_i00.png Seal Stone will not spawn
    • Monsters:
      • 1 - 19 levels: spawns two times faster (30 seconds instead of 60);
      • 20 - 60 levels: respawn increases with level, from "2 times faster to regular spawn time" (monster level 30 old respawn: 60 seconds, new: ~37 seconds; monster level 60 spawn time is 60 seconds).
    • Raid bosses
      • 1 - 39 levels: respawn time from 16 +-4 to 8 +-2 hours;
      • 40 - 51 levels: respawn time from 16 +-4 to 12 +- 3 hours;
      • 52+ bosses respawn time 16 +- 4 hours.





point.png Forum navigation






with ❤️, E-Global & Averia


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Dear friends!

MasterWork II server has been successfully launched and that was something incredible...
As we said before, our predictions was that there will be more players than last year. This time more than 5500 players started on the launch day and more than 6000 unique players on the next day in total. This numbers already overwhelming but at the moment this text is written current server online is 7257 players and it can be even more by the time you finish reading this text  😉 
(This post took a bit more time than expected, new online peak: 7.800 players)
What is important to know is that traders don't count as players online (they are removed from the server online pool that also allows more players to log in). That is important, because Giran is already full of traders 🙂

We want to thank everyone for your support! We will work harder to bring you best quality content so you can spend your time with comfort. Thank you!




Now it's time for first live server update and patch notes 🙃
New fixes, old functions and other features. Enjoy!




image.png Important changes

  • etc_fire_rune_i00.png Seven Signs
    • Various catacomb system changes.
    • Now winning of one faction (Dusk or Dawn) will not restrict access to catacombs or necropolis for losing side and will only affect boss spawned: Lilith or Anakim. Festival of dusk has been disabled.
    • List of changes:
      • Catacomb access won't be restricted for any faction;
      • Depending on a faction that scored more points, that faction boss will spawn: Lilith or Anakim;
      • De buff effect that is applied to faction members who scored less points now will be only applied on entering boss area;
      • Festival of Dusk disabled.
  • image.png Item Broker
    • New feature added: Item Broker, which is available from Actions menu (Alt+C) -> Basic -> image.png Item Broker (/finditem);
    • This feature allows you to find items on the market without displaying its price;
    • Search range is within the town you activate action;
    • Enjoy 😉
        Reveal hidden contents

  • ⚔️ Number of boxes available
    • On the launch day and during server lifetime this numbers will change depending on server stage and load.
    • You will be able to simultaneously load 1+2 clients, but it can be reduced to 1+1 or even to only one client.
    • This will only depend on server bandwidth limitations.
    • The more unique players connected to server and server is closer to it's maximum capacity, the less boxes are available.
  • new_reward.png Easter Eggs
    • Introducing new feature on our server - Easter Eggs.
    • On our server Easter Eggs are hidden NPC all over game world in some secret places. They can refer to memorable events or just be in some places where you don't expect to find something unusual.
      Reward for finding an Easter Egg can be useful consumables or some certain item.

                      There are two types of Easter Eggs:

  • Single-use - only available to the first player to find an Easter Egg. Discovery will be announced in the global system chat;
  • Unlimited use - available to all players but can be only used once per character. 
  • Learn more in a separate topic.
  • Cube upgrade 0.jpg Improvements
    • Game localization improvements;
    • Improved descriptions of items and skills.





image.png Clan

  • New system CW.png Auto-War
  • With this system we are fixing potential issues with clans that not declare war but killing opposing clan members. 
  • How this system works:
    • If a clan don't accept declared clan war but kills opposing clan members, war will automatically start after 100 kills;
    • If a clan did not kill any opposing clan member for 24 hours, war will end automatically. Timer will be reset with each killed enemy.





skill1177.png Classes and skills

  • Mass buffs Prophet, Eleven Elder and Shillien Elder will be available with every new level of regular buffs.
  • Classes Dark Avenger and Shillen Knight got new skills skill0480.png Dark Weapon and skill0481.png Dark Armor when transformed with skill0810.png Vanguard.
  • Fixed issue with summoner skills cooldown when target can't be seen.





image.png Monsters and NPC

  • In Giran Castle Town you can find NPC mobile.png Mobile Manager, that will help you activate your bonus codes from mobile game MW Epic Quest.png MasterWork: Epic Quest.
  • We want to remind you that number of monsters in starting locations was increased and their respawn time reduced.
  • Number of quest monsters for the most quest was increased.





image.png Instance zones

Fixed ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n1.pngRim-Kamaloka. Now monsters and rewards work as intended.





dark_plate_costume.png Costumes

Costumes visuals fixes. Now everything is displayed correctly, including brooch.


point.png Forum navigation


Don not forget that you can track server statistics on Control Panel., streams in Media section, find good company (clan or a group) on Recruitment section on forum.



with ❤️, E-Global & Averia



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Dear friends,

Today we are going tu publish extremely small Patchnote, which is needed to make some changes to provide more comfortable gameplay for parties and clans in mass events or other actions.




skill1177.png Skills

  • Skills by Bishop class Bishop skill1505.pngSublime Self-Sacrifice was partially reworked.
  • Now it going to provide following bonuses:
    • 1st level of skill (60 lvl)
      • 100% HP and 15% MP for clan and alliance;
      • 5 seconds for Invulnerability (analogue skill1418.pngCelestial Shield) for alliance;
      • Application time - 6 sec.
    • 2nd level of skill (74 lvl)
      • 100% CP, 100% HP and 25% MP for clan and alliance;
      • 10 seconds for Invulnerability (analogue skill1418.pngCelestial Shield) for alliance;
      • Application time - 5 sec.
    • 3rd level of skill (83 lvl)
      • 100% CP, HP, MP for clan and alliance;
      • 15 seconds for Invulnerability (analogue skill1418.pngCelestial Shield) for alliance;
      • Application time - 4 sec.
    • All other parameters of the skill remained unchanged.





image.png Items

  • All armor_t59_ul_i00.png Avadon and armor_t65_u_i00.png Zubei sets are not working correctly with {PvP} bonuses.






point.png Forum navigation


Don not forget that you can track server statistics on Control Panel., streams in Media section, find good company (clan or a group) on Recruitment section on forum.



with ❤️, E-Global & Averia

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Dear friends!

Our team working on server and you probably waiting for us to find solution and fix game lag during events. This is the most important thing we are currently working on and we already managed to reduce packets size and increase processing speed. Today we implemented new update and after that we tested it together with you. Test results are very positive and we hope that the update will reduce server load and game delays during events  🙃
While programmers working on performance we have time to bring you other updates and patch notes🙂.

Starting from 1st of October 922 commits were made on SVN\Git. But work on MasterWork II started even before October and will last for months!
We also want to point out that not every change is described in this topic because they can be not really important or fixed long before you could encounter them. Do not forget to use our Updater, a lot of changes usually made without announcement or server restarts.





image.png Important

  • It's been over the week since server launch. Epic Bosses level increased to level 60 according to server concept;
  • Item Broker system added recently. You can find it in action menu or chat command  /finditem. 
  • Details:
    • This function can be accessed from Actions (Alt+C) -> Basic -> image.png Item Broker (/finditem);
      basic action.png
    • Allows you to search for specific items without price displayed;
    • Prices are not displayed for a reason. This is an instrument to find specific item without impact on server economy;
    • Search range is within the town you activate action;
    • You can choose item type, grade and enchant;
    • You can also switch sellers finder to buyers finder, crafting or package sale.
        Reveal hidden contents





image.png Clans

  • Temporary disabled CW.png Auto-War system.
    • Если у вас были отменены некоторые или все односторонние войны - необходимо объявить их повторно.
  • Buff skill19004.pngAcademy Favor now available for academy members.
    • Note that other academy bonuses are not yet available, academy member will quit academy automatically upon reaching level 40 (with second class).




family_coin_i00.pngButler and Control Panel

  • Reduced prices for some services at NPC butler.png Butler:
    • First profession price reduced from 10 to 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • Second profession price reduced from 50 to 30 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.
  • Reduced prices for some items NPC butler.png Butler and on Control Panel (also L2Store):
    • br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_d_i00.png Soulshot Pack D-Grade (5000) - reduced from 3 to 2 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_c_i00.png  Soulshot Pack C-Grade (5000) - reduced from 6 to 3 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_b_i00.png Soulshot Pack B-Grade (3000) - reduced from 9 to 4 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_a_i00.png Soulshot Pack A-Grade (2000) - reduced from 12 to 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • br_cash_pack_of_soulshot_s_i00.png  Soulshot Pack S-Grade (2000) - reduced from 15 to 10 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
    • br_box_beast_soul_shot_i00.png Beast Soulshot Pack (5000) - reduced from 3 to 2 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin.
  • We also want to remind you that  viRUS_132_i00.png Autumn Legendary Costume is available and can be only purchased on Control Panel.
    • Note that later another costume winter_legendary_costume.png Winter Legendary Costume will become available.
    • We prepared Autumn Costume review for you!






Skill4299 0.jpg Monsters

  • New items added to Dicor (47 lv.) and Perum (48 lv.) drop lists:
    • etc_piece_of_cloth_red_i00.pngDemon's Boots Fabric;
    • armor_t54_b_i00.pngDemon's Boots;
    • etc_piece_of_cloth_red_i00.pngDemon's Gloves Fabric;
    • armor_t54_g_i00.pngDemon's Gloves.
  • New items idded to Torfe (49 lv.) spoil:
    • etc_piece_of_cloth_red_i00.pngDemon's Gloves Fabric.





skill1177.png Classes and Skills

  • Changed levels for Overlord skill1282.pngPa'agrian Haste learn levels;
  • Now can be learned:
    • Level 1 - 48 character level;
    • Level 2 - 58 character level.
  • Now skill1427.png Overlord and skill0248.png Warsmith can be chosen as sub class;
    • Later number of changes will be implemented to make this sub classes fair.
  • Some skills description fixed;
  • Localization improvements for some skills.





image.png Items

  • Fixed bless_scroll_r99.pngNoblesse Scroll. Now correct scroll will disappear upon using;
  • Fixed cloaks, costumes and head accessories visuals. Wear them and be cool 🙂 
  • Fixed description of some items;
  • Items localization improvements.





image.png Message from Support

Hello, dear players! First of all we want to thank you for choosing our project. We as our technical team also working hard to give your proper support service.
From the launch of MasterWork II more than 2000 tickets created (not including forum and Telegram), about 1880 of them already solved and closed, rest of them are in process and will be closed soon. 

Based on our experience and analysis we can tell that the most of tickets created by players are related to game client updates with Full or Fast Check via Updater, choosing the right server on Control Panel or any other minor problems. 
We want to ask all players to carefully check client updates and use updater frequently. 

But if you have any kind of problem related to our project, feel free to contact Support! We are always glad to help you with any problems.
Thank you for your attention and trust.





point.png Forum navigation


Do not forget that you can track server statistics on Control Panel., streams in Media section, find good company (clan or a group) on Recruitment section on forum.




with ❤️, E-Global & Averia


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Dear friends!

Latest battles for Epic Bosses were laggy but this time it was better than first time.
Our team found potential issue that causes all server lags during this battles and we are already working on finding solution. This work takes time and we will try to do it during next 4 days.
That is true that we have done huge work but it's not what you expect and to be honest we don't expect it to be like this either. Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it! 

And here is small Patch with good changes for newcomers 🙂



image.png New characters

  • Now all characters will get package of useful items that will make your journey easier:
    • Items depending on a character's class:
      • weapon_long_sword_i00.pngpve_tab.pngApprentice Adventurer's Long Sword;
      • weapon_club_i00.pngpve_tab.pngApprentice Adventurer's Bone Club;
      • weapon_vipers_canine_i00.pngpve_tab.pngApprentice Adventurer's Cestus;
      • weapon_shining_knife_i00.pngpve_tab.pngApprentice Adventurer's Knife;
      • weapon_apprentices_staff_i00.pngpve_tab.pngApprentice Adventurer's Staff.
    • Consumables:
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.png 3Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.png 3Fresh Fruit Cocktail;
      • etc_reagent_white_i00.pngpanel_2.png 50Greater Healing Potion;
      • etc_spirit_bullet_white_i00.png 2000 Soulshot: No Grade;
      • etc_spell_shot_white_i01.png 1000 Blessed Spiritshot: No Grade.
    • Boosters:
      • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_3.png 3Box with Rune of Exp+Sp 30% 1 hour (1-64 lvl);
      • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.png 1Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss);
      • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Maintaining Potion;
      • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Replenishing Potion.
    • Improved early level rewards in star.pngAchievements (in addition to current bonuses):
      • 10 etc_reagent_white_i00.pngpanel_2.pngGreater Healing Potion for level 5
      • 15 etc_reagent_white_i00.pngpanel_2.pngGreater Healing Potion for level 20.


  • All already existing characters form level 1 to level 39 will get bonuses:
    • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.png 100MW Healing Potion;
    • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_5.png 1Box with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% 1 hour (1-64 lvl);
    • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Maintaining Potion;
    • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Replenishing Potion;
    • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.png 3Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
    • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.png 3Fresh Fruit Cocktail.





accessory_academy_i00.pngpanel_academy.png Academy

  • Academy - one of the important things for new players. We have done big update for this system so it will help you to develop your character much easier and find a clan. This bonuses will supply you with good items for character development and academy itself will help to socialize!
    • Academy member will not be withdrawn from an academy upon reaching second profession, but also will get useful items:
      • etc_broken_crystal_red_i00.pngpannel_rotten.png 2Proof of Loyalty;
      • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.png 50MW Healing Potion;
      • etc_pig_adena_i01.png 100Ivory Coin;
      • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_3.png 1Box with Rune of Exp+Sp 30% 1 hour (1-64 lvl);
      • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.png 1Vitality Maintaining Potion;
      • br_vitality_potion_i01.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Replenishing Potion;
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.png 2Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.png 2Fresh Fruit Cocktail;
      • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n2.png 1Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss).
    • Upon reaching level 48 academy member will be withdrawn from academy and will get another reward:
      • image.php?dm=LRUH.png 1 Proof of Loyalty;
      • br_cash_greater_healing_potion_i00.png 100 MW Healing Potion;
      • 07d363d4423cd1f15aea5b41e4d1.png 150 Ivory Coin;
      • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_5.pngBox with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% 1 hour (1-64 lvl);
      • br_vitality_potion_i00.pngpanel_sa.png 2Vitality Maintaining Potion;
      • Etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00_0.jpg 1 Family Vitality Pie;
      • ticket_i00.pngpanel_star_n3.pngExtra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss);
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i00.png 3 Sweet Fruit Cocktail;
      • br_fruit_cocktail_i01.png 3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail.
    • When academy member acquires second profession clan will get:
      • image.php?dm=LRUH.png 1 Proof of Loyalty;
      • Etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.jpg Clan Reputation Points (CRP).
  • If you leave clan academy you will not get penalty;
  • If academy member gets kicked by clan leader, he will not get penalty;
  • Academy slots increased to 100.

And more,

  • We want to remind you that academy members are affected by  spacer.png Academy Favor, which provides bonuses:
    • Casting speed +30%. Attack speed +15% (Rhythm of Rage)
    • Speed +20. Maximum HP +30% (Rhythm of Body)
      • Note! You cannot be affected by Rhythm of Rage and Rhythm of Body until you leave an academy.


  • You can find Clan or Academy with Сlan Entry system;
  • This is special tool for players looking for a clan. Clan leaders at the same time can find new clan or academy members
  • image.php?di=US6H.gif

      Reveal hidden contents





l2store.png L2Store

Assortment updated.

  • 1 etc_cake_of_wheatlfour_i00.pngpanel_sa.pngMW Vitality Pie once per day new price 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin (was 7);
  • 1 br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.pngpanel_star_5.pngBox with Rune of Exp+Sp 50% (1-64 lvl) once per day- 5 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
  • Now available etc_badge_gold_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with Marks of Giants & Titans - 15 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
  • Now available bookmark_book_i00.pngpannel_unconfirmed.pngBox with "My Teleport" Items - 25 family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin;
  • Now available etc_scroll_of_return_castle_i00.pngScroll of Escape: Fortress  - 500 etc_adena_i00.pngAdena.





image.png FAQ

  • etc_ancient_adena_i00.png Items exchange at Mammon
    • All C-grade weapons can be upgraded
      • Note! Enchant resets upon upgrade
    • When exchanging c-grade.png C-grade for a weapon of the same quality (Low->Low, Mid->Mid, Top->Top) enchant won't reset.
    • Exchanging b-grade.png B-grade weapons become available with transition to Gracia stage.
      • Note! Rules for b-grade.png B-grade weapons exchange are: physical weapons can only be traded for physical, same rules for magical items.
  • etc_crystal_green_i00.png Luxury Shop
    • Weapons Low and Mid c-grade.png C-grade will be added to Luxury Shop after first mammons will disappear Мамоны.
  • Fame_1.png {PVP} items
    • You can enhance your armor with PVP effect starting from b-grade.png B-grade (all);
    • You can enhance your weapon with PVP effect starting from Best a-grade.png A-grade.
      • Please note! Best a-grade.png A-grade is not weapon_sword_of_miracle_i00.pngSword of Miracles, but weapon_tongue_of_themis_i00.pngThemis' Tongue(same for other weapon types).
  • Etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.jpg Sieges
    • First castle sieges will take place on November 28.
      • First:
        • Gludio Castle;
        • Dion Castle.
      • Second:
        • Giran Castle;
        • Oren Castle.
    • First Clan Hall sieges will take place on November 26 at 20:00.
  • ench_am_stone_i00.png Lucky Enchant Stone
    •  ench_wp_stone_i02.png Lucky Enchant Stone - Can be obtained from:
      • Grand Olympiad;
      • Epic Bosses.
  • etc_warding_orb_black_i00.png MasterWork Crystal 
    • You can obtain image.png MasterWork Crystal - B-grade from Epic Bosses.
      • Note! Crystal will be added to Raid Bosses drop on later stages.
  • etc_soul_stone_i00.png Soul Crystal
    • Crystals can absorb souls up to level 12 with 5% chance for every party member in particular:
      • Tanatos;
      • Kandra;
      • Roaring Skylancer;
      • Beast Lord Behemoth;
      • Meanas Anor;
      • Antharas Priest Cloe;
      • Eilhalder von Hellmann.




point.png Forum navigation


Do not forget that you can track server statistics on Control Panel., streams in Media section, find good company (clan or a group) on Recruitment section on forum.





with ❤️, E-Global & Averia


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Dear friends!

Our developers keep on working to improve server performance. Currently results are still not satisfying but already better than before, and we don't stop working!
We have also done work on client optimization that improves in-game FPS. If you still encounter low FPS we recommend using Light Patch, which can be found in our Updater.

Now let's get to Patch Notes! 🙃





image.png Sieges

  • Due to high server population another castle was enabled for sieges - Innadril.
    • Day:
      • Gludio Castle;
      • Dion Castle.
    • Evening:
      • Giran Castle;
      • Oren Castle;
      • Innadril Castle (new).





etc_ancient_adena_i00.png Catacombs and Necropolis (Seven Signs)

  • Now all players have access to catacombs without register in the Seven Signs event.
  • We also want to remind you about previous Seven Signs changes:
    • Now winning of one faction (Dusk or Dawn) will not restrict access to catacombs or necropolis for losing side and will only affect boss spawned: Lilith or Anakim. Festival of dusk has been disabled.
    • List of changes:
      • Catacomb access won't be restricted for any faction;
      • Depending on a faction that scored more points, that faction boss will spawn: Lilith or Anakim;
      • De buff effect that is applied to faction members who scored less points now will be only applied on entering boss area;
      • Festival of Dusk disabled.





skill1177.png Skills

  • Now mounting ability no longer takes buff slots.
    • Active skill action219.pngetc_level_panel_lv1.pngDistract Attention also won't take buff slots.
  •  Skill 10801 2.jpg Counter Snipe Shot no longer takes buff slot.
  • Skills description and localization improvements.





image.png Items

  • Now success in Soul Crystal enchanting on Raid Bosses will be announced for all nearby players.
  • Increased M.Def of accessary_ring_of_mana_i00.pngPioneers Ring and br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngMW rings:
    • accessary_ring_of_mana_i00.pngPioneers Ring now provides 24 M.Def (instead of 18);
    • br_wedding_ring_f_i00.pngGreater MW Ring now provides 32 M.Def (instead of24);
    • br_wedding_ring_m_i00.pngBlessed MW Ring now provides 40 M.Def (instead of32).
  • Items description and localization improvements.





wikipedia.png E-Global Wikipedia

  • We want to remind you about our Wikipedia, that contains information about our server. We frequently update and improve it. 
  • A lot of questions regarding Mammons and weapon exchange been asked lately by many players, so we have added special page where you can learn more about weapon exchange.







Forum navigation


Do not forget that you can track server statistics on Control Panel., streams in Media section, find good company (clan or a group) on Recruitment section on forum.





with ❤️, E-Global & Averia




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