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Apache Ant

[Moviemaking Contest] MASTERWORK II

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Hello everyone! Old movie makers contest with some new changes:


  • Bonus codes issued every week;
  • There is a chance to win costume and head accessory;
  • If your video became popular, you get personal cloak with your name on it;

Reminder: there is no format or any restrictions. Just be creative. Vulgar or age-restricted content may be banned though, so please don't make us angry.

Video quality must be minimum 1080p 60 fps with 50mbs bitrate.

Render settings for Sony Vegas 

  Reveal hidden contents


What's inside bonus code:

  • Lucky clover 1-52: 3 pcs
  • Lucky clover 1-64: 2 pcs
  • 100 х GCP, GHP, Ivory
  • 3 of each cocktails
  • Vitality Pie


How to get costume and head accessory?
Make a heartbreaking video and if at least one of admins will react, reward is yours. 


How to get cloak?
If your video became popular in Lineage community and got a lot of views, you can choose your cloak with your picture on it and your text. Picture and text must be appropriate and must not break project rules. Video like this one from the MasterWork 2020 can be a winner.
Simple PvP videos with 9v9 or 9v18 fights are cool and your party or clan members like them but it's not what people remember after years, so try to make really memorable videos. It can be either awesome  performance or video editing.

What if you are not really good at editing?
Make videos helpful and relevant for current server. It can be guides of all kinds that might help other players since we are making our own game where some things is not so obvious. But make sure you are making something unique or bringing best quality content.


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