SE/EE balance in endgame

28.08.2023 17:49 · 423 · TonyHawk


I am a long time SE player and just wanted to give some feedback on the class in endgame.

The given class is very strong and is high demand on stages 1, 2 and 3, though I should mention that they start scaling down as the stages go further and in the end get replaced by other classes. This is not my opinion it is simply the META and that's what i will be focusing on.

Whenever you reach level 83 ¬ most of rechargers will have rerolled at this point to bishop/ judi in a CP environment. While having SE/EE still has its own uses, they get outscaled by other supports.

For example:
1. CC cleanse - bishop has it's CC removal skill but instead of only removing paralyze it removes all CC types.
2. Mana sustain - although you have a infinite way to sustain mana, at that point you have maxed out talismans, bishops provide clan wide 100% mp mana restoration with sub-lime, judicators have a very low cooldown PARTY mana reset and most importantly for rechargers it takes time to channel mana while others classes do it in a very timely manner.
3. Healing - once again bishops just outclass us every time.
4. Crowd Control - bishops have the same block buff skills that se/ee has but the only thing is that they are mass skills, which is by definition better.
5. Buffing - at this stage of the game SE/EE does not provide stats for the party that other META classes do not have.
My proposals:
1. Mass recharge - needs to have level 2 which is learnable on level 83. Skill restores 100% mana FOR PARTY ONLY. ( currently has roughly 1k mana flat value )
2. Thorn Roots - this skill is literally not used by majority of SE players. Cooldown is very long, hit chance very low, impact barely noticeable. My proposal - make the skill enchantable for success chance/ root duration / hp/mp drain amount.
3. Prophecy of Wind/Water - a very good QOL change would be to have a party wide version of this skill just like PRP received earlier.
4. Dryad Root - end game chance of hitting this skill is very low as well. Once again what I am suggesting is buffing the root skills so SE would have a demand in lategame - both as a class the provides root CC and cleans root CC.
5. We could make "Lord of Vampire" a party wide skill that provides p.def/m.def or just add any toggle like judis/tanks have on level 83


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