Instance-boss Core

Basic information

As the server develops, new high-level epic bosses are added, and it is time for the low-level bosses to go on instants to become available for all players.

Masterwork team presents the battle with epic boss Core Inzone Boss Lv. 80 in instance zone format. Assemble a group of like-minded people, defeat the boss and guaranteed an epic accessory!

Entry conditions and cooldown

  • Entrance to Instans: portal in Ancient City Arcan
  • Number of players in the group: 7 - 9
  • Levels of players: 78 — 85
  • Time for passing: 60 minutes. Failed restart available after full zone closure
  • Cooldown: 2 times a week, Wednesday and Saturday

Pay attention!

The Core and Orfen bosses are in the same instance. You can only get one boss in one cooldown.

Related missions

Fight with the Core and Orfen Daily

Defeat Core or Orfen to complete this mission. The entrance to the instance zone is located in Ancient City Arcan

Target list

Orfen Inzone Boss Lv. 82
Core Inzone Boss Lv. 82

Vitality Point x 5 000
SP x 500 000
Fame Point x 150
Attributes Supplies Stones & Crystals x 1
Ivory Coin x 75
Personal Greater Healing Potion x 35
Personal Greater CP Potion x 25

Fighting tactics

Instance map
Green line — how Yalo moves
Orange spot — monster lowering the Core's physical defense
Blue spot — monster lowering the Core's magical defense

After entering the instance the group is in the room of choice. To move to the Core, the group leader must talk to the NPC Yalo To Core

Yalo l2

After choosing a boss, the group will move to the third-floor bridge of the Cruma Tower in parallel dimension. At the end of the bridge you will see a room with monsters. Among the monsters, is running Yalo Key Keeper Lv. 78 . There are rumors that he may turn into a powerful demon. But this is not accurate. Be prepared for the fact that monsters are very strong!

Kill the monsters at the entrance to the room and wait for Yalo to reach you. Use the control skills to detain and kill him. After Yalo’s death, the group leader receives Cruma's Secret Key , which opens a room with the boss.

There are two ways to get into the boss’s room. The first way is you clear the road by killing the monsters one by one. The second way is the tank gathers all the monsters on the way to the door. The group leader opens the room, and the tank turns the monsters into a corner between the columns to the right of the door. The group then kills the monsters with massive skills.

Pay attention!
Monsters see players in a state of invisibility. Sneaking in is not possible!

Once you have dealt with monsters and restored health and mana, you must kill another monster to remove the Core’s invulnerability and lower it's defenses.

Crippled Physical Giant l2
Crippled Magic Giant l2

Pay attention!
Once you hit one of the monsters, the other will disappear. If you try to attack both Minions at the same time, both will disappear irrevocably. Attack only the monster you want!

Both monsters use a mass skill in front of them. To make it easier to kill, it is recommended to aggr the monster not from the rise side, but from the bottom side of it. The monster’s tank aggrieves and leads it into a corner, turning its back to the group.

After death of Henchman, Core loses its invulnerability and gains a permanent debuff that lowers physical or magical defense:

These effects have a common type with some similar actions. For example, after killing the Physical Henchman, you won’t be able to have any effect Hex Lv. 1 on the Core.

Core l2

You can now proceed to kill the boss. Immediately after removing the invulnerability, 10 monsters will appear near the Core, which you’ve already encountered in the previous room. Kill them and attack the boss. The Core is susceptible to any debuffs, but the boss does not harm the players, only waves of monsters present a danger.

Pay attention!
Maximum boss damage is limited to 35 000.

Each time the Core’s health is reduced by 10% a new wave of monsters will appear. How to deal with them decide according to the capabilities of the group. If you are confident in your abilities — continue to attack the Core and use massive skills to get rid of monsters. If your group is not well played and(or) equipped — distract yourself from your boss and kill the monsters.

Pay attention!
Monster aggression against individual characters depends on the amount of personal damage done to the boss. Use this knowledge when choosing boss killing tactics.


In addition to dropping of valuable items, each member of the group receives a reward for killing a boss Core's Box . If at the time of the boss'es death the character’s inventory was full, the box will come by mail.

From the box with some chance you will get random reward:

Pay attention!

15 Core's Soul Fragment and Immortal Ring Stun Resistance S with any effect (mined from Baylor) can be exchanged with Pona Collectioner in Luxore for real Ring of Core C

Enchanted accessories

Parameters Ring of Core C can be improved. More about how to get Enchanted Ring of Core B and Refined Ring of Core A read in article Pona: Jewelry Upgrade.

Pay attention!

The magical protection of Core jewelry changes as the season progresses. The article contains up-to-date information for the end of the season and the Eternal server.

Ring of Core C <Effects>
Max. MP +21
Poison Resistance +20.00%
Poison Chance +20.00%
Accuracy +1
Speed +1

Only one effect is applied when two Rings of Core are equipped and when Enchanted/ Refined Ring of Core is equipped, only the effect of Enchanted/ Refined Ring of Core will be applied.
Enchanted Ring of Core B <Effects>
STR +1, INT +1
P. Crit. Rate +15
Resistance to Poison +30%
Poison Chance +30%
Accuracy +2
Speed +2

Only one effect is applied when two Enchanted Rings of Core are equipped and when Refined Ring of Core is equipped, only the effect of Refined Ring of Core will be applied.
Refined Ring of Core A <Effects>
STR +2, INT +2
P. Crit. Rate +30
Resistance to Poison +40%
Poison Chance +40%
Accuracy +4
Speed +4

Only one effect is applied when two Refined Rings of Core are equipped.

Upgrading SA

After killing boss SA can be upgraded from level 10 to 18, chance of upgrade individual for each party member:




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