Freya. Instance and Epic Boss

... Princess Melissa, of the royal family of Aden, was exiled from the kingdom, accused of using dark magic. Accompanied by a personal guard consisting of knights of Cann, she was sent north, into a labyrinth near the Schuttgart, where she was supposed to serve her sentence...

...Gran Cain's gift became fatal - Melissa could not resist the influence of the forces of the Abyss. Darkness took over her heart and her body turned to ice. The princess became the Snow Queen Freya...


Freya — Epic Boss, with a drop of unique necklace, added to the game in the Freya chronicles.

At High Five chronicles Epic Boss Freya where presented as instance-zone with 2 difficulty modes. Hard mode Blessed Freya rewarded players with unique jewelry and equipment.

All three types of Freya have been implemented and available to players on MasterWork:

  • Instance Freya — for all players
  • Instance Blessed Freya — for high-skilled groups
  • Epic Freya — Epic Boss for strong clans

The drop of each Boss has been reworked and updated for the later stages of the game. The entrance to the Bosses has been simplified. Cooldown of instance zones and the respawn of the Epic Boss were changed.

Entry conditions and cooldown

Related missions

Main mechanics

Mechanics working at all stages of the boss.

Tips for passing

Reflect Magic Lv. 1 returns damage from magical skills. Be careful when using magic. Freya only uses Reflect Magic at Stage 3.

Archer's Breath Lv. 85 dangerous for the entire group. His skill can freeze characters. It is necessary to destroy the Archer's Breaths as soon as possible.

Archery Knight Lv. 85 does not look dangerous itself, but if you don’t keep an eye on them, it may spawn too many. Protect yourself from knights by choosing a convenient place for battle.

Often players kill Freya at the place where she appears, and not in the center of the hall, since it is more convenient to defend there from knights running from all sides.

Eternal Blizzard Lv. 1 — Freya's ultimate skill can kill the entire group. When you use a skill, a warning message appears on the screen.

Use Frozen Core when Freya is more than halfway through the spell, otherwise, the invulnerability effect may end too early.

Black Frozen Core removed after use.

Frozen Core has a cooldown of 20 minutes.

Frozen Cores cannot be used by the same character several times in a row. To avoid misunderstandings, before starting the instance, agree about the order in which the Frozen Cores will be used.

Fireplace Lv. 1 — buff, received from a Bonfire on Epic Freya will protect you from debuffs and cancel them if they already exist.

During the battle, try to stay close to the Bonfires.

Cold Air Lv. 1 and other unique Freya buffs can cancel out your character's main buffs.

In total, you can get up to four unique buffs based on different mechanics. Make sure you have enough buffslots in advance.

Stage 1

Freya l2

Freya appears to players sitting on an ice throne.

In instanced zones Freya appears in a 30 seconds after the first player reaches the center of the hall.

Epic Freya appears 20 minutes after the first player enters Freya's Castle.

Freya's appearance is accompanied by a cut-scene.

When Freya reaches 0% HP, another cut scene begins. Freya flies away and Stage 2 begins.

Stage 1 Boss Skills

Stage 2

Glakias l2

For own protection Freya Summons Glakias.

After completing Stage 1, will have 60 seconds to prepare for Stage 2.

After 60 seconds, the Knights of the Ice Labyrinth appear in the center of the hall, after another 60 seconds Glakias appears.

The appearance of Glakias is accompanied by a cut-scene.

In the Blessed Freya instance zone, only 5 minutes are available to complete the Stage 2!

Upon reaching 0% of Glakias HP, Stage 3 begins.

Stage 2 Boss Skills

Stage 3

Freya l2

After Glakias failure, Freya transforms into her final form.

After completing Stage 2, you will have 60 seconds to prepare for Stage 3.

Freya's appearance is accompanied by a cut-scene.

Freya's main stats increases, Freya uses her ultimate Skill more often.

Freya uses Reflect Magic Lv. 1 .

When Freya's HP is below 30%, Stage 3 is completed.

Stage 3 Boss Skills

Stage 4

Kegor and Jinia join the battle.

Stage 4 starts with a cutscene.

The battle with Freya continues without interruption. Freya will restore HP to 30%, you need to finish her off.

In a regular instance zone, players receive 2 additional buffs:

Kegor's Courage Lv. 1 Increases P.Atk. by 300%, M. Atk. by 300%, Atk. Spd. by 25% and Cast. Spd. by 25%.

Jinia's Prayer Lv. 1 Increases P.Def. and M.Def. by 300%.

Freya's death is accompanied by a final cutscene.

The Command Channel Leader have to talk to Kegor to close the instance.


Freya's drop is different for each of her types.

Freya Ice Queen Lv. 85


Freya Blessed Ice Queen Lv. 85


Freya Epic Ice Queen Lv. 85


Leveling SA

SA is upgraded on the Boss, the chance is personal for each party member:

Additional rewards

Bottle with Freya's Soul

Freya Necklace S84 can be improved to Blessed Freya Necklace S84 by Pona Collectioner at Giran's Luxury Shop. Bottle of Freya's Soul used for improvement.

More details: Pona: Jewelry Upgrade.


Enchanted Ring of Core b
Refined Ring of Core a
Enchanted Ring of Queen Ant s
Enchanted Ring of Baium s
Enchanted Earring of Orfen b
Refined Earring of Orfen a
Enchanted Zaken's Earring s
Enchanced Frintezza's Necklace s80
Supreme Frintezza's Necklace s84
Blessed Freya Necklace s84
The 1st Enchanted Ring of Core Unique Item b
The 1st Refined Ring of Core Unique Item a
The 1st Enchanted Ring of Queen Ant Unique Item s
The 1st Enchanted Ring of Baium Unique Item s
The 1st Enchanted Earring of Orfen Unique Item b
The 1st Refined Earring of Orfen Unique Item a
The 1st Enchanted Zaken's Earring Unique Item s
The 1st Enchanced Frintezza's Necklace Unique Item s80
The 1st Supreme Frintezza's Necklace Unique Item s84
Enchanted Ring of Core b


Ring of Core c
Ring of Core c
Crystal (A-Grade) a (x1,500)
Gemstone A (x250)
Adena (x15,000,000)

Freya's Cloak

The cloak system has been redesigned on MasterWork. The quest to obtain Freya's cloak is not available anymore.

Ways to get other cloaks on MasterWork:

Quests for Forgotten Scrolls

A quest chain, that rewarded by the Forgotten Scrolls to choose from. All quests in the chain can be completed only once.

reward of your choice:

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