Quest Reunion With Sirra

Reunion With Sirra quest
Starting NPC Rafforty
Level 82 ~ 85
Type One-time / Fifth quest in a quest chain
Exp x 2 152 200
SP x 181 070
Previous quest — Meeting Sirra
Next quest — Story of Those Left

Reunion With Sirra quest guide

Rafforty l2

1. Starting NPC Rafforty located in Frozen Labyrinth.

Talk to him to begin the quest. Rafforty will move you to the Jinia's secret Clan Hall.

Jinia l2

2. Talk to Jinia , Sirra will spawn nearby.

Sirra l2

3. Talk to Sirra and receive 5 Black Frozen Core .

Jinia l2

4. Talk to Jinia again and leave the Clan Hall.

Freya l2

5. At this stage, it is necessary to go through Freya’s group instance as part of the command channel.

Instance entrance from Jinia at Freya's Garden.

Read more about the instance zone in a special article: Freya. Instance Boss and Epic.

Jinia l2

6. After completing the instance zone, talk to Jinia at Freya's Garden to complete quest and receive the reward.

Next quest — Story of Those Left


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