Kamaloka Labyrinth of the Abyss

Basic information

Kamaloka Labyrinth of the Abyss is a time zone (instance) for group exping. For killing the last boss, players gain experience, SP points, as well as drop in the form of enchantment scrolls, a whole equip and parts to create it.

Instans consists of 4 rooms. In the first room there is a group of monsters responsible for the physical protection of the last boss, in the second - monsters responsible for magical boss protection, in the third room there's mini-boss, whose death lowers the physical attack of the boss. In the fourth room is the boss with the guards.

The Labyrinth is available to a group of players from 2 to 9 people. Talk to the NPC Captain to enter the instance. The Captains are waiting for adventurers in Gludio, Dion, Hein, Oren, Schuttgart and Rune. Character must not be lower or higher than the selected Labyrinth on more than 5 levels.

The entrance to the Labyrinth is available once a day, instance is refreshed at 6:30 am server time. Re-entry is available once a day in the presence of an item Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss) . You can buy this ticket in Donate Shop from Butler and in Personal Account Shop.

At the entrance to the instance, all buffs and debuffs are canceled, except those given by Adventurer's Guide. Only after entering the Labyrinth you can put buffs on the party mrmbers. Upon death in the Labyrinth, the character loses a normal amount of experience. When leaving the game and using teleportation scrolls or teleporting skills, the character goes to the city in which he enters the instance.

You'll have 45 minutes for the battle with the boss. A message is displayed on the screen when there's left 10, 5 and 1 minute before the game is over. If a group fails to kill the last boss within the allotted time, it can instantly re-enter after the time zone is closed. If you died in a fight with boss, talk to the Captain to reenter. Exit the Kamaloka with a teleport scroll or via a column that appears after the boss dies.

Pay attention!
Depending on the concept and stage of the server, only individual Labyrinth levels can be accessed


Group members
The optimal group composition for passing the Labyrinth of any level:

  • Tank - isn't necessarily as a knight. It can be destroyer or svs, it all depends on the level of the Labyrinth and the equipment of the players
  • Heal - Bishop or EE, depending on player's equipment
  • EE/SE - to restore mana to the healer. The need of this class depends on the presence of a pet for heal and damage level of the damage-dealer
  • Buffer - when collecting a group, keep in mind that all buffs, except for the Adventurer's Guide and Club buffs, will be canceled. PP, Wark or Over can significantly strengthen the group
  • Bards - BD or SwS will provide additional reinforcement of the group with rhythms. In the Labyrinths of high level they are indispensable
  • Damage-dealers - any classes that can cause damage. The choice is at the discretion of the party leader

Entrance to the instance
To enter the Labyrinth, the entire group must assemble near the NPC Captain. The party leader needs to talk to the Captain to move the group into the instance zone.

Players will appear in a small room with a pole. This is a safe area where you can prepare for battle. You can leave the Labyrinth through the pole at any time.

First room
There are 9 monsters waiting in the first room. They are aggressive and social. One of the monsters is the "uterus", which is responsible for the resurrection of the remaining 8 monsters and the state of physical defense of the last boss. The task of the group is to kill the "uterus".

This can be done by luring out monsters one by one using dagger skills Silent Move and Lure and watch the resurrection of killed monsters.

Second method — use summoner's skills Betray for one of the monsters. Use the skill only when the monster is near the pole! Otherwise, his mates agr at you. Enchanted mob will run to the uterus to hit it, then gently remove the desired monster from the crowd and kill near the pole.

Pay attention! On Masterwork servers "uterus" is marked with the title.

Second room
In the second room there are 5 monsters that are responsible for magical defense of the last boss. They are aggressive and social. If your dd deals physical damage, there is no point in killing monsters. Just walk them around the walls and go to the third room. If you have a group of magicians, the room should be cleaned out completely.

Third room
In the third room, the group will meet the mini-boss, who is responsible for the physical attack of the last boss. Kills without much tricks, but consider a few things:

  • The boss has a small amount of health, but a high physic. attack
  • At a random moment, the boss snaps at another member of the group, be prepared to rescue a fellow
  • Like all lone bosses, the Labyrinth Supervisor can use Boss Cancel Magic on the player who uses the skills next to him. This applies to all skills that deal damage, give buffs, restore mana and health.
  • >

Don’t forget to hit your boss with overheats to get more experience. After the boss dies, go up to the fourth room.

Fourth room
In the last room the group will face the last boss, for whose death you will get the experience and drop in the form of enchantment scrolls, equipment and parts for its creation.
Before the battle restore health and mana, in combat they will be very useful. Boss surrounded by 4 minions — two warriors and two healers. Kill healers first as they restore health to monsters that take damage.

If you’ve killed monsters in rooms one and three, killing the boss won’t be a problem. Watch for minions and don’t let healers help the boss. Minions warriors give boss a buff Boss Reflect Damage , thats why they should be killed after their appearance.

Don't forget to kill the boss with overheats to gain more experience. To quickly close of the Instance Zone, leave the Labyrinth with a pole.

New Labyrinth Reward

A new reward for Labyrinth has been added in the new season of Masterwork — Labyrinth of the Abyss Supplies . This item will be given after the boss is killed Any player who entered the Labyrinth regardless of their location or condition. The player who died will get the reward. The one who was in town at the time of the boss's death and the one who was kicked out of the group will also get reward. The only time the reward will not be issued - if the character is offline at the time of the boss's death.

Related quests

The Masters Club daily quests have been removed. They were replaced by missions that you will not forget to get or finish — this happens automatically.

Mission Reward

Challenge the Labyrinth of the Abyss Daily

Defeat the boss in the Labyrinth of the Abyss to complete this mission.

Ivory Coin x35
Personal Greater Healing Potion x20
Personal Greater CP Potion x15
Vitality Point x20 000
Noblesse Scroll 48 hours limited period x1

Read more about missions in the article Missions on Masterwork

Labyrinth 29 lvl. Gludio

Начальник Стражи Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Trophies for basic version Lineage 2:
Lost Captain lvl. 29

Labyrinth 39 lvl. Dion

Начальник Стражи Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Trophies for basic version Lineage 2:
Lost Captain lvl. 39

Labyrinth 49 lvl. Hein

Начальник Стражи Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Trophies for basic version Lineage 2:
Lost Captain lvl. 49

Labyrinth 59 lvl. Oren

Начальник Стражи Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Trophies for basic version Lineage 2:
Lost Captain lvl. 59

Labyrinth 69 lvl. Scuttgart

Начальник Стражи Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Trophies for basic version Lineage 2:
Lost Captain lvl. 69

Labyrinth 78 lvl. Rune

Капитан Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Labyrinth 81 lvl. Rune

Капитан Лабиринта Lost Captain Lineage 2

Labyrinth 83 lvl. Rune

Капитан Лабиринта Captain Lineage 2