Location Keeper Ankou

Basic information

Ankou Keeper of Location is a new mini-event designed especially for Masterwork. Don’t sleep on the exping, otherwise Ankou will come and take your life!

Ankou is a strong enough monster with many unpleasant skills and surprises. But the winners expect nice rewards in the form of masterwork spheres, books on buffslots and boxes with items for enchantment.

Ankou Masterwork

Where to find?

Ankou Keeper of Location appears when a certain number of monsters are killed in a location. Ankou's level depends on location.

  • Cemetery — level 55
  • Paver Ruins — level 58
  • Dragon Valley — level 58
  • Forbidden Gateway — level 62
  • Forest Of The Dead — level 68
  • Blazing Swamp — level 72
  • Wall of Agros — level 75
  • Hot Springs — level 78
  • Imperial Tomb — level 80
  • Silent Valley — level 80
  • Hellbound — level 85

Pay attention!

Now Anku patrols his locations and does not disappear until brave warriors defeat him in a fair fight.

Skills and features

Умение Описание
Swords storm Lv. 1

Anku attacks enemies around with dark blades, causing enemies to stop attacking and Cancel target.

Active skill. Deals physical damage, cancel out target and any current cast.

Sinister Touch Lv. 1

You feel the touch of Anku's harbinger of death, which consumes your health and mana every second.

Debuff. Deals magical damage that restores Ankou’s health and burns HP and MP within 30 seconds. You can cancel the skill Cleanse Lv. 1

Ankou Cry Lv. 1

A clouding of the mind caused by Anku's scream. Increases MP Consumption and physical/ magic skills.

Debuff. Increases mana and skill recovery time by 30 seconds. The skill can be cancelled Cleanse Lv. 1

Obscure legacy Lv. 1

All you got is pain. Atk. Spd, Casting Spd and Speed is significantly reduced.

Active skill. Deals magical damage to the target and within a radius around the target. Target and other players in the radius around the target receive a debuff that slows down attack speed, casting speed, speed for 3 seconds.

Ankou’s Curse Lv. 1

Magic skills are blocked, temporarily decreasing speed. Black Shroud is activated, inflicting major damage on the minds and stamina of nearby party members after 10 seconds.

Debuff. Blocks the use of magic skills and reduces the speed. After 10 seconds, it takes part of HP and MP as a percentage of the current value. You can cancel with the skill Cleanse Lv. 1

Pay attention!

Players using certain skills near Anku may cause an unpleasant reaction in the form of retaliatory use of special skills to confront players. We leave this part of the content for self-study.

Upgrading SA

Soul Crystals (SA) are upgraded to Anku of different levels up to level 13:

Reward for killing

Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 55
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 58
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 58
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 62
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 68
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 72
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 75
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 78
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 80
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 80
Ankou Location Keeper Lv. 85



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