Pailaka — Song of Ice and Fire

"...Have you heard of places called Pailakas? Such places researchers began to find after the discovery of Kamaloka.

They appear under the influence of chaos where experiments with powerful magic have been conducted, where many lives have been lost or where Kamaloka’s energy has been released. Such places don't become Kamaloka, instead they fall out of reality. But, nevertheless, they exist..."

Inspector Adler

Basic information

Pailaka — a one-time quest strictly limited by level. To accomplish it players have to pass a special instance. Experience and SP Points, useful Items and Vitality points are awarded for passing an instance and killing the final boss.

Pay attention!
In basic game version Pailaka — Song of Ice and Fire available for chars 36 ~ 42 level
On Masterwork servers this quest is available for players 35 ~ 45 level

Passing the quest

Speak to NPC Inspector Adler Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (Level 35-45) near the temple in Gludin, to begin the quest.

He will move the character to an instanse-copy of the Forgotten Temple. You will have 60 minutes to complete the instance.

Inspector Adler l2

"...The Spirits of Fire and Water used to be in balance, but now these elements have begun to mix. The source of the problem hasn't yet been established. It is known that some Spirits, having received the mixed power of the elements, began to turn into monsters. Special weapons have been developed to combat them and you can use them.

In order for calm to reign again in the Temple, it is necessary to destroy the spirits of mixed elements..."

At the entrance of the temple, talk to the NPC Inspector Sinai

Get from Inspector Sprite's Sword D and Temple Book of Secrets The book lists monsters to be killed.

Исследователь Синай (Inspector Sinai) l2

Useful information

In different parts of the Temple you will meet Crystal Water Bottle and Burning Brazier . Break these vessels to get useful items:

Хрустальный Сосуд Crystal Water Bottle Горящая Жаровня Burning Brazier

"...In the water cave, in a room where there is no balance between the right and the left, you will find an angry Spirit of Water Hillas..."

Go to the water part of the temple. In the fourth room on the right inhabits Hillas Spirit of Water Lv. 36

Kill the Spirit with a quest weapon. After the monster’s death, you get an item Essence of Water

Дух Воды Хиллас (Spirit of Water Hillas)

"You say you have Essence of Water? It changes things. They say that if the sword’s power isn't enough to protect the temple, the temple itself can increase it's power. It's true."

Go back to the center of the room and talk to Temple Inspector.

Inspector will enchant your weapon toо Enhanced Sprite's Sword D . While equip you'll have skill Shalin Heal Lv. 1 , recovers 540 HP when use.

"Вооружитесь этим мечом и отправляйтесь на поиски других врагов. Книга поможет Вам!"

Исследователь Храма (Temple Inspector)

When you read the book, you'll discover that the next enemy — Papion Spirit of Water Lv. 36 , which is on the bridge where the temples of Fire and Water meet.

ill the Spirit using a quest weapon to get the next tip.

"The spirits of Water are pacified. But the spirits of fire are far more evil and stronger than the spirits of water. To control them, the essence of fire is necessary."

Папион Дух Воды (Papion Spirit of Water)

The book offers to find monster Kinsus Spirit of Fire Lv. 39 and take Essence of Fire. Go to the fire part of the temple. In the third room on the right lives the monster we need.

Kill the Spirit with a quest weapon. After the monster’s death, you get an item Essence of Fire

Кинсус Дух Огня (Kinsus Spirit of Fire)

"Your weapon... Have you already used the essence of water? Then everything is much simpler. Though no one has ever combined the essence of Water and Fire before, there should be no problem. So, give me the essence of Fire and Sword."

Go back to the center of the room and talk to Temple Inspector

Inspector will enchance your weapon to Sword of Ice and Fire D . Equipping a sword adds skill Shalin Strike Lv. 1 , Inflicts a powerful physical attack.

"Here! The sword is ready! Feel how strong it is? In this sword as if all the power of the world is gathered!"

Исследователь Храма (Temple Inspector)

The book tells where to look for a new target. Gargos Spirit of Fire Lv. 39 is located on the right of the next room.

Kill the Spirit using a quest weapon to get the next tip.

Гаргос Дух Огня Gargos Spirit of Fire

"In a place where fire and water meet... in a place where only those who do not fear water can enter... In the Center of Chaos there is one who is the essence of this Chaos."

Final boss Adiantum Lv. 42 is in a room with a bridge between the fire and water parts of the Temple.

Return to the bridge room and dive under the water - the left side of the room will be a passage to the secret room.

Адиантум Adiantum

After Adiantum's death will appear Inspector Adler Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (Level 35-45) , talk to him to get the reward.

Now peace and quiet will reign in this world, everything will return to its own. In other words, the space door between our worlds is beginning to close!

Исследователь Эдлер (Inspector Adler)

Reward in basic game version

Exp x 1 860 000
SP x 480 000
Vitality Point x 10 000
Pailaka Earring D
Pailaka Ring D
Scroll of Escape

Pay attention!
Maximum Vitality is 20,000 points, which means you will receive half of the total Vitality as a reward for completing the quest.

More details about Vitality level read in article Vitality System

Rewards on Masterwork server

Stage Interlude (levels 1-56) Stage Interlude (levels 1-69) Stage Gracia Final (levels 1-79) Stage High Five (levels 1-83)
Exp x1 860 000
SP x480 000
Exp x3 720 000
SP x960 000
Exp x5 580 000
SP x1 440 000
Exp x5 580 000
SP x1 440 000



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