January 7



New Interlude x25

JANUARY 7 AT 18:00 (GMT+1)

Interlude and Gracial Final

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Global, Reborn - Interlude x25!


Grand Opening: 7 January, 2017 at 18:00 (GMT+1)
Multinational audience, OFF-LIKE platform, event on the E-GLOBAL scale!
That's the way it goes!


Updates of assortment at E-Store and Control Panel


Dear players, on November 25th after regular server restart the assortment of E-Store and Control Panel going to be updated! You need to have an updated client to make sure that everything is showing properly. You can do it via "Full check" function in the updater.


Black Friday


Black Friday - this is a unique time for the top, dynamic and large sales around the world. As for our Gracia Final x7 it would be a kind of unique event, because together with the new sales, store update and gorgeous Happy Weekend with the increased rates - this will be the event that cannot be missed!
Start 18 00 (gmt +1) 25.11.2016


Happy weekend


Dear players, on the eve of a New Year and Christmas holidays we want to celebrate the last weekends of the autumn of 2016. So by popular request we are implementing a special offering, which will allow you to prepare for a series of exciting winter events and competitions.
Happy weekend – is a unique one-time event. Every player will be able to level up a maximum Exp/Sp to his character, twinkie or to level up his sub-class at last.


Dear User, password recovery will be available since 10 june


Dear user, Open Beta will start 14 June! You'll be able to download files since 13 June


Localisation will be Ready till 12 June!


Nowadays there are too many servers are opening every day. Sometimes it is become very difficult for the player to find really high-quality Lineage 2 classic product which is based on interlude, gracia final, high five, epilogue chronicles, and play there.

We provide a complex of Lineage 2 test servers. These lineage 2 servers include different chronicles and rates such as interlude, interlude pvp, gracia final, gracia final pvp. High five, high five pvp and all kinds of mid rate and low rate servers. You can choose any server which is the most comfortable for you. Our game concept is based on classic version of L2, but can include some extra additions. These additions make server more comfortable for modern players.

All gameplay moments of original Lineage 2 interlude, Lineage 2 Gracia Final, Lineage 2 High Five chronicles are saved so you can feel real lineage2 as it must be.

Our test servers have been created by experienced team. We played lineage a lot, that’s why we have enough knowledge to make the best Interlude, Gracia Final or High Five test servers for you and your mates.