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[GvE] Glory World 2.9 - September, 27

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Dear players!


We are glad to present you new GvE server with Glory World 2.9 update.

When we were working on this update our main goals was fixing previous server errors and bugs, fixing old bugs and introduction of systems we wanted to launch for a long time.



Server launch: September 27, 20:00 (GMT+3)

Open beta test: September 17, 20:00 (GMT+3)

In order to avoid any critical errors in server state, this time we decided to start OBT in 10 days before actual server launch.


General things we were working on to prepare this launch:




First and extremely important task was revising of technical department.

We had success on recruiting of one of the most reliable coder, who some time ago were working on our product and made Faction Leaders and Confrontation systems. Then he could not stay with us because of huge load but now he has joined our team.





Long time ago we promised to make MDT work.

Time has come - we have created arena, where anyone and anytime can take part, earn some money and get access to special shop for winners certificates.


On arena you can make bets from 100 to 1 00 00 Adena. Fights can be 1v1 or up to 7 participants (7v7). More information will be in a separate topic closer to the server launch.




We have revised our old systems and thought about their usability, entertainment and rewards.

We have fixed errors when players did not get their rewards for events, besides that we also changed the rewards and the way it can be obtained.

Outposts were made less repetitive, so players can enjoy the whole game content on server, not only farming outposts 24/7.





This launch we will introduce this systems from the first day of the start.

Location balance system is made to equalize forces in locations and in order to avoid unfair fights, which is always dissapoints players.



Mercenary system will not include all the features (it's the first launch we using it)

This system gives an opportunity to players temporary change their faction if opposing faction is losing too hard. Mercenaries will get some bonuses and will have Mercenary Mark, so other players can recognize them.





We have done a lot of changes and fixex which was following us since first launch.

Done a lot of work on several topics which caused inconvenience to players. Game economy, Raid boss profit and events, fixes of old minor bugs, dialogues fix, character stats and a lot more. You can read about all the changes in patch notes available below.



Useful informations:


Download launcher

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